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  1. hey, if you want to make an omelette you gotta break a few eggs. The only thing putting the world at risk are people allowing these animal to spend one more day breathing. They are lopping off heads of young children for fucks sake. Lets wipe them all off the planet. Every. Last. One. If you have roaches in your house you exterminate all of them. Some may just be sleeping in your walls not bothering anyone, but you still kill them. **************************************** what!?
  2. Nuke the entire mid east and we'd be off to a good start. How much longer are we going to screw around over there wasting time, lives, and money. Lets get serious already. **************************************** what!?
  3. Lol....what a load of horseshit. **************************************** what!?
  4. lol...the laws of economics are as reliable as the laws of physics. Im no rocket scientist...but im fairly sure flat balls dont bounce. It takes a pretty damn arrogant SOB to straight up lie to the ENTIRE COUNTRY and think everything will be good to go Our supreme leader is an idiot. **************************************** what!?
  5. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1kuTG19Cu_Q&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D1kuTG19Cu_Q now, im sure this has been brought up here before..but given the soon to be debt ceiling clusterfuck, how can anybody defend and or support a president that pulls this sort of shit? It really is sad how out of touch the general population is with who, what and why our nation is the way it is these days. If a small portion of truth made it to the the evening network news everyday...things might be different. edit: and lets also not forget that he as a Senator voted to NOT INCREASE THE DEBT CEILING! Hypocrisy at its finest! **************************************** what!?
  6. This is the most accurate statement in this entire thread. **************************************** what!?
  7. Are you f-ing serious? **************************************** what!?
  8. I've been thinking of you lately Cliffy....i havent made a skyjump in months and its starting to piss me off. What the was the name of that really demented japanese movie again?? I've drank a crap load of your least favorite beer tonight. I'll catch up with you later.... **************************************** what!?
  9. Oh..Hehrow.. dude...you need to fire you're camera man/woman. i hear you may be in the H-town region this weekend. bring yer base rig biotch. Fueler **************************************** what!?
  10. i have some questions for you! **************************************** what!?
  11. Ground launching. blade running....well...tree running. whatever. **************************************** what!?
  12. there is a fun ride herehttp://youtube.com/watch?v=yxxVc8bgCEo at about the 1:55 sec mark. **************************************** what!?
  13. the DZ is in Minden,NV and they are flying a PAC. **************************************** what!?
  14. im no rigger, but wouldn't the brake line NOT being routed through the slider in fact SLOW the opening? the tail of a parachute, if im correct, is the main driving force to send the slider down. **************************************** what!?
  15. there are a couple of motels close by that are dog friendly. i stayed at the motel 6 and left the filthy dog in there with the AC bumpin. **************************************** what!?