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  1. c.200 WS jumps on UPT semi stowless. Never looked back after implementing it into my config.
  2. Swipe up on the homepage? This is how it works with an Android tablet....
  3. I took measurements of mine with canopy packed in it, and sent them those with the pictures of the measurements being made (to show where variance maybe on curvature), they sent me the closest to those specs, and bingo, it fit. Javelin with spectre-120.
  4. I have repeated flights of 3:45 from c.13+ in my R. I have hit c.3:15/20+ (I have to refer to my log book for exact times) in my T, and I'm just in the process of playing with the range in my S, the initial data is looking really quite nice, however I have not yet gone balls out time searching on that yet, I am still finding my way around the suit by playing with it so I can get to that "second skin" feeling in flight. I'm 5'10" and 155lbs wet n naked. Try get hold of Vincente, that man can fly a T like no one else I have seen. HTH
  5. Is there a negative with the storm in changing the brake setting to something a little shallower? As for thread, spectre, will get a storm when that is knackered.
  6. Perfect, thanks for the advice, I'll check those out. Thanks.
  7. Anyone have experience jumping a mobius action cam? How do you find its use & output? Looking at getting rid of my gopro and getting something less snaggy that 'does the job' for fun jumping. Cheers
  8. Some people hold the perception or witness from others in higher regard than internal reward, so will always choose the day blaze over stealth.
  9. Ditto - with double attachment, tube 'filled and enclosed', and double tight BOC spandex.
  10. I'm looking at heading to Sebastian tomorrow, just wanted to see if anyone has the SP on whether it's quite active this week with plenty of jumpers keeping the aircraft turning loads before I drive the 2+ hours out that way. Thanks
  11. Add ICAO and how many hours to forward forecast.
  12. Place a sweatshirt somewhere well away from other traffic, do a bunch of hop n pops so you don't have other canopies in the air, then practice practice practice landing on it/near it. You will find quite quickly this repetition and lack of traffic pressure will increase your eye, skill, and feel. I did this on 2 occasions, 1 when new and learning early on, and 2 when experienced and wanting to practice accuracy. HTH
  13. This thread is outstanding...this is extremely impressive... (From an effort, focus, and passion point of view)... Sorry for the added noise, just had to doth my cap to you.
  14. Mac

    FL Dec

    I'm going to be based in Lakeland FL from 13 to 23 December, looking at jumping primarily at Z-Hills, with visits to Lake Wales and Sebastian. I will be travelling alone, so just wondering where any other WSers will be during this time at any of these DZs. Also interested in honing my performance flying, acro, carving, so if there are any coaches worth looking up at these locations, let me know (I've got c.200 Wingsuit jumps). Hit me up on PM... Cheers
  15. A friend of mine (RIP) doubled as Queen Latifah BASE jumping in a Wingsuit from a Dam in The Last Holiday.... He was white, male, with a beard... Hair and make up can work miracles...