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  1. what!?!?!? jealous cuz' they gotta "B" and you don't with all your jump numbers. skydiver-skygod mentality. stay away from BASE. I'm sure they'll stay away from you when you want to jump their stuff up there in canada. nice attitude! HEY I CARE. WRITE MORE. I LIKE WHAT YOU GOT TO SAY! basemman06 and Carpediem keep it up! this is a BASE FORUM. alot of people here care. go to another forum if you don't care. jeez! them: Real Name: Adam Moore Location: North America/Canada/Alberta City: Calgary Occupation: Electrical Technologist Email: No email entered. Jump Profile Home DZ: Eden North License Org: CSPA Number of Jumps: 300 Years in Sport: 3 Disciplines of Choice: Formation Skydiving (250 jumps) BASE Jumping (30 jumps) Real Name: Mike Location: North America/Canada/Alberta Occupation: they're letting me teach!! Interests: snowboarding, boozing, and loving life Email: PM me Jump Profile Home DZ: Wherever I can make a packed rig open Disciplines of Choice: BASE Jumping (30 jumps) Formation Skydiving you: Real Name: JP Furnari Nick Name: diablopilot Location: North America/United States/New York City: Gardiner, NY Occupation: Skydiving Instructor/Cameraman - Wind Tunnel Instructor Homepage: Email: [email protected] AOL IM Name: diablopilotjumps Yahoo Identity: diablopilot MSN identity: diablopilot Jump Profile Home DZ: The Ranch License: D 23489 License Org: USPA Number of Jumps: 5001 Years in Sport: 8 Disciplines of Choice: Swooping (3000 jumps) Freefall Photography (1200 jumps) NPS SUX ASS
  2. i'm pretty much guessing this guy (980) was kidding???? sarcasm i think it's called? anyway remided me of when i was on my first jump course and had a sizeable branch/twig in my packjob-only noticing it half way through my pack job. and i went up to Jimmy P. and said what do i do? Jimmy P. said sumthin' like "yeah that's pretty serious" and "here's what you gotta do". and proceeded to pound the shit out of the branch until it was "dust" and said "ah, don't worry about it"! then followed up with ok "finish the pack job and we'll unpack it- the fun way!" all of the above of course is paraphrased (spelling?) anyway later NPS SUX ASS
  3. cool. luv 2 hear. later NPS SUX ASS
  4. i'm sure if you thought you would have got caught you wouldn't have done it. way to go! glad you had fun and got away with it. makes getting away with it even more fun. next time if you don't get caught landing walk right back up and do it again. now that would be somethin'? i'd have done it! but-- get a second rig if you can afford it or even if you can't afford it. that way.............. later NPS SUX ASS
  5. are you guy's ever restricted from doing anything over there. america used to be pioneering. most of the government are such pussies about everything!! "oh you might get hurt" and we have way too many f%#kin' lawyers ready to sue for anything. which is why we are such pussies. you know we should have a day once a year where everybody is allowed to just wake up and "take out" a lawyer or at least try. just weed em' out. thin out the herd!. maybe they'd think twice. anyway. i've got to say i'm very jealous of you guy's over there. looks like you guy's get to have alot of legal fun! don't get me wrong--illegal fun is good too...................................................................................sorry to be all violent and stuff!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  6. works for me. and by the way i'm a dork! not a geek!! if you really wan't to get into it i'm a t0tal l0ser aswell. amongst other words. later NPS SUX ASS
  7. cool man! and just remember it's "guy" wire. old english word or somethin' (me_dork). the other thing try to do a solid three and launch very far out and get away from that thing and it's guywires. maybe do a higher guyed "A" for your first one? so you can have more time to get away from object or find a taller (over 300foot) freestander? just a thought if your nervous? not tellin' what to do or anything. heres a pic. from 700feet. half way up a 1500 footer. either way have good safe fun! NPS SUX ASS
  8. how long of of delay did you take? looks like the "A" is about 500-700feet? maybe a little higher? i'm trying to count the quy wires to figure (dork_me) hope you had fun! later NPS SUX ASS
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    quote: "But you left me hanging out there like a big matzo ball . . . " ------------------------------- Reply: hey nick d.! i always thought you were ITALIAN? ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- OY-VEY!!!! NPS SUX ASS
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    quote: "But you left me hanging out there like a big matzo ball . . . " hey nick d.! i always thought you were ITALIAN? NPS SUX ASS
  12. Sorry but I'm an underground BASE jumper because of my business and because I want no glory. I have been around a lot longer than you. I have legitimate opinions concerning the sad state of affairs that BASE is in these days. Corliss and Aiello are the ones telling that nonsense to other jumpers and yes I think that kind a rhetoric is harmful to new jumpers trying to figure out how to be. the only reason i'm responding is i'm the one who asked " just curious as to who might have said that?" and then TOM A. said JEB. and then i said something like " i dont believe he would have said it exactly like that"............. LOOK AS FAR AS I KNOW TOM A. does not promote that IDEA nor does JEB. as far as i've ever heard either one talk about their bad experiences they've both just talked about their experiences in a "don't do what i did" kind of way. i also think you need to re-read the whole thread because JEB chimed in at one point and said some things. and again i don't think "greenmachine" heard THAT (REAL JUMPER CRAP) from TOM A. and from his course come on'! maybe "greenmachine" should chime in. LATER NPS SUX ASS
  13. No great idea,im happy and proud that i can honnor my freinds here.. Im not a rich kid,i cant just travel arround.Telling my storry here deafently helps me,ill keep doing so.. And hope people arround will post incase i die aswell Respect to the french that they keep it private,its their choice.. please re-read faber. i think you misunderstood what i wrote. PM sent. NPS SUX ASS
  14. thanks 4 posting. i'm glad to hear theres somebody out there to recognize the death of RENE`. that mental image of dying alone pretty much horrified me. considering alot of my jumps are very similiar , solo's in an areas with no communications and noboby in my family or friends knowing where i'm at or what i'm doing either. maybe i need 2 quit that! Again very sorry for the loss of RENE`. And lots of respect to the French BASE community for not feeling the need to be so public and keeping their BASE private. I completely understand. Maybe we can learn from you and not shoot are mouths off so much. And think before we speak. I myself included of course. peace NPS SUX ASS
  15. quote: "So Im assuming you watched this video, which is why you know about it? And by watching it you have thus supported it. If you have ever bought a BASE video with illegal jumps on it you have supported it. There is nothing wrong with promoting yourself and the sport as cool shit. its the only way it will ever get recognition. I bet you watched jackass and laughed at it, but God forbid you see something you can relate with jackass in YOUR sport! Skate videos constantly show athletes trespassing, i dont see skaters complaining about their peers. I enjoy watching those "hey look at me videos." I think they are rad, and if you are not entertained by them then you are a silly sally. plus it doesnt matter i am so fast at running and good at being stealthy i will never get caught in NY." nah man, just annoyed with the bike hitting the "A". showing beer drinkin' and stuff like that. stuff like that won't help open up things for us. again tresspassings not the issue. i love JEBS vids and others. i like my own as well. also again if YOU choose to do "bike" type stunts maybe you shouldn't be so public about things is all (opinion). and keep it to yourself. i mean isn't the "caddy" up north just screwed now with security because of the need for daytime video shots??? like i said before "people with talent and bad judgement" i did like JTs (inspires me to track better) and MILES (makes me want to move to TW and work on aerials) stuff on keen n' able also nice hand held gainer by jimmy as well. didn't understand the need for the wind tunnel and other stuff on there (just filler i guess)!!!................. doesn't matter i didn't pay for the video anyway! NPS SUX ASS
  16. i believe nick d. was just being obsurd to make a point is all. acting like an alarmist. to prove a point. i guess when you see people with talent and bad judgement putting out videos riding a bike off an a cool big "A" and showing the bike hit the FCC regulated "A" for the whole world 2 see in the age of the internet. well? the guy who made that video sure is lucky nobody ever came after him. that's destruction of private property! i mean the video's out there! that's evidence! we should all be careful about the video's we make besides you, they reflect on all BASE jumpers. they think were all like that. unfortunately there seems to be the whole "all about me" attitude out there and "[email protected]#k em' if they can't take a joke" attitude as well. do you really need attention that bad. why can't you do all that stuff and know you did it and just keep the video to yourself and close friends! i mean illegal tresspassing is one thing but [email protected]#kin' shit up on top of it and showing everybody really sucks. oh yeah let's have a video of me drinking a beer under canopy as well !! yeah that really adds to the video! i not saying don't do it. i'm just saying don't be such attention seekers about it. this ain't JACKASS! i guess that sort of thing is what nick d. is talking about???? ehh, what do i know? i'm not even a real hardcore BASE jumper like you guys anyway! NPS SUX ASS
  17. I'd generally recommend modifying your skydiving rig by calling a BASE manufacturer and ordering a BASE rig. BASE rigs are much, much cheaper than skydiving rigs (on account of having no reserve system), and are also designed for the specific task at hand. There's pretty much no excuse for using the wrong gear. If you are one of those foolish (my opinion) folks who want to use a skydiving rig because "it's only one jump, and it's at this really safe site, where lots of people have used skydiving gear before, and besides I don't really care if it kills me" then; 1) Remove the deployment bag. 2) Switch to a mesh slider 3) Use BASE specific risers (especially if you will be slider down) 4) Get a 9' bridle (9 feet/3 meters from pin to PC) 5) Get a BASE specific pilot chute[/reply hey tom a. i've been sky-jumping my BASE canopies out of a really big skydive container system lately and i use my tailpocket to stow my lines. and got rid of my d-bag. of course rolling the snot out of my nose. how's this guy or anyone supposed to stow the lines if there's no tailpocket. just curious???
  18. quote: "I'll add that the Perrine is not a good place to try a rear-riser landing for the first time. Try a dropzone. " that's funny. the whole thing! the poster of the thread. "greenmachine" and the moderator were both present when i did my first rear riser landing with a tail wind at the potato bridge. and just earlier that day tom a. told me how to land with rear risers on a BASE canopy. and yeah i stood it up. all tom told me to do is at about the last second (i would say 3 feet?) give them risers a good yank and prepare for a PLF. I also put my knees together and brought them up to hip level getting ready to roll over and PLF. the bad part is.....i couldn't tell you how i managed to drop both toggles. never did before that or since then! every once in awhile i watch it on video and wonder???????? how the hell did i drop the one and then the other? and then i pat myself on the back for at least standing it up after being such a loser to have dropped the toggles in the first place!! later and sorry you got hurt MR. GreenMachine NPS SUX ASS
  19. thanx! i don't drink much soda. or booze or do drugs. and actually have been told by women i'm a picky eater. high maintenance eater, hydroguys girlfriend i believe said that??? anyway. pretty funny don't mind me, i'm just angry! be safe and later NPS SUX ASS
  20. yeah i wish somebody would turn the frickin' wind off!!! what's the point of it? what does it do??? i never even noticed the wind before i started jumpin'. now i notice all the time. and now can't quite figure out its' place in nature?? and please no geeky computer nerd, dungeon and dragons playin', video game playin' goobers need 2 actually get on line and give me an answer to what wind is and it's place in nature. it's just an angry, frustrated, selfish, statement i'm venting!!! a wanna-be, half Real BASE jumper!!! you should just pitty me. and look away disgusted!!! if this keeps up. i'm going to be THAT guy you see screaming down the street to himself. "the wind", "THE WIND" , "THE [email protected]#KING WIND". "OH , THE MADNESS" ,"OH THE HUMANITY". uh something gay and dramatic like that!?!?!?!? I HATE THE WIND!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  21. And that's the only reason??? i don't get where your coming from mr.hydroguy??? what other reasons could there be??? do you have something to get off your chest??or are you just stoned?-again! later NPS SUX ASS
  22. i'd say were probably on the same page. again safe and fun jumps.-----i see by you last statement or sig.line the winds been goofin' up your jumpin' lately as well. i've been walkin' away from alot of stuff lately because of the wind. i'm sure someone will blast me as not bein' a real BASE jumper because i can't handle the wind lately?? later man NPS SUX ASS
  23. Doubt it. Yea, its quite scary, but I am sure that there are many more scary endeavors. Not all of them necessarily include risk of physical injury or death, either. Careful who you say that to.. Not all of the 'pioneers' of the sport, who no doubt knew many of the same friends and have had similar experiences and injuries, have the same outlook. I personally agree with the spirit of what Jeb said: You can quickly tell the difference between people who are willing to take risks to achieve their goals and the people who aren't. What I don't necessarily agree with, and what I think atree is pointing out, is the notion that these people are all "BASE Jumpers". To me, that statement implies something along the lines of "We BASE Jumpers are such a cool and elite group... but anybody who follows their dreams is also pretty cool, so let's go ahead and let them into our little club of the Coolest People Ever and call them BASE Jumpers too" I'm not saying thats what Jeb meant at all, in fact I think he really meant quite the opposite, but that's just how it came across to me when I read his post. People in other adventure sports, such as climbing, surfing, and waterfall kayaking have very similar outlooks on life... does that make me a surfer? nope. Homosexuals who go parading down the street carrying signs and protesting against gay marriage bans have also chosen to follow 'their own path', going against the grain, overcoming their fears (not of jumping off of stuff, but of being ostracized by family/friends/community) and take their own set of risks to follow their.. um.. lifestyles.. Does that make them BASE Jumpers too? Or does it just make all of us Fags? pretty funny??!!?!?!?!? nice analogies???? uh? you kinda missed the point. i think. nobody saying we're cooler elitest etc. i didn't get that at all. i brought up pioneers meaning people he jumped with who are no longer here. and he keeps going. and plus to show he's been around awhile, jumping circles around most of us. and he's still here. also you can see a "Potential"/current BASE jumper just by the way they talk about. what priority it plays in their life etc. it doesn't mean anybody is a BASE jumper. and i must add. i've met some "cool" BASE jumpers. i personally i thought they were "fags". and wondered why the jumped at all??? i guess theres no point in bickering over this. we can have our own opinions and read into what he said in our own way. or think we know what the scariest this or that is or have our own ideas of what a BASE JUMPER is??? all i know is i'm a BASE jumper and i'm sure you'd say the same about yourself as well. have safe and fun jumps Ghetto and all other BASE jumpers.
  24. you couldn't have missed his point more??? which basically in a nut shell is......not letting even the inevitable get in the way of your dreams (BASE). and BASE is THE scariest dream to ever get into! and to love it and live it and not let the inevitable (i.e. injuries or black death) get in your way. and have the full understanding of this on each and every jump and push most of the fear to the side and move forward is a BASE jumper! i doubt "atree" or anybody agreeing with him even come close to what JEB has done or are even close to understanding BASE as he's done/doing. the cool people/pioneers he jumped with who are dead now or who died with him on jumps. or not to mention his own injuries. later NPS SUX ASS
  25. now i believe that sounds like something JEB would say!!! .... I have met people that have yet to do their first base jump but you can see in their eyes that they already are base jumpers. You can see that deep down in their heart that nothing will ever stand in the way of their dreams................................I have also met people that have been base jumping for years. Yet they are not base jumpers. You can see it in their eyes and in their actions. They jump off things with parachutes but they don't fully understand what that really means. For some of them jumping off things isn't their dream. It's not even important to them. Some of them don't even like it. It's not worth dying for something that means nothing to you. These people seem to be the ones that watch someone die in base and then go "holly shit, you mean people can die doing this"?..................... To me base jumpers are people that turn dreams into reality and don't let fear stand in their way... Jeb Corliss well said! later NPS SUX ASS