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  1. quote from "HOOKIT" "I use a 42 from that object" just curious? f111 or ZP? and if ZP? vented or not? later NPS SUX ASS
  2. yeah--maybe static lines aren't soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  3. hey andre, what's up, i did some of my first jumps with you, guoto, and nikolaj (all after labor day 05) glad 2 see your still around. hey you never sent me my video's!!! my 3 -1/2 second delay with the hard 180---followed up with my 1/2 second delay hop n' pop--that was a funny video! anyway PM me cuz' i don't like throwin' my name around on here! later NPS SUX ASS
  4. PM SENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LATER NPS SUX ASS
  5. your right dude, as they say better to be on the ground wishin' instead of....................................... hell yeah, most of my recent adventures i've had to walk down cuz stuff wasn't quite right. after i put in a ton of time and leg work and drivin' and in the end no jumpin'! but i am walkin'. there will be other "fixed" things to do! in the last 4 or 5 months have been thinkn' alot about not worrying bout needin' 2 get the jump so bad at any risk. CUZ I AINT GETTIN' ON YOUR LIST! just like you told me the first time i met you: Me: "hey nick. i read the list all time." You: "GOOD! DON'T GET ON IT!" later man NPS SUX ASS
  6. that you mention it...i probably didn't know any better so i just figured it was normal...the only weird thing 2 me was i'd never seen anybody "do" a "B" when you guys made me go first i really didn't know what 2 expect?? i now have come to realize i too like somethin' 2 hold on to! heights still creep me out (i'm a pussy i know). i'm glad i got it on video! the best part was when the "urban" homeless gentlemen started yellin' at me as i was landin' across the street---------------- "this is my street. this is my parkin' lot!! gets outta my parkin' lot" or sumthin' that ....oh the memories!! hell that was almost a year ago. hmmmmmmm??? later nick d. NPS SUX ASS
  7. OH NICK. i can't believe your the same guy who i did my first "B"/qualified for B.A.S.E with! HAVE you no sHame! later nick d. and of course---JUST KIDDIN'??? NPS SUX ASS
  8. quote: I know about the 110' over concrete...I feel in that instance especially a PC might make something "survivable" that maybe shouldn't be survived... ------------------------------------------------------- actually look at mysty429s' post. that's what i was talkin' bout'. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. now that's what breakcord was made 4!! later NPS SUX ASS
  9. hydroguy!!! when R U gonna learn??? OH and your questioning me on loadin' a 244??? I'M only 185ish' (without gear)! come on man. i'd rather jump a 222 dagger in a tight landing area than jump without a PC!! why the hell R U gonna jump with out PC on? your crazy!!! JUST KIDDIN'. WELL ACTUALLY I MEANT IT, BUT IN A FUNNY KINDA SARCASTIC WAY- no i'm not yellin' i just type big cuz i got a small PENIS! IF you can. talk 2 rob c. (the pilot-annie h's. husband) it happened to him at the rubi. rock. he tied 2 knots super tight and they failed? Todd S. told me-- i forgot the number he used--- but he said when they were at the super bowl deal they did that so many out of so many jumps with breakcord and didn't work (i don't know how many--but ask him or jimmy p. or marta e.) i know i was talkin' to a welsh person that you know and he told me he recently used a static set up without a PC and said the reason he didn't have THE PC on didn't work anyways so next time he'd probably use a pc for that thing he did ( but again ask him). his exact words for it was " it's all a NUMBERS GAME AT THAT POINT". get in your car and drive AND then get out and hike!!! stop this crazy breakcord stuff!! you could DIE. YOU need 2 be more conservative like me!! i'm a really safe dude and make really good decisions................ BE SAFE DUDE. and remember downsizing is back in style! NPS SUX ASS
  10. yea the V2 HAS a shrivel flap thingy. i remember when mine was on order and was wonderin' about it and low and behold JEB was at the DZ that day and asked him about it. he said just pitch from you BOC. SO i did. worked fine for me. i just didn't want to get in the habit of reachin' 4 my side if ya know what i mean. i try 2 keep it all the same. i ended up sellin' it though. to big 4 me or maybe i'm a pussy or somethin'???? later NPS SUX ASS
  11. i don't understand??? there's a seperate set up 4 the bridal in the BOC/PC pouch OF THE gargoyle??? I never knew??? or am i not understanding what you sayin'?? if that's the case i don't like it either! throw it all out!! bridal should be in your "bun"/"mushroom" set up! later edit 2 add: motley crue SUX!!! NPS SUX ASS
  12. ------------------------------------- PM SENT!! i think we started to talk about this in person about 2 weeks ago in dz? i think you are the same person? but you had to go b4 i got to ask about your openings. ah it's "GREENY" i was lookin' 4 green?? NPS SUX ASS
  13. again i would just like input from people who have FULL ZP TOPSKIN TERMINAL BASE OPENING EXPERIENCE PLEASE. ( i'm not really yelling just imphasizin'-- i swear!) and i don't care too much about who the maker of the canopy is. just the opening of your all ZP topskin BASE canopy at terminal that's all. pro's and con's. thanx all. NPS SUX ASS
  14. just lookin' 4 sumthin' i can skydive (no D-bag terminal & sometimes D-bag) alot and still use in BASE (ZP=longivity) and has a little more performance for certain situations. obviously not thinkin' of tighter landing areas or low stuff. just higher stuff. with decent landin' areas etc...............i'm sure you have an idea............ i do realize if i have a mal. it will now be a faster mal. consideriing i'm already a little heavy with my 266's. later NPS SUX ASS
  15. how funny. marta and jimmy had a 2 canopy container system called the sorcerer out before skyhook. that worked on the same principal. I think the skyhook kinda riped off marta and jimmy's vertigo sorcerer. but maybe i'm wrong? later NPS SUX ASS
  16. hey al. just using for 10+ sec. jumps. and also for skydivng. ZP LASTs alot longer AS well (can do lots of skydives on it and still do lots of long delay BASE as well). need a 244 for specific jumps/reasons. also i like the FLIK alot! it luvs to fly. it's what i know and currently own. again just curious about the openings of FULL ZP topskin vs. F111 top skin. During teminal V. NPS SUX ASS
  17. the other day a jumper asked me i i'd jumped "off" anything recently and i said "no" but i've walked down or away from a large handfull of things because of the wind. and the other jumper with him said "smart, that's how you stay alive in BASE!" (the other jumper is an extremely famous skydiver/BASE jumper) I learned the hard way through 3 "wind" experiences. i took the third to make me look at myself and really stop worrying about my jump numbers and worry more about what the wind does to your pilot chute/bridle set up! and even if that works (PC set-up) you also have to make it to the right landing area. WIND SUX! i'm really sorry that this poor soul died doin' somethin' he and we all luv. please respect the wind. even on a bridge! i've had a really bad experiences on a couple of a diffenen't bridges. alot lower and lot's of stuff and "fangs" around. later NPS SUX ASS
  18. havin' another canopy made. flik 244. gonna have Full zp top skin. just curious about how much harder the teminal openings are vs. F111??? probably goin' non vented. but might have one put on each side of center cell. all input from terminal zp topskin jumps pro and con would be greatly appreciated. thank you. NPS SUX ASS
  19. never said i was smart! "who the fuck am i?". keep talkin' tough! that's funny! again look in the mirror. your not exactly a tough guy!!! man i luv 4 U 2 talk 2 me like dat holms'!! i'm sure one of your jump number worshiper's will PM you with my name! and i have a good idea who?? if not? one day i'll bump into you and say "hey it's WORLDSOCOLD who the f#%k are you?" edit to remove ethnic slurs ~TA NOW THAT THIS THREAD HAS BEEN ALMOST HIJACKED!!!!! by my whining at JP the swooper/tunnel guy!! I STILL SAY PACKING ON A BUILDING IS OK. I'VE BEEN ON A FEW BUILDINGS FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS WAITING 4 THE WIND 2 DIE DOWN. AND ONCE YOU GET PAST THE FIRST FEW FLOORS (USUALLY) THERE'S NO-ONE AROUND--AT LEAST IN MY LIMITED EXPERIENCES. yes i'm yelling aint it nice. yee haa!!! i want to be cowboy!!! AH F%#K IT. NO HARD FEELINGS MAN. i'm just a sensitive little pussy. and pleez remember. our opinions are like A-HOLES. WE all seem 2 have 1!! i think we need to jump more and type less...and someone needs 2 turn the frickn' wind off!!!! i'm goin' nutz here!!! let's get back to talking about MAYBE burning "B's" down by packin' on them....and crashing bikes into certain "A's" we always wanted to ride off....and dayblaczing a low central california "S" when a CHP just drove by (um...that's not so bad) ... or telling the nice climber on an extremly popular "E" that your going to jump it in the morning only to find out the nice climber was the NPS. yeah that's what this place is for. gee!!! someone sprinkle sum fairy dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  20. would like 2 say that after reading my first post it have sounded threatening. didn't mean it to be. would also like 2 say that i have had met JP before when he worked at perris. that's where i started jumping. all i ever wanted 2 do was get enough jumpin' in to be comfortable to get into the B.A.S.E. enviroment. which took me alot of jumps (in a short period of time). i would as a new jumper always ask various experienced jumpers questions. most were cool. JEB, JON TAGLE, CLINT CLAWSON , ETC. anybody with more jumps than me. most people were nice. and come to find out later they really famous jumpers with a huge amount of jump numbers. and then there were some people like-- jp fernari who were consistantly too egoed and shitty to me when i would questions. and treat you like you were an idiot for asking. even after i had 300+ jumps and my wingsuit ordered. and i would still ask jp fernari about wingsuit stuff, and he still acted like i was buggin' him. so whatever!! on the other hand i always noticed if jp fernari was gettin paid or gettin' somethin' "quid pro quo" off of you he SURE WAS DIFFEREN'T! but i'm sure i'm just imagining at that. hey jp have a nice B.A.S.E. career (really) just think about how you talk to and treat people?!?!? and i'm not just pickin' on JP. there are others. i've had people say: "hey man next time you go to that one "A" can you take me? or "hey dude i heard you've been to yosemite a couple of times? next time you go......" and these guys were shitty to me when i first started jumpin'. but now they know i'm BASE'en and they're like treatin' me differen't and want me to take em' here and there. and i'm like f%#k that! i'm starting to type like i care!!! i'm pretty sensitive! later NPS SUX ASS
  21. quote from diablopilot: Like I said. "Who cares?" What? Does the OP want a cookie because they made a BASE jump, or packed somehwere "different"? Quit Bragging. This ain't Christmas, and I don't care if you got a shinny new bike. As to comparing our profiles, I've got BASE jumps, a rig packed and ready to go any time, I just think it's ridiculous to be bragging about this shit expecting a pat on the head. I also might choose not to advertise the fact I base in conjuntion with my location so prominately. My BASE jumps (or skydiving) doesn't define me, I define them. No wonder the BASE Forum is a joke to most. The crew I grew up with when learning much of what I did about BASE (YEARS before I made my first jumps) had some respect for the shadows they had to move in. The only color for a BASE rig was BLACK. Videos we're RARELY shown outside the sport, and objects were respected. I can't even jump the best objects near my hometown any more because of attitudes like the original post in this thread exibits. SO enjoy your dayglow rig, YouTube videos of your jumps, flashing your "BASE Jumper" card (or T-shirt) to girls at the local pub, and keep spanking your monkey at the exit point. As I said before. Who cares? (Not I, just in case you were not clear on that). ????????????? look you still don't get it. _____________________________________ quote from slambo: I seem to remember my friends at the ranch going to the perrine with you a while back, where else have you jumped? are you jealous cus youve never packed inside a building you were about to jump if you JP HAVE EVER SNUCK ON TOP OF A "B" BEFORE YOU'D SIMPLY UNDERSTAND HOW COOL IT IS TO GET AWAY IT SOMETHING LIKE THEY DID ??? ____________________________________ quote from hookit: Actually JP, you are a bit abrasive online. I'll still jump with you any day though. It's just a website... hmmm.. one can post stories on a website no? I like reading stories. Let me know when you're back in the area. he (hookit) obviously thinks your cool. but pointed out something very obvious. again were not goin' on your forum conversations with our less informed opinions (speaking for myself) and saying "WHO CARES" about your swooping,camera,tunnel, statements. again if you've been on a "B" before you would know. later and try to be a little nicer to newbies when they meet you.. try not talking down to them and being condasending. cuz they eventually get better and end up not likeing You later on. and won't help you. it's a small world in BASE. ALSO WOULD LIKE TO ADD: look in the mirror at yourself. YOU are still the same exact person you were before you started jumpin'. just remember that! you're nothing more. your the SAME guy but now you jump out of plane or bridge with a parachute. your jump numbers don't allow you talk differen'tly to people with lower jump numbers. you might think they do? i know some people do let people talk down to them if the other person has alot more jump numbers than them. not me man. i treat everybody the same i will knock the f#%k out of anybody if they push my buttons. if they have 1 jump or 10,000 jumps. i really don't give a F#%K! AND I CAN BACK THAT UP! that's who i was before i started jumpin' and that's who i still am now. and no i don't pick fights. i'm actually really shy and quiet unless someone starts messin' with me! then............ if your cool your cool. jump numbers don't mean shit. i would never jump with somebody because they had a ton of experience if they were an egoed prick just to learn off them!! some would and will. i'd rather jump alone ( and have ) if i can't jump with somebody that doesn't make me edgey at the exit point. and JP we know some of the same people. and i've jumped with them. and i'm sure they'd say i was a nice guy. some would say i'm not very social and a little moody as well. but i don't go out of my way to hurt people or their feelings. so before you come on here making more statements. i do get along fine with them. some of them you've worked with. later NPS SUX ASS
  22. why would anybody flame you? do what you want. this forum if free. this aint IRAN. if you do sumthin' wrong TOM A. will let you know. i guess when the poll sux nobody will respond. and then you'll know YOU did somthin' wrong. later NPS SUX ASS
  23. i was just at APEX the other day givin' TODD sum $$$$ and saw that rig. how funny???? it's a little too clean don't ya think? later NPS SUX ASS
  24. Whatever. I'd jump with JP anyday. Then again, with all the skydives listed on my profile, BASE skills are probably non-existent. By the way, it's entirely possible I've packed on a dusty floor inside a B on the way to the top with dride and a guy named nate. It was no big deal given the circumstances. The guy watching the place was not about to walk up 40 plus flights of stairs. just sayin' that ther are people on here who are more into BASE than jp is obviously into it. that do care about stories like that. i thought it was great and pretty ballsy..... BUT again to come on here and say WHO CARES. i think is a slap in the face! i mean hey let's go on his forums and everytime he tells the forum somethin' just say "who cares". to jp BASE isn't everything to him. he's a tunnel guy and photo guy and swooper guy who's more of skydiver than a BASEer (and that's ok) who does BASE sometimes i'm guessin' cuz it's just too [email protected]#kin' cooool not to do so he has to do it??? and i'm sure he'll tell me to "get over myself" or somethin' like that (that's one of his other things he likes to tell people on line)????? not that he'd have the balls to say it to my face or anything? i'd love for that to happen. but whatever! i'm going to go and get over myself. and SORRY for sayin' that one of the canadian BASE'ers was one of the guys who did the "B" i just assumed. dumb american always assumin'. NPS SUX ASS