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  1. this thread is way funny. come here puty cat
  2. it is 25 jumps min, but talking with folks that can be more. need to do all the requirements for the A license and also have fun jump between all the coach jumps to mix it up. Had some one tell me that some folks get so into getting their license that they lose track of “this is freaking fun” :-) -Nate
  3. Yea, you got it. that article was helpful. Btw not trying to case a negative image on the dz store. I walked into there like what if… I’m sure a new rig would be really nice :- ) Thanks -N
  4. Hey ya all, So got done with the AFP last weekend (whoopee) and starting to think about a used rig. Talked with a JM at the dz and the gear store at the dz, but I get the sneaky impression that they rather sell me a new rig and sort of po po the used ones. So I’m seeking a second opinion. It is nice at the dz you can try out all sorts of new gear, and I plan on doing that. But chances are they won’t have “rig X” to try out that I see some one looking to sell for a decent price. Figure if I can get a rig for a good price (lets say under $2k) and take it to the rigger at the dz to look over, I’d be fairly well off with a good safe rig and my pocket won’t be so light :- ) What are some good used rigs to look for a novice. Got 11 jumps mostly on PD 200 navigator with a student container. I weigh 135 #. Talking with folks the sabers (I, II) seem to be regarded as a good stating canopy. What are some other canopies / rigs to consider. There is so much out there . as a newbie trying to figure out what canopy, rig is good is a big task all in it’s own. the more input the better… Thanks in advance!! -Nate
  5. took about 2 months to get though the AFP progression. last weekend (memorial day) decided to get it done. did 6 jumps. it made a huge difference for me jumping every day. also a JM recommended to me to try to get the last 3 levels of AFP done in one day so you still remember what is going on. good luck with your AFF !! it is worth it. -Nate
  6. hey all got the AFP finally done over last weekend. So one the way down from the last AFP jump the my jump master was unusually quite on the radio. Just heard him say, “Nice jump”. Then I knew that I passed the final jump. A great feeling. For all those out there working their way though the AFP, AFF or what ever progression you DZ uses, stick with it. yea I had to repeat 2 jumps, and yea it is expensive, but the first jump on your own is just like wow. No worries about doing allsorts of funky maneuvers in the air, just a freaking great skydive. Make sure to hang around the DZ after graduating, great way to meet all sorts of great folks. cross keys is a awesome dropzone. Now onto getting a “A” license... -Nate .