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  1. what do you think about freefalling 170'? let me know pana
  2. I'll be in amsterdam from the 10 to 13 of november, i would know if i must bring one, two or three rigs, or may be nothing. Any info any locals are really appreciated. Let me know. panavision
  3. I'll be in Bucarest to do a commercial from 1/7 to 10/7. I must bring one rig, two rigs or nothing? Any info, contact or locals are very appreciated, as soon as possible. i have the ticket tomorrow! Thanks
  4. I have find something very cool on the sea... I would know advices from experienced jumpers on which type of procedures they use before the splashlanding anf if they use some items to protect the hardware and the fabric of the rig from the salt. Thank you.
  5. I have tried to contact Johnny but he doesn't answer me. If anyone knows where can i contact him i am very happy. thanks
  6. Where can i find this video? Where can i find Johnny? Thanks
  7. I need to buy a rangefinder. Anyone have some experience with the Nikon? Anyone have some experience with the Bushnell? Which is the best? Thanks
  8. I can't find any info to contact Kevin...
  9. Why weight on the apex increases random hesitations? Also my 46 pilot with cap handle is CR, do you think is better don't use it in the sub 300feet area?
  10. I am thinking about this. I have two pilot chute of the same size, 46inch (same manifacture), but one have an internal handle. So the weight is relatively different (cordura cap to cover the handle, handle,..). I am thinking about the difference of behavior, due to the different weight, in several stage of the deployment (same delay): 1) Difference in Speed of Bridle Extension 2)Difference in Pilot Chute Inflatation 3) Difference in Pilot Chute Drag Other differences could be there........ What do you think about it?
  11. Hi Kevin, i haven't find any address to find you. Can you give me one? Thanks
  12. Ok, i am ready, where can i contact you? Thanks all Panavision
  13. Both, so do you think i need two utility waist?
  14. Somebody jumps with an utilty waist? I am searching but nothing pretty good seems appear. I need to buy one, so some advice are very appreciated. Brand, model, fabric, volume, dimension...... Thanks in advance
  15. panavision


    I have a pair of Paratec GTX, i love them. They save every time that i attempt an urban jump. Incredibly rock solid for ankle. Incredibly. Another feature that i love is the grip, very very solid. Are two features were the Patatec GTX don't work at best. If i need to make a long hike, my calves are not in a comfortable position due to the height and rigidity of the boots. The other feature is this: when you must jump from a barrier, and the exit is position seated, the height and rigidity of the boots don't permit to move the balance of the ankle, so you have the excursion of the movement reduced. They have pro and cons, but i really love landing with it. In the next future i'll take also the Airborne GTX Hope this helps