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  1. MyTwoCents

    Sony HDR-CX7

    Here's a screengrab taken directly from video playback (alt-printscreen).
  2. MyTwoCents

    Box for Sony HDR-CX7?

    Does anybody know of any manufacturers making a CX7 specific box already? Given that the camera is quite a bit smaller than the HC5/7, I'm wondering how well those would work. Edited for spelling.
  3. MyTwoCents

    Sony HDR-CX7

    Got it this weekend, made my first BASE jump with it this morning and just finished watching the footage on a 50 inch HDTV. Holy crap... that's pretty sweet. The detail in the picture is incredible, and opening shock seemed to be fine with it. Time to buy a new computer so I can actually have smooth playback there as well. When I get the MTS format converted to MPEG I'll try to upload it somewhere. Anybody have any advice for smooth MTS to MPEG workflows?
  4. MyTwoCents

    SONY HDR CX7??

    The suspense is killing me...
  5. MyTwoCents

    SONY HDR CX7??

    Any short yay-or-nay on freefal suitability, skipping, optical-stabilization, etc.?
  6. MyTwoCents

    Toronto Locals - July 19th till 22nd

    Anybody in town? Have car, can drive. Please PM.
  7. MyTwoCents

    Panasonic SD1

    That's the European version of the CX7, right? Do you have a link to this review?
  8. MyTwoCents

    Jumpers in Twin yesterday (tuesday)

    Is that the guy from Kamloops? If you deem him safe and scared enough, tell him he needs to pass through my city on his way back up. I'll throw him off something dangerous and stupid. There is cold beer in the fridge.
  9. MyTwoCents

    SONY HDR CX7??

  10. MyTwoCents


    If you make a velocity sports wear design one, I'd buy it.
  11. MyTwoCents


    See attached picture, buy it here...
  12. The temptation to point out how this goes against the history and spirit of our sport is big. But then I realize that everybody is free to make a bid for the right to organize Bridge Day. We all appreciate the enormous effort you put into this event Jason, and anybody critiquing you on this decision ought to consider organizing his own event next year. Although I'm disappointed to see this happen, I understand the rationale. That said, I do wonder about the monopolization of the options. It seems entirely under control of Snake River BASE. Have you not received offers from other BASE instructors to do similar instruction?
  13. MyTwoCents

    Freefall 200'

    Dude, stay alive until you move up here, mmmkay? Aside from that, you'll want to consider changing your go-and-throw from a dart-arrow pitch to an upward pitch. Done well, it is possible to have bridle stretch and pilot chute inflation before it even gets below your exit point. Get spectra (or other slippery shit) loops, and get your pin-tension right. Don't use velcro. Accept that you'll experience a pilot chute hesitation one in every N jumps, for some variable N. But that's all hearsay, I don't free-fall below 250, no exceptions. I don't disapprove of it, it's just not my thing.
  14. MyTwoCents


    I'd buy one. It'll be a great hit in the climbing gym and at the crag; I'll get all the babes! Kidding aside, I'd buy one. Not that I was kidding, really...
  15. MyTwoCents

    SONY HDR CX7??

    It has the optical stabilizer (similar to the HC7) instead of the digital one (like the HC3 and 5). However, I've always wondered what part of the problems are related to the stabilizer and what part is related to tape flutter. The CX7 looks pretty tempting. I'm hoping DSE will have more thorough feedback soon, but I'm very tempted to take my chances and get one when it comes out. If I do, I'll report back here.