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  1. I checked your one other post on this site to see if it was as fucking stupid as this one. It was.
  2. That was then; this is now. Jerry Baumchen PS) So what is this word: isint Well, literally, means that he was typing while the scope was up his wazoo. That's dedication. Me, I was more than happy to be in na-na land when I had mine.
  3. It's so we can make fun of and ridicule the weird kid in the back of the classroom. Maybe she'll blow a fuse someday Those are the people who commit mass murders. Why do you support the creation of mass murderers? Take note of the name of the place where she just happens to live. Coincidence? I think not.
  4. Interesting you mention this. I've recently got a Sabre2 190 with about 250 jumps on it; my body position is pretty good on deployment, and I've always been rock solid...but with the Sabre2 I consistently get anything between 90 degree and 360 turns on deployment. I'll look up to see it snivelling nicely, but right at the end it decides to go nuts on me. The slider typically stays up a long time (often have to use rear risers to bring it down), and I almost always have end cell closure on the left side. Some of the 360s are quite violent, but once it settles down it flies beautifully. The toggle pressure seems much higher than other canopies I've jumped, but the flare is endless. Where people find themselves running off nil wind landings, this can stop dead. Although I'm also finding I can push the flare just a little bit too much and have the canopy "pop up" right at the end. Anyone else experience these characteristics? Yes, as to all points (pro & con), on Sabre-2's that I've borrowed or rented from time to time. That said, I'm one of those who loves my Pilot. But that's because I love the openings and the long glide; and the flare is quite fine - for me. I'd happily get another one. That said, I agree with the others that the OP seems to be valuing the flare highly. If a powerful flare is your #1 priority, you don't mind the wonkiness on opening, and you want to stick to an intermediate canopy, the Sabre-2 seems like a good choice.
  5. Why you people re-publishing their bullshit? So it can get even more Google hits? You're enabling the weird kid in the back of the classroom who wants bad attention.
  6. What does the Illinois Department of Transportation have to do with it? As if Chicago isn't in Illinois. Nice try perfesser.
  7. so that's a 'no' to the deviant vote as well then! So much for the skydiver vote.
  8. Assuming you're referring to Fiorina and not all those other GOP women also running, she's in a statistical dead heat for single-digit 4th place with Rubio, Bush and Walker.
  9. So now we need more air soft laws and axe laws. I'm sure this has been asked before, but what happens when the only people that have guns legally are police, and then illegally owned by criminals? Where does that leave everyone else? I suppose it leaves people regretting that the Second Amendment, which fairly recently received renewed deference from the Supreme Court, has been repealed. Which it hasn't. Which is why your question is a slippery-slope strawman that contributes nothing to the discussion of reality.
  10. Ford? You know he lost his election, right?
  11. Based on most recent DNA evidence... almost ALL marriages in the south continue to be interracial... it's in the DNA And since I know one of the usual suspects will pop in any second now with their ubiquitous..... source" I add this.. and there are plenty of other studies showing the same thing. It takes a heterosexual marriage to spread that DNA. Right? No. Absent cloning, it takes heterosexual reproduction to procreate. That is a separate function from human pair-bonding.
  12. Andy9o8


    Why am I suddenly thinking about Walt Appel?
  14. Is it? Strictly from the outside looking in, it does seem to be relevant to whether a newer jumper in the UK realistically can feel free to voice safety concerns to the guys in charge, or whether he'd better just STFU if he knows what's good for him, for fear of being punished at his DZ and perhaps even banned from jumping in the UK. I'm not saying that either is or is not the case, but this isn't the first time this has been discussed in the international skydiving community, and it's certainly on-topic with the OP. I'd like to hear all the voices address the issue.
  15. This is far more evidence of the existence of Santa Claus than there is of the existence of God. Can't be. The most distributed book isn't about Santa. It's about . . . Some one . . . I forget who, but he's supposed to be pretty important. Besides, God is just there to make us all feel better and not give in to primal urges. Books about myths are not evidence of the truth of said myths. OTOH, I see evidence of Santa Claus every day. As an aside, good lawyers always put a Santa clause in every contract.
  16. This is far more evidence of the existence of Santa Claus than there is of the existence of God.
  17. His idea is very appealing in principle. Has the feel-good ring of social ethics and justice and all that neat stuff. But it will never happen; and at the end of the day, your points prevail.
  18. You're presuming a rational thought process. That doesn't apply to this personality type. A mere lack of funding will not stop this type of... patient. See, for illustration, the last paragraph of Post #1067