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  1. I can see it now...insults like "Your mamma is so ugly, they renamed it "Yourmammaween". I just love that one.
  2. Judging by the way these guys roll and was probably on blocks.
  3. I love Magot and Co.s antics....I think it is hilarious. I also love the story about how they let a manaquin base on her own and she flew into a parked car...these are priceless stories.
  4. This is the skydiving community that I love. (Although I suspect this is mostly BASERS) Let them know something bugs you...and they are on it like flies on a ribroast.
  5. If you want to see an all girl DZ go visit is turning into that.
  6. We partner in crime's trailer is about 1/4 mile away.
  7. here's the story and reason for my post. I am a bit upset that my partner in crime and I got booted off our local DZ UFN. Our crime was that we stumbled onto the DZ around 3am drunk and stupid trying to visit a friend of ours. In the process we woke somebody up and they flipped out. We all know flipping out on drunk skydivers usually draws a negative reaction...but we left after 2 or 3 minutes. A few days later we did it again...not interntionally trying to wake anyone but I suppose this was the last straw for this person and he called the DZO at 3am, who in turn called the manager to reiterate that he wasn't to be bothered by phone calls at that hour unless somebody died. The next morning the manager called my cell phone and left an extremely unprofessional message (profanity and whatnot) indicating we were banned UFN. He appearantly didn't want to hear our side of it, he just went straight to the ax. Anyway, I think it is a pretty lame reason to get banned. I understand it is annoying to some that we got loud late at night but I think it is something you might expect at a DZ. I mean....does one buy a home next to an airport then complain about the noise of the aircraft that use it?
  8. are such a criminal. They should of locked you up. (sarcasm) Doesn't really seem like a good enough reason to boot you IMO.
  9. If so, for what atrocious offense did you commit and how long were you banned?
  10. I know this is gonna open a huge can of worms...but the root of the ongoing labor dispute between the Agency (FAA) and the Union (NATCA) is our beloved Bush administration. The sooner that debacle is dismantled the sooner MANY government agencies will right the ship and get back on track. I am a NATCA controller and I am living in the daily hell the agency calls a job. Many people believe gov't workers don't work and are lazy with a poor attitude. I used to resent that mindset but I can EASILY see how many gov't workers have evolved into such drains on the system. If your employer tries to stick it to you around every corner you turn, you can get disgruntled pretty easily. I no longer have any disdain towards gov't employees that are just drains on the system for somehow thier employer has made them that way. I try not to be that way myself cause I take a lot of pride in my job as most controllers do. But even the most loyal dog will bite its master if its beaten for too long.
  11. Ok...UPS wanted $185 dollars to ship it...fawk that. I sent it USPS for $65 and I paid extra so I could track it. Now I hope for the best.
  12. I am shipping a canopy from the US to the UK. I have it double bagged in a trash bag and boxed up tight and taped to the bajeesus (sp). I just want to know what is the safest and least expensive way to send it. Which carrier to use? I prefer to have it insured to its full value of about $1400 but from what I am getting from the web sites is that it might cost about $200 which is total BS. Any help?
  13. Magot....I was the newbie hanging out with Kruse and the other Cross Keys people at Bridge Day. We used your friends mini-van that morning....can I be part of your secret hand skake club? Seriously...I would like to do some ground work. And I don't know Justin but I assume he is an air traffic controller too.
  14. TKATC

    BD v TFs FJC

    I didn't take the expanded FJC at BD but I did attend the hour long "survival" seminar. I can't say that I learned very much about BASE except how to "S" fold my bridle and pilot chute. I don't feel ready to jump anything else before being seriously mentored off what is considered "safer" BASE objects. I think a full blown FJC would be a great benefit to me but since I can imagine every single object to be different in nature, I am sure a FJC would not prepare me for everything I could come across.
  15. Jason, I have done many things in my life that I am proud of, 10+ years in the US military, Desert Storm, and many other personal endeavors I hold close to my heart. Bridge Day 2006 was definately a "Highlight". Thank you for the experience.