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  1. dbagdrew

    uk basers

    You might want to try here too: http://www.basejumper.org/ Lots of UK jumpers there.
  2. dbagdrew


    Clicky http://radar.smh.com.au/archives/2007/03/extreme_close_u.html Warning: It's about Jeb Corliss
  3. dbagdrew

    For 1st BASE

    When you say "Element', I am assuming you mean which object. A bridge is a good first BASE jump because there is little chance of hitting the object (i.e. from an off-heading opening).
  4. Good Luck Dave. Have a great time, and try to turn into one of those military brats. Look me up when you get back. Andrew
  5. dbagdrew

    Which Do you prefer

    I don't think that there are enough people on this site doing low wingsuit jumps to make this a meaningful poll. Just a hunch. I wonder how many people that vote actually have that experience either. Asking for individual to give reasons that they prefer each choice may give you more concrete help. Edit to add: You might want to define 'low' as well.
  6. dbagdrew

    Switzerland Feb 17-25

    I will be in Zurich from Sunday February 18th to Wednesday February 21st. Also in Bern Thursday Feb 22nd to Sunday Feb 25th. Any locals up for going for a Beer any of those times? Also I am thinking about heading out to LB for that last weekend (24-25). Would it be worth it just to go and watch? Is anyone planning on being there that weekend? I don't think I'll be doing my first slider up jumps in LB, as I am likely going to Norway in July. Let me know, PM, or on here. Thanks Andrew
  7. dbagdrew

    Stunt Junkies...

    I have actually watched it on mute as well. That's funny. There are a few shows like that, Deal or No deal is one that comes to mind. But for that show you have to be watching something else at the same time, and flip back to it. There is only about 5 minutes of actual content that is stretched into an hour. I find the Stunt junkies website is a good way to watch all the cool stunts without having watch the hour of set up. Here it is: http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/stuntjunkies/stuntjunkies.html Here is a link to just the videos: http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/stuntjunkies/polls/video/video.html
  8. dbagdrew

    Whoville December 25

    I think that you will most certainly need a slider, and sounds perfect for your first wingsuit BASE jumps. Can I come too? I have been told that the swiss valley is not the best place for my first slider up jumps, so maybe I could get some in before I head to the land of Cheese and Chocolate. Then I wouldn't be stuck doing lame slider down jumps.
  9. dbagdrew

    170' freefall

    Is this 170' to impact? It is tough to tell on the video, but is there more altitude to the landing area? Those look like pretty reasonable canopy flight times if it is 170' to landing. Impressive.
  10. dbagdrew

    Switzerland Feb 17-25

    I agree, and that is why I have been tentative, and that is part of the reason that I am asking for advice. I obviously have some soul searching to do and some decisions to make (like what level of risk do I want to take). Thanks for your input. There will always be a next year, right? It also may be that I am over thinking this, and that these jumps would be not ideal, but completely reasonable for my confidence level and experience.
  11. dbagdrew

    Song question

    It says 'The Beautiful Girls' on SDmovies Link: http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=2895&string=australian%20base
  12. dbagdrew

    gauging height of low objects

    Many people use laser range finders. Usually accurate to +- 1 meter.
  13. dbagdrew

    BD v TFs FJC

    There is no doubt in my mind that there is no way that any kind of course can prepare someone to be prepared for everything that could be out there. For me, from my course, I believe that I got the basic knowledge and strategies to be able to figure things out on my own (well some things). Also to know where to go to get help and to have the confidence to go and get that help. I suspect that any course that short would be lacking in areas such as that.
  14. dbagdrew

    the video of the low pull at BD

    I assume you are talking about the wingsuit incident. The video was posted in the thread on that topic, but here it is again. Direct video link for download here: http://www.consumptionjunction.com/...oadsnew/cj_62176.wmv Andrew