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  1. basejump.org is where fist full is from someone from the ABA will help you out. it's a great vid
  2. cesslon

    BASE game

    that would be correct! they are competing against the big guys they put in flips, just a twist in those flips and I'll buy it hell I'll probably buy it anyway lol
  3. I own a 30gig HDD camera, its awesome how ever I haven't parachuted with it and wouldn't for one the opening shock would cause it to kick in protection to protect the hard drive which is pretty much a spinning disc and a needle. I had mine in a drunken mosh pit and jump up and down caused it to stop recording and popup an alert "the camera has blah blah blah, do you wish to save the footage" and unfortunately I didn't lose my drunken antics. also note if you have a hard drive and go in, the hard drive will definitely not survive impact and where a tape may be sliced together to see how you fucked up etc, the HDD will not be fixable.
  4. yes thats the 1 I kinda live near it
  5. anyone on here from there? instructor's frequent jumpers etc? thanks
  6. cool thanks for that. hopefully I can find some absailing or indoor rock climbing place near by. so static line it will be. if anyone disagree's please speak up. also does the tandam provide less force to the student then a non tandam jump? as I've seen people in there 80's and older do tandams and they didn't seem to break, but I guess that could mean they might also be able to do normal jumps as well. I'm just trying to work out the best progression for my come back
  7. big way as in I'd be hobbleing around. limping like an old dog. when I'd jump it was like a tearing sensation to the outside of my hip joints and also like being whacked with a sledge hammer, by my 3rd jump it took about 1.5 years to recover. before I could fully run again without feeling this weird painfull sensation. I had scans and they could see some inflamation and I got heaps of blood tests which found nothing and they thought it might have been arthritis of some kind at first but never found any further evidence, I got some quarterzone injections which made a big difference, I eventually got back into running again and now can run fine like before I started jumping. before I jump again I'm going to really really test out my hips in every way possible, start stretching them in weird angles and do a lot more then running/swimming, like cycleing and diff kinds of weights at the gym. then if everything is fine, hopefully find a DZ in my new current country "england" and take up jumping again.
  8. Hi all, I took up my aff several years ago and for unknown reasons my outer hip joints hated it in a big way, I had to stop jumping after 3 jumps. I seen several specialist had several injections, and no1 could work out exactly what the issue was. anyway I still come into this site every day since and I'm getting to the point where I'm going insane lol. I thought eventually I could grow away from it but it aint happening, I need to get into an aircraft I'm wanting to know what the best kind of jump is I should try first. what would have the softest opening shock out of the following. 1. Aff freefall. 2. Tandam (passenger) free fall 3. Static Line as my hips feel great these days, but I would rather try the smoothest ride first. thanks in advance
  9. cesslon

    BASE game

    the biggest problem with this game is lack of aerials (spelt right?) in the very first ever vid, everyone said (well me anyway) that they'll need to make the game so ya can do back/front flips etc for it to really appeal. now they did that but they stopped there, I want to be able to do a double front flip and quickly twist into a double back flip. games like tony hawk has a bazillion tricks ya can pull they should make this game the same. at present I can do half a dozen flips then it takes me about 400 feet to be able to pull out of the flips then turn and flip the other way lol. good start so far to the developers but hopefully they can update it soon with proper flips
  10. cesslon

    New ABA Video?

    I'll get a copy and a copy of the last 1 if the person selling this 1 also is selling the last one as I don't have that 1 either have the rest though
  11. cesslon

    BASE game

    seems awefully buggy. my d00d hit the ground at full speed and is rolling, so far rolled about 50 metre's very slowly
  12. cesslon

    BASE game

    omg i can't believe you pick ya character appearance by race/country
  13. cesslon

    BASE game

    lol fair enough some in game advertisement as it's a growing revenue resource for games and movies these days. but no disrespect to felix as I've never met the guy, but would have been cool if it never had anyone's name on it. or someone who is more known for being a little extreme, or having an historical impact on the sport
  14. cesslon

    aussies busted

  15. securing it online would be quite simple. you'd have it so its all encrypted in the db etc and the only thing that can decrypt it is the key the user knows. even if the authorities can see the code to view the encryption algorithm it'll be pointless to them if its strong enough encryption and besides don't make yours accessible to anyone make the site invite only and make the your log only viewable by ya friends.