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  1. Good point, but I'd prefer to see it with my own eyes, and with me flying relative to them they get more of a picture of what their canopy is really doing.
  2. Ok here is the only problem I see with the ISP. How do the AFF-I's know that the student is using the front/rear risers and seeing the benifit of them after a jump that most people have to think through to begin with? They're not flying next to them under canopy during braked turns, stalls, or riser maneuvers and half the time are signing them off without even asking them if they are doing the maneuvers. Every chance I get I try to take the students who have just gotten their "A" and take them up and do a hop and pop at altitude, and have a preplanned routine for them to accomplish. if they complete the routine before breakoff time (which I normally set no lower than 3000') then they repeat the motions over and over until breakoff. I will shoot video so we can go over what they had done and how they might improve. I didn't get this kind of training until I had about 50-75 jumps. I wished I could have taken Scott Millers course but I never had the money to do so. Just like the majority of the jumpers these days that are graduating AFF with little to no canopy experience and are paying for coach jumps for the coach to look at them maneuver in freefall. But still not really paying attention under canopy. Canuck's opening statement says we are doing a piss poor job training people to be safer skydivers, that's only half true. I believe that we are training people to use their body more proficiently in the air now more than ever, we're just not doing as good a job when it comes to teaching them to be canopy pilots. Most people figure that the school of hard knocks is the best way to train You can do a 5 point hundred ways all day long and not have a problem but if you can not fly your canopy worth a damn, you're risking your life as well as everyone around you. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  3. You can find in most of the WS manuals that you should not use pull-out with WS. should not or reccomend not The closest I've been to having a mal caused by my pull out was I lost the handle on a weak pull and i reached back with no effort and it was still sitting about 3 inches from where I dropped it. (and it was on a wingsuit jump, wasn't used to the webbies on Tony's new suit yet) I've had an uncocked pilot chute pull the bag off my back with my pull out. USPA ended up with a malfunction because of the same problem. If I remember correctly the Malfunction video done awhile back has Nancy from Jump Shack intentionally dropping the pud before pulling the pin and had an un eventful freefall reached back and pulled and didn't have a problem with it. now if your pilot chute gets disloged during any of your jumps due to moving around or exiting the aircraft, or your buddy on a funneled exit or bad dock snags it do you think you'd have the same uneventful freefall or flight? I've done sit and stand flying with mine loose and it never budged the pin.... I'm not trying to say that everyone should jump a pull out because it's is safer than a throw out, I'm saying that each has it's positive points and each has it's negative. I've jumped both with wingsuits, freeflying, my big wing camera suit, rw and doing hop and pops. I like my pull out and every rig I order will have one on it. If I jump someone elses rig that has a throw out I'm not going to worry about what to do when I jump it, just pull, throw, and enjoy the canopy ride. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  4. 15 of my 17 Wingsuit jumps are with a pull out. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  5. You don't have to set the focus every time you turn on the camera. It's every 12 hours if I remember correctly. You will have to press the focus button on the lcd side of the camera up next to the lens. then use the roller wheel to adjust to infinity. You shouldn't have to mess with it unless it been the 12 hours or you turn the auto focus back on. If you do shut the camera down whenever you turn it back on if it is still set to infinity you should see a pair of mountains close to the middle of the left side of the display. As far as seeing the reflection of the lens ring are you saying that it is cutting out the corners when you shoot the video? If so besides adding a bit of zoom or filing down the end of tour lens you're pretty much out of luck. Hope this helps!!!
  6. That mattress sucks. Then put him on the bottom if you're going to complain!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  7. OK sorry it's taken so long to post but here's a few pics of the Optima 143 in 2 different Racers the first was a 300 c.i. Power Racer it was an extremely tight fit but it worked. I wouldn't reccommend it unless you hate your rigger. I've seen a 108 sq. ft. Micro raven properly fit into a rig of the same size. (and by properly I mean following the manufacturer's suggestion for canopy size) It can be done but the rig would feel like a brick on your back. The second is a 325 c.i. Thinline Racer. The fit was much better though still a bit tight. With some more time to pack it and make it a bit neater (this packjob only took me about 45 min.) and a new quick loop so I could tighten the pilot chute down properly, this would be a much better fit. This container was built for a canopy in the 126 sq. ft. size range. I haven't had a chance to talk to the PD reps since I gave it back but wanted to find out: 1. This one is set up as a Main, I'm asuming that the reserve will come without a PCA meaning less tape and reinforcement of the center cell because you will not be attaching a d-bag and PC to the top of the canopy. Less tape and reinforcement, less bulk! I also uploaded a video of the deployment to Skydiving Here's the link Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  8. 2fat2fly AllisonH Avalonwings Bch7773 bdbrown BigBug BigM Blitzkrieg! Blueskyserenity Bolas Carbonezone ccowden Chaoskitty Chris Meng Cora CrazyRick crutch CSpenceFly CygnusX-1 DaGimp dick in a box DownwindDave DZChadz dzmemories flskydiver FlyDoc fmmobley freefalle Freelyflyn71 Goofyjumper Hambone HeyNoSeriously hisgoofyness Hushpuppy icevideot Icon134 Ifallfast Jeannier JeepDiver Jeiber JENNR8R Jerrald JesSke Julie jumpchikk jumper03 jumpingbean001 jumpjunkie2004 k_marr08 LadyBug Lauraliscious LittleSkyCrab Livendive LoveBug lucky McBeth McDuck MicDuran Mirage62 Missg8tor Mouse MOUTH and hubby mwabd1 namgrunt nannerbanner ncfitzge nutz oozzee PapaSke peanut Peregrinerose Pitts twins PornKitty Psychobob Psychopatty Pyke Rastaricanair RedBug Revillusion RevJim selbbub78 skinnyshrek Skydave Skydivingchad Skymama smud79 Speedygonzales Stitch T Team Dirty Sanchez teamjenn1 Thanatos340 The Don The Falling Gators TheStepchild TinMan TMaricle55 TMPattersonJr Turtle Whodamiss Wagtail, Beav 1, and Beav 2 wildcard451 woodpecker yardhippie Maybe get to see you guys next year..... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  9. Or both, but he'd like that Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  10. Most definitely less, I have one that I bought used from a friend of mine here and it came with a low profile newton site, 1 manfrotto 394 quick release, and a cam eye. The best part was he took such good care of it, besides the padding being a little bit dirty it looked as good as yours does. and I paid $400 for all of it if I can remember correctly. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  11. Well, after this weekend I am EXTREMELY impressed with this product. Isaiah from PD came up to Palatka with a few demo Optima's. He and Scott Roberts from Team Fastrax were up making jumps on the demo canopies. Seeing them doing 450's on a seven cell reserve was a bit impressive!!! Isaiah hooked up a 143 for me to demo, and all I can say is WOW!!!! The stability of this wing is impressive to begin with but also the maneuverability of it far exceeded my expectations... I've only done a few jumps on 7 cells one of which being an intentional cutaway, and this is by far the best I have jumped. Both jumps that I made on it I took about a 10 second delay and the openings were great, a little brisk but what more would you expect from a reserve?!? Input on all the controls (front, rear, and breaks) were quickly responded to, release of any control was immediately responded to, (very little oversteer) and recovery from the dive was short. Stall initiation and recovery were very predictable and managable. This canopy unlike most 7 cells that are by nature sinkers, has a very reasonable glide ratio. on both jumps I did carving 180's to final and having a 15 mph headwind was able to get a little bit of ground with it and still have a very positive flare at the end. Had no doubt that on a no wind day could have sunk it into the peas or someone's backyard if needed. Unfortunately I did not pack it, but the packer who did packed it into my racer which holds my Firebolt 164 tightly, with very very little problems. The we packed it into the demo Racer that I had with me that usually holds a Firebolt 128 or smaller (the 128 is the biggest that we like to put into it, but it will very tightly fit the 146) and it packed into the container very similar as far as tightness to the 128. but with a standard "pro pack." I am pretty sure that a reserve packjob would provide much better results as far as the bulk of the packjob. I'm going to try to fit it into a 300 c.i. Power Racer (as a reserve) soon and will get back to you with my results..... All in all a very good canopy and will most likely be my next reserve purchase even for the extra little bit that PD is charging for it than the standard PD reserve.
  12. I said it lots and I'll say it again. JEFF GORDON is, and always will be a cheater!!! Finally someone caught his ass. He's a cheater? Then Dale Earnhardt was one too, and they have about the same number of wins. Somebody simply put the bolts on the wrong way and it was unintentional, much unlike the way Waltrip's situation came about. I also don't see Gordon's crew chief getting fined and the team getting docked points, like 4 or 5 other teams did. And by the way, where you start does not matter much on the superspeedways like Daytona or Talladega as much as it does on smaller tracks. I have seen guys come all the way from the back to the front a bunch of times. I do seem to recall Jeffies little protege Jimmy getting caught last year and his crew chief missing the first 4 races because of.... oh yea.... cheating Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  13. Nah, you watch the interview, and while pissed, he took it like a man. From what I've heard he takes it like a man quite often Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  14. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  15. Have about 8 on a GTi and 6 on an Eagle, Like both suits for being so new to wingsuiting, but like the way the eagle is easy to inflate, extremely easy to put on, I can fly more relaxed with it as far as body position, and still get decient times and distance. My first jump on a GTi I was getting averages of about 88-90 MPH on the next few attempts I was getting 80-90 MPH averages. And that was the best I could get out of the GTi, with the Eagle My first Jump was a 80-83 Average, and I was getting 60's within 2 jumps. I'm sure with more practice I could get better times with a GTi but I'd rather get an Eagle and get really good with it!!! (Or a Nebula!!!)
  16. yea what he said Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  17. And yet you both missed Palatka, quiet airport, moderately busy DZ, have packages for AFF, great vibe, afterhours isn't dead, everyone very helpful. Just my $0.02 Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  18. I remember there used to be a DZ at the St. Mary's Airport in California Md. i don't know if it is still open or not. I haven't been up there in many many years and it's not listed on here or in Parachutist. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  19. Looks like the majority of the major damage is located in southern DeLand, here's a link to the local news who are doing nonstop coverage on it. If you want to google earth the area look up DeLand Middle School (address: 1400 S Aquarius Ave DeLand, FL 32724) It was alot further away from the DZ this time but looks like alot more damage in this one to the local community. edited to add link (oops) Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  20. A properly fitted rig will help this alot, also good padding in the legstraps will help some too. Keep them tight like the guy before me said but don't cut off circulation. Deal with it until you can get your own equipment. And for god sakes have fun!!!!
  21. The next intentional cutaway I do on JumpShack's Double cutaway rig I'll mount my camera backwards with a fisheye lens and let you be the judge on how fast or slow the openings are. I watched a few Skyhook demo's a few weeks ago in Palatka and yes the extraction is pretty quick but you are so subterminal it looks like it takes the canopy a few more seconds to inflate (going back and looking at the video I did of one of them it took 4 seconds from cutaway to Full reserve inflation.) On my intentional cutaway I had a sub 3 second reserve deployment, and that was from pulling the reserve handle to fully open reserve parachute. I'm not going to say that The Racer has the fastest opening on the market but it is definately going to be my rig of choice. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  22. Dont forget what happened with the (Dirty Sanchez??)raft last year. How would we explain a horse? You gotta be careful with those damn dirty sanchez rafts, you never know whos back yard it'll end up in!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  23. Uhm John, Click the link and look at the headline on the News story refrenced. Yes it mentions the other states but Slappie was not the one who wrote the story....... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  24. 757 on my 4th try, not bad Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  25. Like This?!? Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook