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  1. That's devastating. Spence/Julie, wife and I, go back to the original (!) Skydive Atlanta days. Under Mike Powell. I still remember the initial Bolingbroke boogie. Out of which Spence eventually grew RoamingDZ. And then, via Dublin, the FitzBoogie. While and I wife have since departed skydiving, Spence, and Julie, were always in our memories. Proudly!
  2. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." --Peter Ustinov
  3. As far as snivel goes, nothing compares to the Diablo (discontinued) by Aerodyne: 1,000-1,500 ft easily. After deployment, you would find yourself in vertical body position, slider still all the way up, canopy just inflated 1/3 and 1/2. Ands then it would ever so slowly blossom. Awesome! It was a very snappy canopy to fly. Much faster turns than a Stiletto. I never understood why they discontinued it. :(
  4. Dude. You do realize that you go straight over the heads/ math capabilities of 99.9% of the US population. The horror! Might as well ask for the first derivative of y=x^2. Per capita basis? 2011 Gun deaths in the U.S..... 10.38 2011 Gun deaths in the U.K..... .23 Used 2011 'cause that was the latest year stats were available for the U.K. on
  5. Gun advocates often say that a citizen right to firearms is necessary to protect against tyranny. Last night, it seems that some people in Dallas may have used that right to combat what they see as tyranny: the killing of innocent civilians by police officers. Allowing anyone to have the right to combat what they see as tyranny in the most extreme way possible means that everyone will have that right. Giving people powerful weapons to combat "tyranny" may seem like a good idea when you agree with them, but different people define that term differently. Giving people the right to decide who lives or dies whenever they think it's necessary is clearly a recipe for disaster. Take away the guns.
  6. A very observant comment... "America is becoming Afghanistan. People are armed to the teeth with high power military style weapons. Anyone can buy guns just about anywhere. No restrictions on ammunition purchases. Armor piercing ammo is readily available. Many states now have both open carry and conceal carry and many of those do not require a permit or any training. Law enforcement is terrified of the pubic. The public is terrified of law enforcement. The government through police brutality openly oppresses certain minorities. Politicians have lost respect for law enforcement when they don't get a politically desired conviction. We have state sanctioned dungeons called prisons that are busting at the seams from overcrowding. We do nothing to counter massive inequality and hopelessness which breeds contempt and lack of respect for government. We are on the verge of electing a demagogue for president who knows nothing but talks tough and rails against everything. His opponent ignores legal requirements of office for convenience. Congress is completely dysfunctional, accomplishes nothing and thinks its job is to gum up the works so no problems can be addressed. This is done in opposition to the duly elected leader whom whey have no respect for. Mass shootings have become commonplace. About the only hurdle left are roadside IEDs and suicide car bombs. All because of politics, fanatic ideology, corruption in the form of campaign financing and lobbyists, and a misinterpreted 2nd amendment."
  7. They, customers, still have jumped out of an airplane. Isn't that what it is all about? I have taken customers out on a cloudy day at 6k after they waited all day long for the skies to clear. Rather than sent them home w/ "tandem" blue balls. :)
  8. If ISIS were really serious, they hunt done the real terrorists: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld. It is not like their addresses are unknown. Rather than killing innocent civilians.
  9. W/o even reading any of the article. To answer your question. This is Georgia. The epi-center of the Confederacy. You think the war is over? Far from it. P.S.: I have been living and surviving here for 20 years. And I am talking about Atlanta. You go to the country-side. And you can re-live "Mississippi Burning" any day.
  10. Keeping in line w/ the title of this thread. Toddler (less than 3 years of age) shootings are a real concern. In 2015, at least one per week. See attachment. NUTS!
  11. So sorry. I don't carry. Don't even own a single bullet in my name. He was waiting for you to do it first.
  12. You have anything reasonable to add about gun violence in the US? Or just trying to be a side-show ventriloquist?
  13. Why would you say that? Never heard, in your albeit limited world, about carrying people more than one passport? If you can't even afford one? A US passport. I carry two. My children carry three. What's your problem, dimwit? Do you have a multiple personality disorder or something?
  14. Why, as a devoted American citizen would I care to be on another continent? I love my country! And I care about my fellow Americans. If you feel restricted in the "land-of-free", maybe it is time to move on? Somalia comes to mind. Point is. My safety trumps your liberty. 24/7. Do we understand each other? Perfectly well!!??
  15. Actually you and others are lacking in the logical department. Corollary: The SUV got away. An SUV w/ a blown out tire doesn't drive very far. Maybe the tire she hit was not that of the SUV???? Just maybe. "It flattened a rear tire." Just as it could have flattened any innocent shopper. And you don't even carry, I presume. Or BV; further below. So, you guys are the smart ones. It is the stupid ones that have all the guns. Scary!!!!!!!! Yeah it sounds crazy, but when you eliminate the "what if" game and only state the final outcome..... That woman had some serious skillz to take out the tire on a fleeing vehicle without any collateral damage.