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  1. cesslon

    New ABA Video?

    I'll get a copy and a copy of the last 1 if the person selling this 1 also is selling the last one as I don't have that 1 either have the rest though
  2. cesslon


    I'm that used to seeing/hearing the acronym "bj" and having it mean blow job, that I found the message funny each time I read that acronym call me childish if you want but by the time I go to I literally laughed out loud
  3. cesslon

    lowest "A" to do a wingsuit jump from?

    there is several diff angles in the ABA vids of this jump. also Tom has an angel (from the ground) on his site which I think he may have took can't remember to link to his page though
  4. cesslon

    new to DZ.COM and BASE forum. seeking advice

    if this is for real please check out http://dropzone.com/cgi-bin/safety/detail_page.cgi?ID=64 also as a girl be sure to check out http://www.basewiki.com/wiki/pmwiki.php/Philosophy/BaseRomance is this by any chance a fake chick ?
  5. cesslon

    Lowest pull to tree landing ever?

    any video with no sound is a fake
  6. cesslon

    looking for base bungee video of bridge

    it was the redbull lads, search the forum, or search youtube.com its on there as well or skydivingmovies.com
  7. cesslon

    Terminal velocity

    I would have thought something heavier with a smaller surface area would reach terminal slightly faster then something of the same size and lighter. why is this not so ? if I drop a shot-put and a tennis ball from 10ft the shot-put hits the ground first. even if one only got in front by 1ft at the start it would still be that 1 ft a head. or would the heavier item have a higher speed of terminal veloicity and take longer to get there as it has to go higher faster then the lighter object of eqaul mass ?
  8. cesslon

    Terminal velocity

    what size canopys does your skydiving rig contain? and what is in the base rig is the main weight diff due to canopy size or some other factor?
  9. cesslon

    Terminal velocity

    Tom you know my experience. if it was like 1 billionth of a second later it would still be a difference.
  10. cesslon

    Terminal velocity

    well odds are the bas rig would be reserve free, so ya would be lighter.....
  11. cesslon

    Terminal velocity

    would depend on the height of the cliff surely if it was 4000 feet it would technically be faster then a 1200 foot cliff due to the thicker air
  12. cesslon

    BASE Dubai???

    search through the forum this has been discussed before I can't remember the result though but I think you could be in for some serious ass rapeing if you get caught
  13. cesslon

    Suicide jumpers and rails

    pretty much every survivor said within a second of jumping they changed there mind, most likely the shock of freefall slapped them out of there dark mood for that moment so its 1 argument for putting up a barrier
  14. cesslon

    Interesting low pull video

    greater video I have ever seeen!!!!
  15. cesslon

    BASE game

    Hi, be sure to check out skydivingmovies.com sign up (free) and check out all the base footage, you should find some good footage there, also remember to use google image search etc.