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  1. it's funny the more stuff i learn the more i get scared. but i still jump. and when i still jump knowing more scary stuff that can go wrong, the better i feel when land and get away. it does make BASE know more for sure!! later NPS SUX ASS
  2. UH, WOW!! I now feel really dumb and in-experienced. thanx though. i guess "that's why i posted". later and great insight. now i'm gonna be really scared next time! i'm not sure if knowledge is friend or foe. and if ignorance and luck is better???? NPS SUX ASS
  3. just not exactly with your back to the wire is all (45). just so your eye's aren't aimed at the opposite wire and not exactly straight forward from center launching point. one hand on and one foot on. and one foot off and one hand off.just launch out that way?!?!? and that is how it was explained it to me. i actually did it off a crane not so long ago-- don't ask, too complicated!!!!! later and no i haven't done the above off an "A". that's why i'm on here askin'. NPS SUX ASS
  4. thanx again to the very good recent variety of advice. ( diveout--martin rosen (swede power!)-AND pope) seriously!!! later NPS SUX ASS
  5. thnax all. i really appreciate all the differen't perspectives. later NPS SUX ASS
  6. oh yeah, good idea!! thanx again on the heads up!! later (again!) NPS SUX ASS
  7. good 2 hear. i stay there every time (super 8)..........just didn't have a dog back then. later NPS SUX ASS
  8. exit altitude is 1050ish sorry i should have said that. i'm not a fan of the lower "A's" with guywires. thanz 4 the info though. really appreciate it! later NPS SUX ASS
  9. ok , ok i expected some answers like this. but i was kinda being serious. and yeah i have 2 rig's and i'm waitin' on the 3rd now. but there alittle big for him. i'm actually seein' into gettin' a doggy tandem harness made so i can jump with my dog at the bridge..............BUT 4 NOW........... I need a doggy sitter. later NPS SUX ASS
  10. are there any doggy daycare people around the vistors center or reputable locals who like dogs and could take care for my dog while i'm jumpin'????? later NPS SUX ASS
  11. just curious what any experienced "A" jumpers do when you experience wind ( a good amount of ) down the guywire. i've alway's heard jump a 45 degree floater to the opposite wire??? Also and more importantly when do you say no to jumping a wind down the guywire situation??? thanks to all who respond! later NPS SUX ASS
  12. quote/snipet from katzurki: "That was a low freefall into what looks to be a strong headwind with a lineover and a 4 second canopy ride. Does anybody know the canopy used and the number of UCL, and if there was a tailgate? " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- yeah i'd also like to know a little bit more about the packin' and other things that went into that jump as well. that sucked for the guy!!!!!!!!! line over then bamm.. to bad he didn't seem 2 have time to pull the toggles. good thing he didn't crash into those earth movers, huh???? NPS SUX ASS
  13. snipet of question by HYDROBUY: Anyone else have any more ideas or suggestions or input of any kind??? ------------------------------------------------------- why don't you PM someone like JEB CORLISS. he's alway's jumpin' a fullface. i'm sure he'd tell you who he use's. later and remember a big bulky helmet on a long hike suck's add's weight and bulk....... also sucks fittin' it in you stash bag crawlin' and climbin' around in tight areas as well. i suppose you could just wear it. but sumtimEz it's not that practical espeacially approachin' an object EXposed but hey what do i know----not much you'd say but back to what i said PM JEB CORLISS. LATER and good luck findin' whatcha' needin'! NPS SUX ASS
  14. AGREED. ALL I CANT SAY TO THAT IS: GOD HATE'S US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! note 2 public: it's a Slayer song, though relevant, it's not my original line/sayin'. although true!!! LATER HATER'S. NPS SUX ASS
  15. worldsocold


    most strippers are dyke's and whore's. why would you want 2 give them your hard earned money?????? most of em' HATE MEN!!! THEY JUST LUV 2 TEASE YOU AND NOT GIVE YOU ANY!!!!! AND OF COURSE TAKE YOUR MONEY (SUCKER!!) AND THEN RUN OFF WITH SUM OTHER STRIPPERS AND DO COKe AND HAVE A DAISY CHAIN with no penis. instead save your money/tips and and buy another rig AND/OR fill up you tank and go drive and then arrive some where and get out and hike and then fall, fly, or leap off whatever. and go find a REAL girl and do bad things with her when your done doin' the underlined above. LATER-- yeah i'm alittle biased against stripper/whores. lock this thread it has nothin' 2 do with BASE NPS SUX ASS
  16. who's teachin' the FJC??? AS TO OPINONS: I don't care 2 much> just as long as it doesn't make us or anyone who does it crazy/ hopefully it will make BASE seem more normal than most people think. it's not like it's some behind the scene's thing. i'd be pissed if some "look at me" type's took some media A-hole's along on some less than legal object's. and then showed it on "To catch a BASE jumper" or "JERALDO at large" or sumtin' like that. later NPS SUX ASS
  17. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO HAVE THE SHORTER VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey while we're at it. HOW ABOUT "FIST FULL OF F1-11????/ ANYBODY. can anybody help a poor dumbsoul like me find a copy?? later NPS SUX ASS
  18. i was at APEX BASE the other day and they had some vhs original's in their front showcase in their entrance room. just call todd s. later NPS SUX ASS
  19. again---i know, i know.---i do get it. i thinks i'mz gettin' old and sensitive or sumthin'! but still...... later got to get to workin' NPS SUX ASS
  20. i know , i know. but.......... just the whole pissin' thing??? seems a little, uh well you know. and puttin' jimmy h. as-#113 is kinda like wishin' him dead??? i don't wish that on anybody in BASE. anyway i do get it. but.....i don't know???? later NPS SUX ASS
  21. i really don't find RIPping/pissin' on #113 or Christians all that funny??? what next JEW'S AND THE STAR OF DAVID. MUSLIM'S AND A PRAYER RUG. goofin' on someone or their religion is one thing but pissin' on it/them is another. ..........................i'm not religous-- but pissin' on some kid prayin' TO A CROSS or pissin' on jimmy H./h.i.d.g.a.f./#113 aint all that funny either. i'm don't agree alot with what JIMMY H. does or say's' on guys?!?!? LATER later NPS SUX ASS
  22. quote FROM luv2fly: "..and you should probably vote for bush...because you are acting weak and you got your blinders on. " ------------------------------------------------------ DUDE!! NICE 2 SEE WE'D HAVE SUCH A NON-PARTISAN, UN-BIASED, OPEN MINDED PERSON IN CHARGE OF "THE LIST". GEE I DIDN'T KNOW POLITIC'S AND BASE WERE SO CLOSELY RELATED?? pleeze keep your political opinions out of here it has no relevance to the subject. except to show your OBsessive hatred for someone you disagree with OUTSIDE OF BASE!!! AS FAR I KNOW WE'VE HAD DEMOCRAT'S AND REPUBLICAN'S IN OFFICE AND NEITHER HAVE DONE A THING FOR BASE ON THE NPS POLICIES. THIS IS BASE!---! NOT A POLITICAL FORUM!!!!!! I PERSONALY DON'T BELIEVE IN EITHER PARTY AND REFUSE TO VOTE ANYMORE.-- BECAUSE OF GUY'S LIKE TED KENNEDY, GEORGE BUSH JR., AND OF COURSE AL GORE. ----ALL, ALL SPOILED F$$KIN' RICH KIDS.-- AND ALL TAKE MONEY FROM THE SAME PEOPLE (lobbiests) FOR VOTEs. pleeze don't do the list. if your gonna be like this. we don't need YELLOW JOURNALISM ON THE LIST. i know nick's politics and i've never heard him lash into the side he hate's. he keeps it to him self from what i've witnessed. yeah, yeah, i know CLINTON AND NIXON grew up poor! BUT THEY STILL.............. AND OF COURSE IF YOU MEANT THE "OTHER" BUSH (VAGINA) i apoligize. --- but then i'd be really confused and still wouldn't think you should be in charge of "THE LIST" later and sorry 4 the ANGER!!! NPS SUX ASS
  23. gee guess what "S" was just on the history channel???? gotta luv modern marvel's. it's history of making the pacific coast hightway or sumthin' the "S" cost a whoppin' $200,000. back in the day. not much. ------then they said it cost $5,500,000.00 in the year 2000 to earthquake retrophit blah, blah , blah, gotta luv that hippie bridge later sleep time NPS SUX ASS
  24. thanx. i always like to get info on sub. 300 stuff from the folks. later NPS SUX ASS
  25. Maybe I need to ditch the Flik and get another RockDragon... well.......i've done both my FLiK'S in there back 2 back.....and one is non vented i think i've jumped my non vented there 4 times and my vented 7. i've used my 46" most of the time. but back 2 what you were sayin'. truthfully. the rockdragon or the FOX would be better there because of less forward drive for sure (dependin' on you openin"). the FLIk takes a little more to slow down and sink but........if you skydive it more i personally think you'll find it to be alot more versatile. once you figure your way of manipulatin it for tight stuff and high pulls and flyin' to make the landin' area over tree's and stuff....blah, blah, blah. like i even know what i'm sayin'....... i don't want 2 go on and on time the tide was in and was over the water (strong tail wind) and i had 2 hook it front riser style over the big ole' rock!!! that freaked me. but now it's one of those things i kinda giggle like a little school girl about as i'm drivin' down the road and it pops into me head. later glad your ok. 90 left at night. man o man. i've been at night before and it was a little more peaceful than that.... F'n 90 LEFT's. why is it i never hear about 90 right's there?? it's either 90 left's of 180's and then of course for some reason the 180 turns into "attack of the poison oak". airdog had a fun time with that shit. maybe he'll chime in??? later man! i take it your ok?? NPS SUX ASS