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  1. in reply to: "What are you intending to do with this skydiving rig housing a BASE canopy? The setup you're describing with mesh slider, free-stowed lines, and a BASE canopy would be a painful experience if deployed at terminal velocity. Even sub-terminal deployment out of some types of aircraft would hurt. I suggest if you're putting together a skydiving rig, then throw a few more $$ in and get a skydiving parachute to go with it. You can find some big old F111's in the classifieds for cheap". Chris W no offense dude but a... have you ever done a BASE jump. we do do them at terminal v. you know??? with mesh sliders and 36" and 38" pilot chutes! i know this sounds weird. but it happens everyday in NORWAY, SWITZERLAND. yosemite (half dome, sweet!). you should try it!!! CREW SCARES ME though. no shit! canopies all close like that!!! no way!!! later man. NPS SUX ASS
  2. yeah took one! it's a good idea. i took the APEX FJC with jimmy and marta learned alot. they're both really cool. they make a really good team and they have a cool dog! i think i drove them a little nutty though. i've watched TOM A. do one of his in June over the course of a week. he seems pretty heads up as well. i'd listen in on his teachings and learn shit for free. i don't think he cared? where ever you go to for a FJC. just go to a reputable one. ask around. but most importantly go to one. later. "have fun and don't die" NPS SUX ASS
  3. thinking about jumping a few differen't "A"s ranging from 1150 to about 1500ish in feet. i have 2 with a small mesh (unvented canopy) and the other with large mesh (vented canopy) and would like to be able to jump the objects 2 times in a row if all goes well. was wondering how much of a difference small mesh vs. large mesh slider really comes into play at or around 5 to 7 seconds? i've heard "use large". and i've heard it really doesn't matter. and if it doesn't why are there both? (large and small mesh sliders). i've heard use small mesh sliders on terminal. but lately i've heard alot of people are getting used to useing large hole mesh slider on terminal and using 38 pc's as well. matter of fact the last big wall i jumped with a guy who preferred a large mesh slider and a 38 pc. while my pussy ass used small mesh and a fine mesh 36" pc. so back to topic. On let's say about 1150 foot exit point off an "A" small mesh slider and 38" pc. unvented canopy sound o.k. at around a 5 to 6 secocnd delay? i've done this same one with my big mesh slider, vented canopy and my 38" pc. thanks! NPS SUX ASS
  4. sorry to ask. but how small could i go for a reserve? i'm thinking of container profile/bulk etc. 200 ish? oh yeah i almost forgot. this may be out of your realm though. buy worth asking. i'm thinking of having the "corners" cut for wingsuit stuff. do you see any problem. i thinks no because my BASE rig has the corners cut. but just thought i'd ask a crew guy. and another OH YEAH, do you guys use clamps to control the lines and if you don't how do you control the lines free packing? sorry about all the questions. thanks for all the above info by the way! NPS SUX ASS
  5. i'm thinking about getting a skydiving rig for my BASE canopys and was wondering what i need to consider? i often see you crew guys free packing. and i really don't know your procedure? THIS is what i want. D-BAG FREE deployments, probably using fine mest slider. to closely simulate the BASE enviroment. do you guys use a tailpocket as in BASE. what is the basic proceure for putting the canopy in asuming a tailpocket is used. i.e. riser, and toggles getting in the way while setting the tail/tailpocket in first. ALSO WONDERING!: HOW small should i go on my reserve. i really don't want a huge reserve. i figure if i'm making this rig for me why not taylor it forme. so again i have two 266 f111 BASE canopys. what's the smallest i should get my reserve. is a 150 -170 out of the question?!!? thanks for reading and any help, or constructive criticism, or anything i'm overlooking would be great. later NPS SUX ASS
  6. having line twists and dealing with them at 2500-5000 feet with 50-150 jumps a few times is always better than line twist at 300 feet with absolutely no skydiving expeience? i had 300 skydive before i did BASE. NOW have over 600 sd's and lots of wingsuit stuff. still learning! but those 600 (300 more than when i started) i've learned alot more since i started and see things a lot differen'tly. basically skydiving just makes you alot more comfortable under canopy. just remember a faster opening, harder opening, slower moving riser pulling ,f111 faster sinking canopy! alot diff. than a semi-elliptical! if i had 2 do it all over again i would have all 7 cell accuracy stuff right out of A license status. up to 300 jumps. thats just me. another thing. next time on your landing pattern at 400 feet look at the ground. that's a typical BASE EXIT POINT! actually that's kinda high! anyway NPS SUX ASS
  7. thanks for posting. you put a few tears in my eyes! thanks for putting Brians life before the incident in perspective. he was and is a pioneer to B.A.S.E.-- bottom line! i was just recently up at that park of his and mikes historic leaps. and was proudly boasting of the two-Brian and Mike- with a friend. next time i'm there. it's for Brian. God Bless--and again my signature says it all. NPS SUX ASS
  8. i know it's hard to believe. but im seriously considering selling my V2. i've only put 15-20 jumps on it. i'm always flying stable and always doing gainers out of the otter and back flying it ok. but i really got used to my ACRO and i actually fly it better. i'm not really into long delays and more into screwing around. loops barrel rolls etc. which i can do on the V2. BUT i actually like the ACRO better for some reason. anyway i'm going 2 do about 10 more jumps to make sure. and i want 2 add: there is nothing wrong with the V2!! i think i just got 2 used to my ACRO. Sales pitched snipped....that's what the classifieds section is for. Craig NPS SUX ASS
  9. if u dont mind low 2 lower stuff. PM hydroguy. if your talking about a the low "E" he's would totally be into it! i've done it a couple times it's not really my thing altough it can be fun depending on what you do!? later and have fun! NPS SUX ASS
  10. mike, i met you this summer at Nick D.s girlfriends house in the La Canda` area of the Golden state we live in. it was really cool to meet you and talk about you and Brian doin' el cap. with rounds. it made my night of recieving/qualifing for my B.A.S.E. on that "B" even just made it a lot more. i recently was up at the park "hiking" up to a differen't exit- oh i mean "lookout" point! and on the hike up to the "lookout" area of this beautiful half of a rock i was telling the other "hiker" about yours and Brians pioneering leaps that inspired mr.Boenish.. he didn't know. but now he does. and people always will. i still can't imagine doin' it with rounds! all i have is RESPECT for BRIAN!!! this truly is tragic. and of course i have nothing but RESPECT FOR YOU! you take care and my signature below says it all. NPS SUX ASS
  11. Woah! Dude you jump Apex gear? I'm gonna go buy some!!!! ha ha "guy" like the ones' you're afraid of!! the point being APEX (I THINK) are the only ones who do both containers and canopies and everything else. don't you own APEX? OH YEAH, your moving on over somewhere else. it's all the same. i'm sure it will work just like your present gear does. as long as you have a stable exit!! OH YEAH AGAIN congrats on your first solo. soloS are quite peaceful. it's amazing the stuff that goes through your mind on a solo jump. especially off a smoke stack oooooooooh yeah!!! nice!!!! real nice!!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  12. now now lets not forget that the combination of todd, jimmy & marta at apex base provides top level customer service, gear and instruction. EXACTLY!!!! everybody is going to say what they're doing is the best! it's human nature. i have 2 apex containers and canopys. and right there that says alot. isn't APEX the only company that does it all. canopies. containers. first jump course. pilot chutes. etc. most places only do one or the other (containers or canopies). it's alot shit they do there. they don't farm anything out (maybe there H2O CANOPY) so at least give them a call too or a look at the website. TODDs ALWAYS been cool to me and all my stupid questions. he really enjoys your interest in the sport will actually talk you out of things instead of selling them to you sometimes. he's really cool like that. he's not just in it for the buck. and has always given outstanding customer service to me. never any B.S. but it really comes down to buying from a major manufacture and reputable one. i've never dealt with asylum- but never ever heard a bad word so there you go. i have dealt with rob and kathy (WINGSUITS the acro and vampire 2) and they where really cool. and very informative again with all my stupid questions. so again just go with one of the majors and you'll be fine. NPS SUX ASS
  13. im trying to stay with the boc. but i'm a little confused with the set up on the leg pouch shrival thing. i just need some time..... any advice would still be appreciated NPS SUX ASS
  14. thanks i appreciate everything. when i get back from work ill try to put some of your advice to work. and try the thing on. also can somebody explain the set up on the leg pouch and the shrival flap thing. it is a little weird to me. also i've read that the leg pouch isnt alll that good for aerials especially back flying right. i like back flying sooo....... later NPS SUX ASS
  15. good advice. it's just alot of wing to get used to. but what you said makes good sense. around not through i've only put it on once. i'll play with it tomorrow when i get time. i just want to be mentaly ready with it before i do it for real. thanks NPS SUX ASS
  16. i was told i could use it from my BOC. and i would like to. i'm going through the online manual now and i'm trying to figure out the leg pouchthing??? anyway any advice on the use of the BOC method or the pouch deal would be cool. thanks. NPS SUX ASS
  17. just got V2 having trouble reaching pc handle. is this normal? it's my first BIG suit. been flying an ACRO for all my other jumps. SO maybe i just need to get used to the bigger wings? but....... if anybody has any advice please feel free to school me. please. thanks. NPS SUX ASS
  18. just got V2 having trouble reaching pc handle. is this normal? it's my first BIG suit. been flying an ACRO for all my other jumps. SO maybe i just need to get used to the bigger wings? but....... if anybody has any advice please feel free to school me. please. thanks. NPS SUX ASS
  19. i'm just curious what it adds that's dangerous??the multi now has a sheath and pretty much comes out of the container as a 11 foot bridle the sheath is wrapped around the multi lines. um=== i know i have no wingsuit B.A.S.E. experience so please don't attack me on this. i have used the multi since i got my rig. i'm just wondering how does it become ENTANGLED in the wingsuit enviroment is all. i've talked to todd at apex about this and he said there has never been an incident regarding this. and he said if there is please let him know he's very open to hearing any criticism or real world stories etc. please respect my questioning. i'm just asking as a neophite. oh yuri i PMed you. thank you. NPS SUX ASS
  20. is that because the faster it opens the less time your body has the distort the opening?? or because of being low to the ground and you want it open without issue or possibly both???? i know sometimes in skydiving the longer my opening took opening in full flight that if my body moved a little right or left as slider tooks it's time coming down my canopy would almost or go into subtle or full blown line twist or usually when i went asymetric a more wild off heading opening but i've learned to just look up and pull symetric and go limp like a noodle not moving at all let it happen all at the same time (all in about 1/2 second) my openings are twist free but depending on how i packed my nose sometimes not on heading--damn that d-bag. . on a side note i've always thought about making a skydiving rig dedicated to wingsuit with a tail pocket on my canopy or just using my B.A.S.E. canopy. no d-bag. and small mesh slider. just an idea. would require a differen't sized container. cool ideas on the sail slider. thanks again tom a. NPS SUX ASS
  21. QuoteDo you have the discipline to keep yourself from doing something low with an unvented canopy that would be made safer by jumping with vents? I don't, and that's why I got vents. this canopy will be used for terminal with my future wingsuit adventures in mind. thanks. NPS SUX ASS
  22. hey tom have you tried this. and do you currently do this or what i'm trying to say is, is this your preferred method. i'm going to quess you use small mesh?? if not where would you get a sail slider for B.A.S.E. with this modification. i guess apex probably sells them or could make one (they probably don't push the idea--i'm assuming). um anyway i didn't expect to ask soooo many questions about this. i quess this would/will be a pretty big step in my short lived B.A.S.E career so..... i quess every little thing that pops into my little brain i'm going to ask. the canopy thing though was about do i really need this if it's primarily for wingsuit and why spend the money... and now i'm concerned with BD or slamming opening that might hurt me low to the ground! thanks for all your input!!! NPS SUX ASS
  23. Quote Vents are irrelevant on WS jumps, or slider-up jumps in general. If you plan on using the same canopy slider-down, get vents. If this is a slider-up only canopy, go without vents.=============================== ===================================== this canopy will be dedicated to higher altitude jumps with a small mesh slider and wingsuit in mind. i will try ballon first as well. -------------------------- Quote ---------------------------------------------- I am amazed how many people complain about this part instead of switching to small mesh or sail slider or something in between what is in between??? is there a half sail half small mesh. that's a good idea??or is it??? sounds good in theory. thanks and any more advice is very welcome. NPS SUX ASS
  24. ONE LAST QUESTION. i'm having a FLIK made and i'm wondering about the multi. i've used a multi so the extra pain of packing it and sometimes untangeling it doesn't bother me. i'm just wondering the differen't opinions on the multil and wingsuit B.A.S.E. that's all. sorry to keep asking but.....anyway thanks for all the input. NPS SUX ASS
  25. thanks yuri. can i ask one more question??? what do you think about no vents or minimal vents. like one on the center cell. for terminal jump? im having a flik made right now and i'm debating a NO vent OR one vent situation and questioning having a multi in play as well. any opions on the multi and wingsuits???????????? thank you. NPS SUX ASS