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  1. miko


    Few days ago, one young unexperienced jumper from Slovakia jumped from DW in Austria. Problem: He was hundred of meters away from the real exitpoint. (For peoples who knows the cliff- he jumped out from the hole near the hiking summit...) After a super short delay, he open the chute and then he crashed into small trees on the very positiv part of the cliff, 350m above mother earth. Helirescue was following, great luck- no injuries... Congratulations to him for surviving! One day later, we (the locals) were there and we talked with the peoples who are living in the village below the cliff. They said, for the helicrew it was a very high risk rescuemanoever. Next days, the mountain rescue try to safe the canopy - the chute is still hanging there. After an incident 3 years ago, one fatality 2 years ago, some crazy treelandings last year and after this last sh.t, the police is also very nervous yet! Officials thinking about an completly "flight activity stop" in this area (Hangliding, Paragliding, Basejumping...) So please stay safe, respect the farmers there ( do not land in higher gras!), don´t pull over the houses (wingsuit). Please note- Bevor jumping the DW we recommend, that you should have a minimum of 30 terminal basejumps! DW isn´t easy- for experienced jumpers only! FUSA Verein der "Fels und Strukturspringer Austria" (Austrian Base Association)
  2. miko

    Harald Berger

    good bye harry! for sure, u were one of the best ice / and rockclimber in the world. thanks for the jumps we did! miko
  3. miko


    hello mexico jumpers! i´m in venezuela from 20th to 28th of november. after that, i´ll have 3 weeks of time, bevor i visit costa rica. do u have any plans for some jumps in your country? if yes, can i meet you? please PM me! greetings from austria miko
  4. forget it- rockdrop 3sec.....
  5. Hello Jen! Saw the picture- Avatar- on your posting. I shoot this pic on the heliboogie 05 if u need the picture in a bigger version (900kb), i´ll send it to u via email- also the pic 1 second bevor your jump. If i should do this, please email me My email: [email protected] greetings, miko
  6. miko


    I know, u plan to go with your girlfriend- so don´t think about Base! Day per day on the beach- kissing your girl the hole day. In the evening, u can drink just some mineral water- and remember! No cigarettes! Super hollidays!!!! We´ll think about u when we hike up to our terminal cliffs and when we´ve some partys in your house! Greetings, your friends
  7. Nice day with friends on the E near my village, minus 15 degrees, beatiful 2hour hike up, two meters of snow on the exit, 10sek. Some beer after the jump....
  8. miko

    where is this?

    Dolomites, Italy Greetings from the Alps
  9. miko

    Troll Sizing

    hi all! it is so: atair measure the canopy underside - this is the different to the others, because they measure the upperside when you´ve 60 to 70kg, best performance is troll 245, 70-80kg- troll265, more than 80kg-troll305 also available is troll 225 and 205 greetings from austria miko
  10. hi brother! last year, i jumped from 36th floor, 180°, hanging in 10th floor. firerescue saved me;they must destroy a big iron wall.... in this time, i payed round $ 3000; (2000for firerescue, 1000 for the law) and for iron wall???- i hope not tooooo much 8-( canopy also destroyed.... but today, i don´t worry- i drive to now :-) greetings miko
  11. it looks not easy to pull- is it so?
  12. miko

    Wingsuit BASE

    please, don´t try this...