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  1. If some one says something "evil" they are going to get a talking to. If they do it again I am taking it up with the DZO. This is about the student. Now joking and breaking the tension is fine, but scaring my student and get their head out of the game is a dick move. The students aren't impressed by you, get your ego boost some other way. I like to joke in ways that makes my training stick. For example I tell them when we open the door wait for your instructor to look and then he will tell them to exit. I joke that we want to make sure we aren't over the sewage treatment plant, and I don't want to land in the lake again!
  2. Sounds like you will have a similar problem with an inappropriate sized reserve. Max reserve size for I3 is 120. You obviously aren't comfortable or experienced enough to be flying the maximum sized main for an I3 (stated by Aerodyne), which is 132. Good for you for recognizing this. Now consider the reserve. You aren't comfortable flying a 132 or smaller main in perfect conditions, which is normally what you get landing at the DZ. Why in the world would you be comfortable flying a 120 reserve that you have little experience flying, that was deployed low and dirty, into some area like a small shitty backyard with lots of obstacles. Wait on the smaller containers until you can fly smaller reserves and mains safely. An I4 would be a much better choice and it will fit your 150 reserve and 150 main. Because of the closing loop location you can fit smaller mains into Icons. I had as small as a 117 in a I5, a little squishy but it was still safe and doable. That way down the road when you want to safely downsize you can do so without needing a new container, and you won't have a tiny reserve.
  3. Those floor pads look really nice. I think I would even consider chipping in with the other TI's to get those, even out of pocket! Mmmmmm nice on the knees!!!
  4. DougH

    Aerodyne's ZP material?

    I have never heard of wear problems with the Gelvanor fabric. In fact I ordered a canopy with some left over stock three years ago. I thought it was no longer in production because the manufacture process was extra environmentally noxious. I can't support that, could just be a rumor that was passed around a few times.
  5. DougH

    Fitting in as a new skydiver

    You have to be outgoing and make an effort to be included. There aren't many places where people go around asking solos if they want to be brought in to their jumps, but most people will include you in jumps that are within your skill level if you ask them. No different from going to a business party where you don't know any one. If you sit and wait for people to approach and talk to you it won't happen, and people will actually avoid you because you will give off a vibe. I have been to a lot of DZ's since I started jumping and while some were more friendlier than others I never found a single one where I was given the cold shoulder if I introduced myself and talked to people. Assburgers... might want to check the spelling on that one! If you are eating assburgers at the DZ it might explain your current predicament!
  6. What does a protrack log entry tell you? Not a whole hell of a lot! A protrac nepture or equivalent doesn't tell you: What type of jump. Who was on it. What the objective was. If you were successful. Any notable element of the jump. Or any cool stories. No signatures of people on the jump that you might value as your skydiving idols. No cool pictures or drawings. No way to verify you were the one jumping. I enjoy filling out my log book, and having other jumpers write stuff in it too!
  7. DougH

    Freebag Catch Under Reserve

    A freebag isn't worth a possible screwed up reserve... but you already knew that!
  8. DougH

    Teaching/Learning via making mistakes

    If tracking got you back than you couldn't have been that far off. The glide of even the best trackers doesn't come close to a open canopy.
  9. DougH

    SD Card Reader

    On your TI, or on your TI student/customer.
  10. DougH

    Jim Mowrey

    Jim, I am going to miss you. Thank you for all the safe takeoffs, rides to the altitude, and that one smooth landing. I wont forget that one landing. You showed up at CPI and we knew the weather was wintery crap but somehow between Bob, Ariel, Rob and I we convinced you to break out the 182 and get her preflighted. We could see the snow off the end of the runway. I still laugh when I remember how fast after take off that now squal popped up. And I laugh even more when I remember your response... this is fuckin stupid!! Somehow the rest of us thought it was a hoot, but you didn't until we touched back down. That was the first time I can remember landing in a jump plane. I am glad we got to meet up in Florida this winter. You really were enjoying your move down to florida. I just wish you were still here with us enjoying it. Blues skies Jim.
  11. DougH


    Deployment bag is matched to the container, it stays the same. Smaller canopies, to a limit, will expand to fill the volume in the dbag. I won't touch the smallest size though, I don't have a G4, and even if I did I would want to see the canopy in the rig and the tension on the closing loop before giving you my opinion!
  12. DougH

    Whats up with

    Is that website still rocking the dawn of the internet web design from 1994? I love that site.
  13. DougH

    Hey from CT

    Cam! Have fun, collegiates were a blast for me. Kick some ass while you are down there.
  14. But you don't offer weather insurance for the holiday boogie... or a dual turbine upgrade...some dropzone your running TK.
  15. DougH

    Buying new instead of used

    You already had people who tried to tell you why it isn't a great idea, but heck it isn't a terrible idea either, so why should we suggest otherwise. Go buy new, you will keep the gear manf. in business, and I have friends who work for them.
  16. DougH

    Gato Gets an A

    Congrats! It is pretty cool after reading all your posts along the way to see you reach that first milestone! Keep it fun and safe!
  17. DougH

    Carburetor icing in Cessnas

    Thank you for taking the time to post that Bill.
  18. In a pocket behind the left mudflap, unless they updated the location in later versions.
  19. DougH

    Video: Snaped tandem bridle on deployment

    Damn... I have never seen that before? I wonder why it would hold for all that drouge fall and then fail on deployment. That being said... go outside and jump instead of spending all day youtubing skydiving videos. I just got back from a CASA boogie myself.
  20. DougH

    helmet cam with added screen

    That is pretty slick. Thank you for sharing!
  21. DougH

    Parachute and its Pilot

    People are allways going to try things they aren't ready for resulting in a bitch slap from terra firma... and that is going to happen with or without people reading Brian's book. I would be suprised if his straight forward approach about the dangers of swooping didn't convince a lot of new jumpers to slow down and take their time. I think the point of those sections in the book is to help teach those who ARE ready to swoop to do so in a safey more efficient manner.
  22. DougH

    Where are all the lightnings?

    What is this email list every one is talking about? Is it top secret? I want to keep my eyes open for any 126's that go up for sale.
  23. Awesome. Now did you issue her a tazer and a pepper spray for hanging around the dz.
  24. I wouldn't know. I will get mine some time in August after my good for nothing mailman gets done leaving it in the rain, letting his dogs chew on it, and reading it on the shitter.
  25. No I am not a subscriber. I need to find the voucher I won in the Collegiates raffle two years back. Is there an online version of the article?