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  1. 14,000 2,000 (under canopy unzipping) T-Bird 3 mins 10 secs 145lbs naked 5' 10" I only post as I'm interested in seeing suit types and maximums, as I feel people can pull more performance from their suits before up sizing. I am still to test my R-Bird for performance.
  2. Now I am on a PC, here is the re-direct page. I see from searching that other forums have suffered this, and it would appear to be from banner ads, and only affects mobile platforms.
  3. Mac

    Cell span to Slider span ratio?

    Just thinking aloud, but would the slider size also have some result from what sort of opening you were wanting to achieve?
  4. Mac

    Bovine BASE

    Would the real D-Dog please stand up...
  5. Mac

    Thanks Jimmy Halliday

    rather than just linking I thought I would post the thread I made on the UK board: Jimmy Halliday has released a 17 year old UK non skydiver back to our country who has a "bullet proof" attitude to BASE... I only post this as my name has been used as a "reference" as I "know" the person because he used to hang around my local DZ. He recently tried to buy gear from someone I know. He has also spoken to another BASEr that I know and he was slightly worried about what he was hearing from this newbie. He seems a little bit too keen and over confident after his introduction to the sport in the USA. I have spoken to someone (he is a CCI and long term skydiver and parachute test jumper) connected to this person that hopefully will ensure that he learns to skydive first and also speaks to other jumpers before progressing this new found love of his. If you are selling gear and get an enquiry from someone named Joe, I would ask that you question that enquiry... I dont want to be controlling, I dont want to stop people making their own choices.... but this I feel I need to step in and say this situation requires it to stop a crater happening. Edit to add: Jimmy, if you do have an issue in me posting this then please please PM me as I have a few issues in what you have done returning this "child" back onto my home soil and then have him use me as a reference in trying to buy gear is insulting. I actually do know this person and I for one feel that getting him jumped and sending him back to the UK with his new found love is disrespectful to all the jumpers here and disrespectful to BASE jumping in general.
  6. Mac

    Warning - The Entire U.S. is Hot . . .

    Maybe my memory fails me, but I thought that in Groundrush Jakey talks about his first Building jump from a well known B here in the UK...
  7. Mac

    a call for help

    ....and after adding your link to our site, please add a link to our site on your own website. The more related to BASE and skydiving the better. Thanks
  8. Mac

    Try not to let words limit your thoughts

    I had a PC hesi from 220ft, and when I felt like nothing was happening all I mustered was "oh, not now"
  9. Mac

    Tetherer Hot-Air Baloon Jumps

    I believe BR used to do this on their FJC.... I may of course have dreamed that and be speaking total rubbish
  10. Mac

    SkyPunk's Tower is HOT!!

    is sunrise at your part of the world the same time as it is here at this time of year?
  11. Mac

    PMs Missing

    This is still happening alot....
  12. Mac

    Effects of a building

    This kind of helps to see the effect a B has on wind... You question suggests you are not asking just about winds???? As with every jump....What is your landing area like? what is the approach to the landing area? how far away from the B is it? Are there secondary landing areas? what are they like? How far are those? What hazards do you have close to you? what hazards do you have on your flight path? What hazards on an off heading opening? and correction? Where is the nearest hospital? How are you going to get away? blah blah blah blah......
  13. Mac

    CJAA & IPBC ?????

    ...of course.....thanks
  14. Mac

    Reaching for the risers?

    I started reaching for my risers right after pitching to help stop me dropping a shoulder. Most of my jumps are in the low range with 0 - 2 sec delays, and I have not had issue, but I have to admit, Sabre210's comments have made me think about what I may do with delays longer than this. My gut feeling is that my body position is still rather boxed even with the immediate riser grab pitch, so I dont think extra drag on my legs are an issue for me.