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  1. Thanks! This is exactly the type of information I was looking for! Yes, I know that there is a ton to learn besides actual jumping, and that weather holds is a great time to do so. My DZ is not a seven day a week one though, and as I work in a restaurant it's already a stretch for me to get any type of weekend day off, so they are few and far between, which is why it's important to me to be able to jump each time I go. There's a huge difference to me from not being able to jump one day and heading back out in a week to try again, and not being able to go again for a month or more depending on business of the restaurant.
  2. Hey guys, So I'm trying to schedule a day where I can possibly do multiple AFF jumps in one day, but I'm worried about weather, specifically clouds, making the day worthless. Does anyone know of how to predict cloud coverage? I've looked at weather sites, but all I really see is the same general "partly cloudy", "overcast", etc type of predictions. Is there some sort of almanac, or is it just sort of luck? Also, my DZ is about an hour away, so that factors in to it as well, cause while the sun may be shining where I am, it could be poor weather there (which has happened twice to me now). Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks everyone for the input! I hadn't thought of just going to the DZ and hanging out and observing others. Writing down questions is a good idea as well. I'll speak with my instructors and get their input as well!
  4. Hey all, So I got a bit delayed in my AFF jumps (A few financial issues have arisen). I'm still going to be able to do them, but worst case scenario, I will only be able to afford to jump once a month. As in one jump, once a month. What suggestions do you guys have for keeping my lessons fresh in my mind? IS laying belly down on the floor and practicing my dive flow gonna be enough? I'd appreciate any and every bit of advice!
  5. Hopefully I can get it as soon as possible! Maybe make it to the boogie! Sadly, as with many people, money is a bit of a barrier....
  6. I'm in Florida, I'll be taking my AFF course at Skydive Panama City!
  7. Hey everyone! I went on a tandem right before Halloween this year, and caught the bug! Now I'm going to be going the AFF training to get my license! I'm super stoked and can't wait to be jumping on my own soon!