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  1. Lisa, You've missed the point. You can live in a world of personal responsibility without going out of your way to be a voice against charity. Jason
  2. Yet you'll add insult to injury for free. I wouldn't worry -- there is probably no one on the planet losing any sleep about the conditions for your impotent generosity.
  3. In post #19: post #32: post #32 again: It occurs to me that the things you say are true, are really just things you want to be true. Jason
  4. It seems you've gotten your hands on a first semester business book. I'll watch my step. Because I call bullshit on what you've claimed as the value of your time. You based the value of your time on your business billing rate. You may try, but you don't get to explain it away as something the hourly wagers wouldn't understand. You aren't the brightest businessperson in the room. An individual that attempts to burn a company publicly over a perceived slight is fundamentally lacking in the ability to see the big picture. If you haven't even been able to successfully negotiate a "thank you" I'm not sure you're qualified to preach about business. It's really a shame because your whole house was built on you knowing more about business than the next guy. Jason
  5. With all of your multi-tasking, you got your replies in reverse order. You've confused likestojump and pash. (you can call me by my real name, Jason, however). I know this is only a small error on your part, but I feel inconvenienced by it. I had to copy and paste and point you to your own mistake. All that took time. My time. I am only hopeful that the distraction doesn't cause you to make similar mistakes in your actual work while you are "multi-tasking." For I acknowledge that it is your opinion that your clients get their money's worth, but, well... how did you say it? You said, "Opinions and assholes." Quit making an opinion of yourself. Jason
  6. Excerpt from Wikipedia definition: "Customer service may be provided by a person (e.g., sales and service representative), or by automated means called self-service." for your review: Jason
  7. interesting. I feel that if you are billing for time spent working then it is your obligation to be WORKING during that time. Jason
  8. It reminds me of that Zack Galifinakius joke about how things could be taken two ways, depending on how you said it... "she had a crack baby." Could "near miss" just be describing the proximity of the non-collision? Wikipedia thinks so Jason
  9. (0.75)*hour = $(9*24) hour = $288.00 assume a 30hr week to remain conservative... 288*30 = 8640 per week assume you take half a year of vacation to remain conservative... 8640*26 = 224,640 per year Maybe you have your own company. And maybe somehow calculated your total cash in per hour, it still isn't YOUR time. You are not the company, even if you are the owner. If I'm wrong, and your time truly is this valuable, it would not be in your interest to post here. Therefore, I am convinced that your time is NOT this valuable. Jason
  10. I know I already responded once, but this particular point nagged at me. The title should have been "Para-Gear: Neutral Customer Service." Jason
  11. What is the number 1 danger in skydiving? How many dangers do you consider? Do you address dangers in terms of the probability that they happen, or the consequences of them happening? Do you catergorize striking an object in freefall by it's type, i.e. "striking a plane = danger #100" but "striking a skydiver tracking in the opposite direction = danger #95, or maybe #2.."? Is it valid to just lump mid-air collisions with anything under a category of shit to avoid? Should someone stop considering dangers that years of experience have taught them to consider simply because someone called them a dorkzoner? Maybe what he was commenting on was your attitude. Maybe not. Jason
  12. You know, when I opened this thread, I expected to see a real example of POOR customer service. I feel a little disappointed that the content did not live up to the title. Don't you care about fulfilling the expectation that your title set? I would like to speak with your supervisor. Other people may have liked your thread, but I've received PM's from some disappointed readers..
  13. pash

    Vouch for buyer

    I am selling my jumpsuit and posted an ad here on I would like to know if anyone can vouch for username Radek in Poland before I ship this thing out. Thanks for any feedback, and blue skies to you all. jason
  14. pash

    What movie?

    I can't find that quote on google or anywhere i give up!! Here's a short dialogue: "I want to put my tube steak in your sister, what do you want in trade?" "what do you got?"
  15. pash

    What movie?

    "Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips..." jason