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  1. Nope, i was not there to play with ya all
  2. So in your head the jumper is banned for life, great logic God thing the jumper is an excellent person, and he is most welcome to any event of mine. /Johnnyb
  3. The one we played with was quite enjoyable and nice, we love ya Mr. D
  4. Yesterday, after a stinking attempt to out-track the Adrenaline IMAX wall in Norway the American citizen got a helicopter ride out from his 1,5 sec canopy-flight-impact-point. This is the picture in the national newspaper, and a fine of the rescue must be payed in shoeshining at the local police HQ
  5. Here is a camouflaged version
  6. *uck you, i got into watching the other related vids and now I'm all warm and fuzzy inside.
  7. Throwing some wood on the fire... A jet fighter is designed to kill people, so there is a certain point of irony when the driver of this killingmachine gets killed by a non moving piece of big rock
  8. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit, landing in the river is mandatory If you cant get one on your own, one will be issued to you from the stock. We got plenty of sizes and colors...
  9. After some intense work with the government, and a trip to the Human Rights Court in EU we finally have the rights on our side. The court ruled in our favor and the wall (both the main wall, and "Stabbevegen") is open for jumpers between 1st of July and 30 of September. A fee of 600 NOK (about 100$) must be payed to the "Romsdalen homeless cat & dog center" for an access sticker that you put on your reserve canopy. You are all welcome /Johnnyb P.S. You must have at least ten documented bungee jumps before you can buy the sticker.
  10. to easy, and sparks are way cooler
  11. So, what do we do in Norway when the cold winter lays it's dark hand over the land (yeah, poetic...) In the lack of any descent bridges and the ones we got probably will give you a nice chill in case of a water landing the best option is CableBoogie We got a cable built for transport running 280m over a gorge, bring some rope and a steel carabin and just hook on. You will be running into the wally with sparks flying, until you end up close to 850 feet over a frozen river. Disconnect, and do your thing in free air within the following 8 seconds and repeat... I added some pics to this post, and i'll put up a gallery when i have collected the different shots. Enjoy /Johnnyb P.S. The Total Lunar Eclipse was enjoyed from a clear starfilled sky, wonder what people thought about such a phenomenon a couple of thousand years ago...
  12. In lack of better choices, i believe in the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" One never knows...
  13. Johnnyb

    170' freefall

    Here is a pic from a stowed 63m exit at "Sollihogda, Norway" It's a little bit cheating, it's werry steep underneath the impact
  14. Johnnyb

    170' freefall

    So, after reading this thread ower the days, i just have to put in my 5 cent. I did a freefall with a handhelt F111 48' connected to a FOX 265 V-Tec from the backend of the "Holmenkollen" skijump in Oslo, Norway (Sitenaming no problem, we have plenty of cops to pick us up...) From the exit (on a fence, just by the top windows in the picture) it is 52m (170.6 feet) and i ended up with time to flare. Like it has been stated over and over again, this is not a thing to do daily! So i did it once just to prove to myself that is was as possible as i wanted it to be (yeah, quote me on that...) I have it on DV-tape somewhere so if anyone wants to see how it looks like just say the word and maby it will be awailable on a website near you. Is has been repeated by three others jumpers, and we all came to the same conclution. Fun, but just once We often do PA from the same site, but i only count it as a jump when it's freefall (that's just me...) So, i would say that my skills was in order, but i owe the jump more to those who designed and produced a cannopy witch made it possible to to /Johnnyb
  15. This one is gives me some chills along the run...