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  1. Ok...UPS wanted $185 dollars to ship it...fawk that. I sent it USPS for $65 and I paid extra so I could track it. Now I hope for the best.
  2. I am shipping a canopy from the US to the UK. I have it double bagged in a trash bag and boxed up tight and taped to the bajeesus (sp). I just want to know what is the safest and least expensive way to send it. Which carrier to use? I prefer to have it insured to its full value of about $1400 but from what I am getting from the web sites is that it might cost about $200 which is total BS. Any help?
  3. Magot....I was the newbie hanging out with Kruse and the other Cross Keys people at Bridge Day. We used your friends mini-van that morning....can I be part of your secret hand skake club? Seriously...I would like to do some ground work. And I don't know Justin but I assume he is an air traffic controller too.
  4. TKATC

    BD v TFs FJC

    I didn't take the expanded FJC at BD but I did attend the hour long "survival" seminar. I can't say that I learned very much about BASE except how to "S" fold my bridle and pilot chute. I don't feel ready to jump anything else before being seriously mentored off what is considered "safer" BASE objects. I think a full blown FJC would be a great benefit to me but since I can imagine every single object to be different in nature, I am sure a FJC would not prepare me for everything I could come across.
  5. Jason, I have done many things in my life that I am proud of, 10+ years in the US military, Desert Storm, and many other personal endeavors I hold close to my heart. Bridge Day 2006 was definately a "Highlight". Thank you for the experience.
  6. TKATC

    BD v TFs FJC

    As I read this post, I am just wondering how much training Brian had when he decided to jump "El Cap". Certainly he had to receive more than 9 hours back then by all the experienced BASE gods. With all the warning signs in place, Brian being the special kind of person he was, made a conscience choice to jump "El Cap" just as he did at Bridge Day 2006.
  7. many first time BASE jumpers are now addicted after jumping Bridge Day? How many discovered BASE is not for them? I personally can't think of much else and keep planning my next jump over and over. Everything thing I see I am inspecting for a possible jump. I love skydiving and the many aspects of it and will never leave that sport but as somebody said at Bridge Day..."BASE is where it's at!"
  8. "you will never convince me that Brian is dead because he lacked experience or currency" Sorry, I have to strongly disagree. I was there and saw what happened from the bridge, I have very limited experience but I believe it has been very valuable experience. I am CONVINCED, in my mind, he died because he lacked currency and/or experience. I could certainly be wrong but from my observation he looked like he hadn't ever jumped off of anything. His "Pull priority" was non-existent. (pull, pull at a safe altitude, pull stable)
  9. Some of the BULLSHIT replies in this thread crack me up. While I haven't LOOKED for actual skydivers I know RADAR can see flocks of birds and such so anything that is "reflecting" a return can be viewed on my screens. With that said, no I am not going to see a 280 Sq. ft. parachute. I may see a healthy sized CRW formation however. I haven't tried to look at a big way in free fall from my RADAR screen but I would have to say they would create some sort of clutter if there were enough of them.
  10. Mark, please tell us about your friend Reed...who was he? What was he all about? How did you guys get together to jump with us? Perhaps a picture?
  11. I think Kelly said it best when she said: "Please forgive my fellow jumpers who did not provide these tiny offerings; they may not know how to handle the death of a skydiving student." I can only speak for myself when I say I don't know how to handle death, be it a skydiver or not, so I tend to just stay clear. I did not know Reed but anyone who engages in this type of activity shows a real zest for life of which I truly admire. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
  12. My first memory of PJ was when I noticed him walking along the road headed to the DZ. At the time, I knew the face but not the name. I picked him up to save him a 1/2 mile walk. He was carrying a 6-pack of beer. (a variety pack of different beers I assume were lost soldiers he had saved from various parties) Anyway, he gave me a beer for picking him up and then when we arrived he stopped me before getting out of the car and said "Wait, you're gonna need a reserve!" and handed me another. That pretty much sums up my opinion of him....always giving what he had, be it instruction, advice, or a sarcastic remark that made him PJ. I am relatively new to this sport and I am always learning, last night I heard something that I really liked. "Skydivers don't mourn the death, we CELEBRATE the life"
  13. WOW...140 jumps and your already at a 1.3 wing loading? I am sure there are a few people that have been alot more agressive than you are, but I would like to know what your progression was to start jumping a 150. Is that your first canopy after getting a license or what?
  14. Thanks for the info guys...I have a lot of reading to do. Of course, I talked to and will be mentored by experienced BASE jumpers but many have differing opinions for many different reasons, some of which are self serving. I ask things in this forum and from people I know in order to evaluate which technique I would like to adopt. As you all know, I am the only one who can save my life after I jump, so I like as many opinions and viewpoints as I can get.
  15. I didn't think the FIT of a rig had too much to do with pin tension but now that you bring it to my attention, it is an interesting thought. I ASSUMED a perfect fit didn't play as much of a role in BASE since many of the base jumps I plan to make will not be terminal, thus, the openings would not be as violent. Forgive me if I sound like an idiot talking about base, but since I have ZERO experience, then I probably am when it comes to base.