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  1. The temptation to point out how this goes against the history and spirit of our sport is big. But then I realize that everybody is free to make a bid for the right to organize Bridge Day. We all appreciate the enormous effort you put into this event Jason, and anybody critiquing you on this decision ought to consider organizing his own event next year. Although I'm disappointed to see this happen, I understand the rationale. That said, I do wonder about the monopolization of the options. It seems entirely under control of Snake River BASE. Have you not received offers from other BASE instructors to do similar instruction?
  2. MyTwoCents

    Freefall 200'

    Dude, stay alive until you move up here, mmmkay? Aside from that, you'll want to consider changing your go-and-throw from a dart-arrow pitch to an upward pitch. Done well, it is possible to have bridle stretch and pilot chute inflation before it even gets below your exit point. Get spectra (or other slippery shit) loops, and get your pin-tension right. Don't use velcro. Accept that you'll experience a pilot chute hesitation one in every N jumps, for some variable N. But that's all hearsay, I don't free-fall below 250, no exceptions. I don't disapprove of it, it's just not my thing.
  3. MyTwoCents

    ITW over Easter

    That many over how many days? Wow...
  4. MyTwoCents

    Victoria BC jumpers

    Vancouver is a hop-and-a-skip away on the ferry. PM me some references and background and we'll work something out.
  5. MyTwoCents

    looking for NYC

  6. MyTwoCents

    Vision Owners

    I've done a few jumps on a Softcock and it's as comfortable as my Vision I'd say. Not sure if you'll be able to get one though, ping Ray Losli.
  7. MyTwoCents

    Lesson Learned

    Last I heard, combining square canopies with engine towing is asking for disaster. I'm sure somebody else will confirm this or dispel it as an urban legend. Sorry, but I consider that bullshit. I've said this a million times, and I'll say it again; landing a BASE canopy on rear risers is the easiest thing on the world. Anybody who biffs in at the Perrine while flaring with rear risers is a fucking tool and shouldn't have jumped in the first place. Btw, I'm a shitty pilot.
  8. MyTwoCents

    Edmonton, AB 'A' Bust??

    The bust was at 3:00am, not the middle of the day. I'm sure eventually the details will come out. I kindly ask we let this thread rest for the moment, pending legal action. Edited to add: Sean, I will pass your request for details to the locals involved and let them decide if they want to inform you or not. Thanks...
  9. MyTwoCents

    tracking comment for the Norgies

    Can you share what model they were?
  10. MyTwoCents

    Parapalegic Jumper stuck in Tree!!

    Woohoo! I got myself completely piss drunk after I got the news last night. Congratulations Russel and Amy!
  11. MyTwoCents

    Florida locals

    I'm not offended by Maggot's posts. They're just so poorly written that I don't have the energy to read them. As a result, his posts only clutter the forum. Having heard about the real-life Maggot from people who's opinion I trust, I have reason to believe that he might actually be quite funny. It's my type of comedy. Unfortunately, right now it's like listening to Chris Rock and Dane Cook sucking each other off on stage. It might be funny, but with their mouths full all we can hear is mumbling. So we throw tomatoes and hope the next act is better. An attitude to be truly proud of...
  12. MyTwoCents

    Quotes and Passages

    BASE WIKI list of nuggets
  13. MyTwoCents

    BD v TFs FJC

    First of all; that is what BASE is about to you. Others may have other opinions. Secondly; you don't think that Jason and Jean and all the others don't feel terrible right now? You don't think they wish they could go back in time and change things? Thirdly; I'll be truthful and take personal responsibility if that is what you want: "Dear BASE community, I'm really sorry I didn't hop on a plane to fly to West Virgiana to stop Brian from jumping. I failed you all." Fourth; You're a fucking asshole Mac. You remind me of that guy that gives speeches at funerals to remind everybody what a cunt the deceased was. It doesn't help anybody, but at least you feel better, don't you? You need to relax. Go pack your canopy, go make a jump, and give up on this idealized picture you have of BASE. It never existed anywhere but in our heads...