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  1. I live in Moab, Ut, right off of i70. If anyone is driving through Utah on i70 and has room for one more, please PM me! Nathan
  2. Bump! Only 6 days left! Nathan
  3. Hey guys, I don't post on here much, but my girlfriend (Sarah Child) has been chosen as a finalist to be a Seirra Designs gear tester. If you wouldn't mind, please go to http://gear-ologist.blogspot.com/ and vote for her. We would really appreciate it :-) Nathan Nathan
  4. That wasn't crater nates fault! ;-) Nathan
  5. Any locals? If so, please PM me!! Thanks. Nathan
  6. n_pertuset


    Anyone know of anyone jumping/passing through this area? (Lexington, KY/Northern KY). If so, please PM. Nathan
  7. dude.. remember the spermicidal foam on our canopies, dorkzone saved us there! Nathan
  8. reading how to do SL's ;-) Nathan
  9. I used escrow to buy my canopy (was in the US though). I really liked it. You have to pay for the service (based upon the cost of the good purchased), but it's worth it. Nathan
  10. :-) it was a fun weekend! Nathan
  11. those are awesome shots Nathan
  12. cincy sucks huh? i qoute... "This is a bit out of my realm of comfortability" -M.G. haha, remember that on the twin? last time you were here was my first weekend jumping. ever plan on coming back?? Nathan