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  1. I have never in my life seen so much sex spam anywhere as I have on's mail service. You'd think skydivers were all a bunch of notorious degenerate perverts. Oh...
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    That's funnier than most here can fully appreciate.
  3. Not to be a douche about it, but Democrats refer to their party as the DemocratIC party, and the adjective form of Democrat is, also, DemocratIC. Always been that way. The ephithet "Democrat party" is a Republican asshole-ism.
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    If it wasn't for Pocahontas, we'd all be named John Smith.
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    I looked up the German word for troll. Apparently, it's "troll". Go figure.
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    If it wasn't for Europeans, you would be sleeping in a tent, sticking feathers in your hair. You mean instead of the indigenous peoples of the American continents having been subjected to genocide? Seems like a pretty good deal.
  7. With "piggyback" equipment (both main & reserve on back), agreed. Back when you & I were trained on chest-mounted reserves (which were free-packed, to boot), my DZs taught students to throw away the main ripcord before reserve deployment to avoid possible reserve entanglement with a main ripcord still partly in its housing.
  8. Black men can't jump What about tennis? White people are a whole lot more likely to die playing tennis than black people. And those poor souls - the tennis players, that is - are supposed to be "privileged"? Hardly, but the tragedy is never reported. Where's the outrage?
  9. And here you are! I am not! Show me a post where I said.... D'ohh!!
  10. The cure for careless packers is simple: once a day, they must take a high-performance canopy with a high wing loading, pack it (come hell or high water) within 3 minutes, and then jump it themselves at terminal, pulling no higher than 2500. That'll learn 'em some religion.
  11. I have to admire the way you get ordinarily intelligent people to keep arguing with you.
  12. I agree you should talk to your CCI (or whomever would be the equivalent of an S&TA in the US). But your mention of being a "new jumper" raises the question: are you worried that, not being a "senior" jumper, you'd be either ignored or ostracized? If so, do you trust your CCI to keep the source of his info (i.e., you) confidential?
  13. I've interviewed all 4 black skydivers in the world, and they agree that the average white guy is more more likely to get killed skydiving than the average black guy.
  14. What a dirty ole basterd! Not that there's anything wrong with it.
  15. Now that's pretty low...stealing a straw man from a little old nun. I have it on good authority that he knocked her down and stole her rosary, too.
  16. Yeah not very good reporting, especially given his comment on people parking their boats.
  17. Oh, I presume they did, too. Did they do so in writing? Not just generally, but every bit and nuance of it? Because if not, it could be an interesting he-said/she-said. And gosh!- that's what juries are for, aren't they? Hey, I mean... consultations are free, right?
  18. There is a fix. There just isn't an easy or palatable fix. Wolverines!!
  19. After all these years you still haven't learned what a "strawman" argument is. 3 days and 187 posts on, and I'm still waiting to see the connection to unethical Asians.