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  1. The first person I heard say it was Jeb Corliss. I can't say i know jeb. but talked to him a handful of times at the DZ. he seems pretty humble. i find it kind of hard to believe he would have said it exactly that way?? "ONLY a real BASE jumper....."? NPS SUX ASS
  2. .............something I heard in Idaho...................."To be a real BASE jumper one has to break themselves and come back.......... just curious as to who might have said that??? and if they were really being serious??? or just messin' with you because you were doin' your FJC? LATER NPS SUX ASS
  3. i agree about rather doin' big altitude over low stuff. but every once in a while your just drivn' along and low and behold look at that!! can i?? get the laser range finder out! and then for some reason you do it or attempt to. again i wasn't questioning you guys at all. it's just kinda sketchy (to me) to do s/l on an "a". with limited room and lot's of wind. i've recently walked away from a bigger "a" because of wind issues. sometimes depending on you surroundings wind is not your friend on an "a". i personally won't do s/l's because of lack of groundrush (which i like). i would opt. to walk away from an object if i can't free fall it. anyway sounds like it was fun or learning experience and your still here so......... NPS SUX ASS
  4. i wasn't there but.............why didn't you just use a 46" f111 pilotchute and go and throw??? i seems like the s/l was kind of a problem? i just recently did a "other" of the same altitude. handheld. had some wind. i used f111 pc. cuz' they don't grab the wind as quickly as zp. sometimes better for heading. but the other side says when your low do want a slower opening?? i'm not knocking you. or puttin' you down at all. just wondering? NPS SUX ASS
  5. hello, i couldn't get any information on pricing. would anybody have any pricing info.? thank you. NPS SUX ASS
  6. I think I need a few minutes alone with those pictures ... BASE gear, BASE jumping, and hot women. ------------------------------------------------------------ "I don't think I'm very happy. I always fall asleep to the sound of my own screams." Leopold Stotch i think i just realized i'm gettin OLD. If that's hot?!?!?that's not HOT? IS IT? i'm not sure. i'm just getting too old to understand the world i live in. im just going to quit being................i really don't understand a frickin' thing anymore? i quit! if....................................... NPS SUX ASS
  7. I'm assuming since she's going hand held from the bridge with someone prepping her PC for her that she was about 16 when these pictures were taken. This word pops into my mind: ped·o·phil·i·a (pd-fl-, pd-) n. The act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children. hydroguy at least he was just lookin' at pics of her from how long ago? around 1-1/2 years ago. and you say she was how old? 16-ish??? hmmm let's go back in time. who was "preping" her back then? would you say the same of the "preper"?????????? later NPS SUX ASS
  8. define hot. Hot: The women in those pictures. Edit: OH I FORGOT WHO I WAS TALKING TO? your the guy who fell i luv with the raisons girl. remember she flirted with you til' she took all your money and then was done with you when you ran out of money. i think her name is/was "Lexus".but might have been Porsche. either way. she always called you "sweety". hot 2 me is a number 10. i live in so. cal./los angeles. and every HOT chick in the world moves here. so maybe i'm a little jaded. cute but not a 10.......what does this have to do with BASE. nothing! OH and for the record. i'm soooo not a HOT guy!!i'm probably a 4 or a 5 if i'm lucky! i'm really out of shape and everything. i'm sooo not HOT!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  9. hey my man, all i meant was he (TODD) made the mo-fo.
  10. some guy named TODD might know. it's about time you put that thing "UP". don't forget your WLO's. and as that one guy said "have fun, don't.........." who really started saying that first anyway??? later NPS SUX ASS
  11. Maybe he didn't want to work for them anymore and this was his possible way out? not true at all. although i've only talked to JEB 5or 6 times i can't say i know him. but i do know people who have known him since he started BASE jumping and pretty much know what happened. and that's not the case. no conspiracy! he hired outside help via helicopter crew to fiLm him from a distance. and a do-gooder from the helicopter firm ratted him out!!! i'm sure JEB knew what could happen to him if he where caught in NYC on ESB. and from what i heard he was really upset about the whole getting caught thing. hey JEB you've always been cool to me everytime i ran into on the plane telling me stories about some of your close ones, early wingsuit BASE stuff etc, and basically telling me (without preaching) be careful don't do that. and if you do this don't do what i did etc. most people with your jump numbers tend to look down on a new guy. not you man. I'M glad YOU won!!! and i hope one day you do it (ESB)! cuz if you don't maybe I will! AND AGAIN NO CONSPIRACY X FILE STUFF!!!
  12. it's just not the greatest idea. i did my first BASE with only 300 skydives and only a few with a BASE canopy. i had no real canopy skills on accuracy or 7 cell experience. i took a few classes from some guy name Clint Clawson. i was a skydiver who wanted 2 BASE JUMP at that point. while skydiving i've had a handful of hard pulls. a hand full of line twist issues. and i got my thumb stuck on two occasions in my pvc handle of my pilot chute (about 3 seconds each time) and lots of other bone head things!!! i had lots of time to figure and solve these problems out calmly and cooly (4 the most part) and live 2 talk about them and think of ways around the problems. like putting gaffers tape around my pvc handle!!! if that happened on a low pull without any skydiving experience in a BASE enviroment...who knows?? none of these are a big deal in skydiving (line twists can be especially in a wingsuit). but are better to experience in that realm. it's better to have problems in skydiving and fun in BASE. the only problem in BASE as far as i can see (only have been doing it just 15 months). is you can be the greatest BASEer of all time and it can still take your life. you might as well have as much ammo. on your side. ask your self this? would you take your first wingsuit jump off an object? or would learn the fuck out of that thing in skydiving first? i see it the same way as getting skills in skydiving preBASE jumping. now people argue about numbers of skydives. like i would say 500 (a be a hypocrite doin' it at 300). and others say if you jump a BIG f111 7 cell and take up accuracy right out of AFF and get good at just that (unlike me). and always, always packing for yourself. 100 to 150 skydives would be fine. i writin' too much. maybe i'm starting to care about stuff and other people?? dunno. later NPS SUX ASS
  13. i wish i was well 2 do enough 2 do that. but i'm almost broke paying 4 all my equipment as it is. i really can't afford to do that on purpose. plus the second time they catch you i think it's alot more serious of a FEDERAL charge. more money and more time. i recently talked to guy who really got screwed around by the NPS and put him through hell. it pissed me off listen to his well known story. i don't want to say his name. but he is an old school jumper who got injured and they refused to help him til' he gave up his friend. and man he was messed up bad. they caught up to him 2 years later and the hell began across differen't states in and out of different' prisons til they got him back west. it sure was a shitty story. cool guy. fucked up story. the NPS really wronged him!! anyway for now i'll stick with the steathy approach. nice idea but costly in so many ways!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  14. yeah your right. what was i thinkin'??? NPS SUX ASS
  15. i was at work all day til' now. um it's been awhile since i saw the video.but a russian gal who resides in so. cal. i know was in the video (i don't want to say her name without asking). but from what i remember the yuri i met in twin falls in nov. 2005 around thanksgiving lived in new york city i believe? anyway i'm still confused. i need 2 jump off something instead of writing about stuff and things. except the damn wind keeps messing with my jumpin'.... the wind...the frigin' wind..... later NPS SUX ASS
  16. one question??? ok theres yuri-base. his name is yuri. there is outrager. his name is yuri. and i believe i met another yuri in twin falls a little over a year ago and he went to a cliff (about a month later with a friend of mine-she is also russian) in az named after the local cactus plant and had a 90 degree launch and a 90 degree opening and a wall strike on the 450'ish wall. what's his name??? are all russian born now american BASE jumpers named yuri???? i was assuming yuri-base was the yuri we were talking about??? i'm confused. later NPS SUX ASS
  17. nice exit/launch!!! thanx 4 the video and advice. i'm more of a fan of launching closed and easing into flight mode for sure. later NPS SUX ASS
  18. HELL YEAH!!! i would 2. instead dying , getting injured, i'm only worried about losing my gear, and being fined etc. that's at least $4,500. -$6,000. worth of loss to worry about. (rig, wingsuit, and fine). it's just so funny that they (the nps) let people pound shit into the face of monoliths and say it's ok to rockclimb (no offense to rockclimbers). all we want is to hike to the top and take the easy way down. hell we don't even cause as much wear and tare to the hiking trails as hikers do! cuz' we only go one way! i do suppose that jan davis incident didn't help us though!!!hmmmmm. how can we get back into their (the nps) good graces??? $$$$$$$$$$$$that usually works. i would gladly PAY to play!!!
  19. thanks base570. yeah if you had a video to share it would be awesome. yeah i'm dealing with crossbars. yeah they are a bitch. i'm goin' to use my PF track pants, then maybe the jacket and pant's and then my PF ACRO wingsuit last.. but back to the wind. is no wind better. or is some wind like 5 to 10 mph ok?? and while were on the subject. tracking suit. how is the tailwind from anybody's experience??? same thing or not really because no wings? thanks and later NPS SUX ASS
  20. i've got a "1500'er" in mind i'm not a big fan of wind so i probably won't be doin' any jumping with strong winds. the tailwind thing is something i'd like to hear more about. also the headlow thing I"m assuming to build up your speed. i don't know about the gainer thing on an "A" for me, i do them all the time out of otter's and skyvan's but an "A"???!!! but basically i'm hearing wingsuits + "A" + tailwind = bad times. so unlike regular "A" jumps you don't want a tailwind at all or is 10 mph ok? or........ thanks to all and later NPS SUX ASS
  21. just wondering from anybody's experience what the lowest altitude should be on an "A" with a wing suit. assuming you have a decent landing area on all sides. also looking for links to videos of "A" wingsuit voyages of others from reasonable altitudes. also looking for DW's "A" through the guy wire act??? thanks and later. NPS SUX ASS
  22. [B]don't let people talking down to you stop you from asking questions here. i looked @ your profile and i admire you for using a raven 3 as a main to simulate your future BASE jumping/landing. i didn't do that!! i wish i would have. i just recently started SKYjumping my BASE canopy's. i had 300 skydives before i did BASE and just before i went on my first jump course i SKYjumped a FOXcanopy only 3 times! I also never even looked at the BASE zone until june of 2006 (i had 38 BASE jumps up to that point) to ask all of my ignorant questions wish i would have as well. people really need to stop attacking people on here who ask "IGNORANT" questions. that's what this forums for the ignorant to learn. NPS SUX ASS