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  1. love the free beer at weddings. think i'll crash one soon...
  2. not here. 30 miles north of Philly on way home from work. that is odd. what gives ?
  3. here is a free one, used it it works. image quality is so so, even for the good setings, but like it says it is for making reduced sized images. if you can get it photoshop is the shit for stuff like that. just $$$$ have fun !
  4. it is really nice t o have your own gear. eliminates many hassles. so buy new , buy used . take care of it and it will take care of you. i never regretted getting my rig.
  5. guess i'm a barbarian then, gurr butter dripping and corn all over the place.. ahh the joys of summer. can't beet em...
  6. Hope you enjoy your black berry wine. Alcohol is good :-) I mostly brew cider (hard) so that is closer. Just had a batch of cider go bad and turn to vinegar. The fermentation took awhile to get going. Which was odd. Think that orchard must of added some preservatives to the cider they did not say on the bottles, the yeast never got a good foot hold and nasties took over. But I been so busy with jumping I didn’t check it trill last week to find out. Took a sip was like oh fuck and spit it out. Remember to use sulfur dioxide and keep your fermenter sanitized and tools clean. And every time you rack your wine add some SO2 to be safe. I was using 75 ppm and still had problems, but like I said I was not sure if other things were going on. Have fun, brewing is a good thing…
  7. are you using all grains it might matter ... ie mashing. if so i understand that the PH of the solution something to think abut since it controls how the enzymes convert the starch to sugar. The Ca from the gypsum somehow reacts with the mash to lower the PH. Also I have already seen bottled water where they add minerals to it. Maybe use that instead of adding the Ca. if you are using malt extracts (much easer and what I do ) then i'd guess not bother. my newby brewing 2c -nate
  8. 1. Whats your name? Nate Hirneisen 2. How old are you? 28 3. Why did you decide to start jumping out of airplanes? My ex girl friend jumped and the way she talked it was the greatest thing in the world…. Tried it and it is :-) 4. Are you single or taken? Single (but looking… ha) 5. Do you have kids? No 6. What do you drive? 94 Ford F250 diesel, 2002 Saturn Sl2, 64 Ford Falcon hardtop btw I love cars . 7. Have you ever done a kisspass? No 8. Where do you live? Near Philly PA 9. Do you have any pets? No (whish I had a dog, apartment living sucks for that) 10. How many jumps do you have? 65 11. What color eyes do you have? hazel 12. What is your nationality? American with German heritage... 13. Have you ever dated someone you met off the internet? Yes 14. Favorite Movie? The matrix 15. What do you do when you arent skydiving? Caving, hiking, camping, brewing beer, and work 16. Have you ever BASE jumped? No 17. If not... do you want to? Yes, seems like a purer form of skydiving. 18. Do you have siblings? 1 younger sister 19. Where do you want to travel to the most? All over, Alaska, Europe, S America 20. What's your favorite color? Blue 21. Where was the last place you flew to ( not skydiving )? Bozeman, Mt
  9. With the AFP progression: (if i got the numbers right?) 3 tandems @ 180 = 540 9 AFP jumps @ 180 =1620 5 coach jumps @ 80 = 400 high and low solo and A check out jump = 110 gear rental guesstimate @ 65 a day = 400 misc fun jumps to get to 25ish jumps=160 total $3200 ish
  10. Ok two extremes: the $2500 to get my skydiving license this summer and $8 for refrigerant to top off the AC in my truck. Its been a hot one here .
  11. Congratulations . hope you have a long and happy relationship. When love goes right it is a good thing… Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. - Robert Frost
  12. electrical engineer. designing microchips for stuff in space. but it is really silly. rather be screwing around fixing real stuff or really having fun jumping. just makes the ends meet in some odd way. works ouit some how.
  13. ahh. a cheep beer coinsure... and the cheaper the better. :-)
  14. took my pop to the dz to try a tandem, think he will never do that again. got sick to his stomach. was hoping it would be a better experience for him. Well think he knows how crazy I am. : -) well he saisd he is glad he did it , though he will never do it again.
  15. you know your folks better than anyone else. but that said maybe it is something along the lines lets do a nice thing for our daughter. maybe they relize that they have plenty of $$ and it makes sense to give some to you now than years later when they pass on... seen that happen before. what ever its great that they are giving you a car . have fun !
  16. thats it, let them know they hurt you and move on. some times you just can't figgure out why they did the bad thing to you in the 1st place. guessing just gets you in the hole worst...
  17. get wasted and play dreary music. well not exactly the most constructive thing to do but what ever... if i was to put it to a song , it would have to be some hank williams... ohh my dog got fleas my dog got fleas my wife left me for another and still my dog got fleas.
  18. agree depth perception has a lot to do with it. Also think you can sort of learn to be comfortable with heights. Used to be scared crazy of heights as a kid. Stated caving, again really not much depth perception since it is dark. But you know repealing down a 200’ pit hey it is freaking deep, it just swallowed up that rope… but can’t see the bottom so off you go. eventually it was like hey walking on the edge 200’ above the ground is the same is on it. but think there will always be that extra sense of awareness , which is a good thing…
  19. Dark Star... "B" sci-fi flick that is insane.
  20. it seems ok as of 8:10 est. hotmail was a bit goofy yesterday. really slow one time. but it's free . what the heck :-0
  21. My deepest sympathy’s to the friends and family of Sara and Ron. Remember a while ago Sara signed off my log book. with flowers and smiley faces. She was great person like that. Blue skies forever. -Nate
  22. the Letterman guys were down at Cross Keys 2 weeks ago. think this was one of many attempts. finally the weather was good for em. those guys got the whole skyvan to themselves ... Rupert seemed to have a great time on his tandem jump by the look on his face :-)