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  1. contact the nice folks that gave you your BASE # (OR NUMBERS --did you qualify for night BASE ???) they're in the Houston area....... but i'm very sure they have contacts all over that big state of theirs. later and happy new year and happy new BASE NUMBER(s) and.............. NPS SUX ASS
  2. i was on a " B" the other night with a guy who had almost double my jumps but this was his first "B" i then guessed what his BASE number might be??? he said i don't want one. and couple of jumpers i jumped with recently said the same thing. that when they got their "B" they wouldn't apply either. i then thought of all the old school guys and current ones who didn't care. i seems to be almost 1 out 4 who don't have a BASE # yet completed BASE. so if im (1106) should it be almost 2000? how about double my number? i don't know? just curious what anybody else thought either way? later NPS SUX ASS
  3. in reply to: Is there actually a night BASE? Did you actually send in for a night BASE number? I thought that was a joke...WTF is the point of night BASE? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- what's the point of any BASE NUMBER (1108)??? what's the point of anything??? why BASE jump???what's the point of doin' low stuff with no ground rush??? it is what it is??? it is what it is!!!!! just numbers right. why don't you ask/tell marta (your mentor) WTF about her naked BASE # OR sex BASE #??? WTF-IS THE POINT?? email them and say how pointless it is!!! night BASE has been around almost as long as regular BASE has (i think?). why don't you tell rick and joy how pointless it is!!!! and yes it's real......but don't trust me PM a real BASE JUMPER because i've only got 70ish jumps!!! NPS SUX ASS
  4. congrats on your "B". now you can work on your night B.A.S.E. if you care. you might actually already have it. i qualified for it 3 weeks before realizing i did!! but i'm kinda slow. later NPS SUX ASS
  5. Maybe I misinterpreted your sarcasm but if not it begs the question: Have you ever BEEN to Moab? It sure doesn't sound like it. just curios, pope not slamming the legal subterminal places on BLM. just slamming the NPS policies in the illegal terminal/almost terminal places. just finding it funny how "they" would rather us jump in lower places. not meaning to be or sound sarcatic. just stateing how i wish i could jump where "MartinRosen" gets too and wishing out loud how it was differen't here. i like stacks,cranes,building's,antenna's,spans's, but higher earth (LEGAL)!!! is what i was wishing 4. but i must admit i don't know if i would have got into B.A.S.E. if was so acceptable (legal) anyway?!!? (contradiction-yes!!!) BE-SAFE-POPE-i hope this helps clarify things. later NPS SUX ASS
  6. I know that is the usa!!! everythings backwards?? "don't jump off the big safe cliffs but go to moab and jump off the lower cliffs.....their legal there"...... man i wish i had the money to go to europe instead of sneaking around our parks to do bigger safer stuff..although the sneaking around was/is kinda fun...well it is and is isn' do really feel like you did something later when it's all said and done........ it sure must be nice to have stress free big walls that you don't have to sneak aroud to jump.... later NPS SUX ASS
  7. frigin' wind!!! yeah the same wind that has something against me obviously has something against you as well!!! i was starting to take it personal. but obviously it doesn't discriminate?!?! i'm just learning to stay away from it? unless it's consistantly down wind off an "A". and even then....... GLAD YOUR O.K.!! later NPS SUX ASS
  8. hmmmm....good point...i use about three feet of spectra lined climbing lines with loped ends that supposedly absorb the shock of a fall like that. but i also used the carobiner to clip off when sitting as well. but if the rubber "stopper" on there is only for weight and aren't fixed for stopping a fall i've got some thinking to do????? they seem to be on there really good??? um i was told there are devices that the guys who work on these things use to speed up the ascent?? siimilar to the item on the link posted. does anybody know the name of these things??? later NPS SUX ASS
  9. in reply to the following: ". So I've been meaning to say something and you're input makes for a great opportunity to finally do so (makes sense?)" "If you're racing to the top on that particular A in the picture, and you miss your step because you don't have 3 supports (two arms/one feet etc.) you're done with. Even if you do have 3 supports, you might grab onto some birdshit (or God's spit if him and the misses aren' getting their groove on) and slip." "Stating the obvious in four words: seems kind of dangerous. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " i know you can't tell at first glance but i'm wearing an "ALPINE" APEX DP. the ALPINE has a built in climbing harness that i was using. i specifically had it made for climbing "A's". my right arm/hand is in the way but i'm cliped in. and when i'm climbing i'm cliped in to the cable running up the latter which has large rubber stoppers every 40 feet! this paticular "A" doesn't have any you have to sit on the side platforms would be nice. i've done a 300' "A" that had 3 platforms?? but my big "A" has none. and again we didn't race to the top we took our timeother jumper also took picture of sign at bottom of "A". kind of funny and relevant to what vincent was saying. it has a little cartoon of a guy falling off the "A". and yeah it's a real sign at the bottom of the "A". NPS SUX ASS
  10. only having a few big "A's". it just recently took me and another "A" newbie just under an hour and a half 1100' but well worth the added freefall 1100' gives. but we stopped and talked and took pictures had water to make the mental part alittle easier for us. we'll get faster. were both in really good shape....but it just takes practice for the mental thing of climbing i think and i'm more than willing to practice and so is she. i have to agree with wwarped
  11. haven't been on in awhile. out of town and stuff. delayed answer. yah it was eventful to say the least. i remember saying no, no , no, no and then turning around with about 30 feet to the ground and landing with stowed brakes. lesson learned: respect the wind! it does funny things to pilot chutes! later NPS SUX ASS
  12. rampage! looks like a wall i had a 90 left on!??! off an 240 "s"! NPS SUX ASS
  13. i'll stick 2 freefallin'!!! staticlines R scary!!! i only done em' twice. once @ night and once in the day. i'm now convinced! thanks 4 the thread!! i'll pull it out myself ( the parachute that is ). later NPS SUX ASS
  14. are you in the golden state? the southern part? out towards a popular dropzone named after the largest city in France (spelled differen'tly). there's an "e" there that's about the height of which you speak. people have freefallen it. and the "e" also has a french name as well. it's a little freaky but.....oh yeah i think DW did "it" there as well. so i guess answer is yeah. i think it's one of those kinda jumps that if you do you feel proud to have done it. but as time goes on feeling kinda reckless for doing it and not really ever bringing it up to people and possibly talking others out of doing something like it??? at least in this place that i speak of:wall behind you and hard ground and big as rocks and nasty trash etc and only 170' of altitude. oh yeah i think it's very safe to say take any bit of wind (any) into consideration. i've only recently started to respect the wind i probably should be dead or more banged up with some of my recent stunts! and i've barely been doing this a year. respect the wind. pilotchute hesitation sucks anytime. 170' would really suck. later NPS SUX ASS
  15. B-careful. if your thinking about doin' what i think your doin'! it's a little warm. i was up there about a week ago. i can't get into the why for a whole lot of reasons! but if all goes well or doesn't go well at being able to jump. go up the road to the little "s" for a night jump. nightime 90's anyone???!!! and be careful there too. a whole lot of CHiPs around lately for the punk ass movie industry!!! but i doubt they'll be there at night. but everytime i've gone up lately they are there. i'll joke about and ther're there. not funny! they've been there often right i've jumped it. sometimes the first jump but mostly after the second. the winds haven't been so bad at night. but windy in the morning usually downwind but every once in awhile right at the "bowl" to the left. good luck with the big ladder. (if it's the one i'm thinking of???). NPS SUX ASS
  16. again you hit it on the head (and cwn did as well)! by the way i ended up getting a Dolphing d6 container and a raven 3 so i could do what i wanted to do. and thanks again for the pm's. later NPS SUX ASS
  17. You're going to get busted up someday with this mentality. hey i just meant that i all ready had a mentor in APEX BASE. i took my first jump course with them. i think the other person was concerned that i didn't have any BASE experience. so i was just saying i've had some and a mentor. i really don't want to get busted up. though some say it's only a matter of time in BASE. i'm sure there's something to that. i've only been hurt once. very recently. (my ankle--jumping in strong wind) i made a mistake. and now i want to correct it by skyiving my BASE equipment more (canopy work) and work on some other stuff. and of course make better decisions than some of recent ones. like jumping in strong wind. and not making it to the already tiny landing area and landing somewhere i didn't want to (and messing up my ankle) . or doing solos in areas without phone reception. etc. later NPS SUX ASS
  18. hey look, no matter what i say or how i say it. even alittle sarcastic statement. i'm going to get slammed. i didn't write anything to hurt or belittle anybody. i don't know it all and when i jump/fly/fall or whatever i always make sure to think and watch for others. these forums are kinda funny in that people tend to read into something you wrote the wrong way. or take it way to personal or whatever. i didn't come on here to upset anybody. i just needed some help and was taken a ltttle off coarse by my sarcasm. (dude have you ever even....blah blah blach) and following up with CREW scares me. hey it really does! i really don't like being under canopy that close! that's not disrespect that's giving a compliment to someone who's not affraid of being that close under canopy. i know people who do CREW. and hear about getting wrapped up! and the not taking "it' too seriously thing. i just mean in the sense of: besides safety of others. i just don't get to wrapped up in the politics of everything having to be this way or that way. it's just not fun. i only want to have fun like i think we all do. so could we please put this to rest. i was sarcastic. not being mean. later NPS SUX ASS
  19. hey if you read it. i was not being an "A" hole. i was just saying that what i was trying to do was simulate as close as possible.... blah blah. i was just pointing out that it's not out of the realm. I was being funny about how CREW scares me. also followed it back up with another re-reply of understanding where he was coming from. i have not even been doing this 2 years. so i know what i am and what i'm not. he just stated he said what he said because i didn't put any profile stats down. and i said why (people being all about jump numbers etc.). and then i wrote out my profile stats. and then..... you took me out of context a little. that's ok. i do this just for fun. i don't take anything too seriously. and i don't disrespect those who came before. sorry you took it the wrong way. but if you read everything..... take it easy and later. NPS SUX ASS
  20. in reply to: Going by your profile (no jumps listed) I wanted to make sure you're not getting in over your head. Friends of mine have been injured by hard openings, so I encourage using the right gear, packing method, & body position for the intended deployment speed. Chris W nah man it's cool. i understand. the reason i quit putting up numbers is people tend to be all about them. i'm just about having fun and doin' my own thing. but to date i have 600+ skydives almost 200 of them wiingsuit. and pushing 70 BASE jumps. take it easy. and i do appreciate your concern. i understand where you were/are coming from. later. NPS SUX ASS
  21. in reply to: ouch lol just asking a question and you get burned no wonder people dont ask hey man i gave you a pretty postive response!! later NPS SUX ASS
  22. thanks for response!. i'm not very hip on internet acronyms. what's IMHO? later NPS SUX ASS
  23. thanks this was kinda what i was looking 4. i really appreciate it. you kinda got what i was aiming at. i would probably still have the corners cut for wingsuit openings. you never can be to careful opening horizontal. later man. NPS SUX ASS
  24. inresponse to: Anytime I buy I new BASE canopy, I always test it out via a skydive. It is better to find out any problems and get acquainted in this environment. I see your home is Perris and there are some experienced CRW and BASE jumpers at that DZ if you do not have a mentor. I am guessing this is to work on accuracy and to learn the flying characteristics of your BASE canopy? exactly! i don't need a BASE mentor i have APEX as mine. and i'm pushing 70 BASE jumps now so.... but if you saying a CREW mentor that's differen't. i would like to watch them pack and stuff. later. NPS SUX ASS