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  1. Considering how much recreation and tourism contribute not just to the economy, but to the very identity, of Colorado, one would hope that perspective would have some real traction.
  2. Yes, a spring-loaded pc can get delayed in a burble when the jumper is in stable fall; that's one of the reasons why hand-deployed pc's started hitting the scene, IIRC, back in the 70s. (Although as the other poster has said, you can usually break the burble and launch the pc by dropping a shoulder. That technique was commonly taught.) Burble-trap is less likely in unstable fall (especially a tumble), which is a kind term for my typical body position at pull-time on about 15 of my student jumps during S/L progression. But if a jumper (read: student) is very unstable at pull-time, a spring-loaded, ripcord-released pc is more likely to launch into the relative windstream and less likely (not impossible, just less likely) to have its bridle hang up on the jumper's body or gear than a hand-deployed pc.
  3. Our fathers use bedsheets! And they were thankful! You were lucky to have bedsheets! We only had some old palm fronds that we had to share among the 26 of us! Your palms had fronds??
  4. Two separate years-old threads you've reactivated to do this? You must really be hard up. You need to get cases the way the rest of us respectable lawyers do: corrupt politicians.
  5. Here's a serious answer. Sensory overload tends to be incredibly high on most people's first jump. That was certainly the case on my first S/L jump, which was long before tandem was invented. A tandem is a good way to flush some of that overload out of your brain on your first jump without the added stress of being the sole person responsible for saving your own life.
  7. Back when I started jumping, I was only 18 with no fake... Uhmmm? Back when I started jumping the legal drinking age was 18. What he said.
  8. I'm just shocked, shocked that the leaders of our noble calling would enable such delinquency.
  9. Flip another jumper some cash. They'll gladly buy the beer for you - as long as you buy enough for them too. Aha! Suborning a criminal act! I didn't say the underage guy gets to drink any of it. Hell, it's not for him anyway! The underage dude flipping another jumper some cash to buy beer is legally delinquent, too, for both parties, regardless of who consumes the evil confection. Gosh, you're digging yourself in deep. I suppose you'd encourage them to play pool and dance, too. Or even jump off things in national parks.
  10. Flip another jumper some cash. They'll gladly buy the beer for you - as long as you buy enough for them too. Aha! Suborning a criminal act!
  11. Sorry, I truly have no idea. As an aside, just cuz here's where I'm posting, I've yet to see how these threads help the cause.
  12. I wonder how much money this very, very simple solution has cost people so far? Look, if it makes you feel any better, a lot of that goes to lawyers.
  13. There's certainly nothing preventing local citizens from very publicly urging Moore to recuse himself (if that hasn't been done already). The glare of public scrutiny, and all that, etc...
  14. In a nutshell (which is all I have time for): Your points are reasonable to raise for discussion, and they don't fall on deaf ears; but at the end of the day they won't win the day, and very probably won't even result in any "just go away" money being shifted into the claimant's pockets.
  15. What about when it's our elders perpetuating the mistakes? Same thing as when the older generation, who grew up not wearing seatbelts in cars, don't wear them today: rules, social pressure and reproach, if and as needed. My mother in law was born in the 1920s. Back when my oldest daughter was a toddler I caught my MIL driving my kid around without buckling her into her car seat. That lady almost died by my hand that day. I started jumping in the 70s before any jump planes had seat belts. Even after the Beaver at our DZ crashed on takeoff with a load of jumpers in it, it never occurred to anyone to install seat belts. But I sure as hell wear them now, and would speak up if anyone else on the load tried not to.
  16. This. Does each country have to have its own Perris crash to appreciate the risk?
  17. Agreed. Every jumper has the right to decide his own acceptable level of risk, and every DZO has the right to decide not to be the instrument of someone's enhanced risk of self-maiming.
  18. He should open a pizzeria in Indiana
  19. Just as an aside: technically, payment in-kind, rather than in-cash, is still taxable income.
  21. Curious - is your inquiry motivated by the dust-up over wind turbines near Burnaby?