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  1. Climbing services still available!!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  2. Doc has an electric 8 way setup that I'm sure he will be bringing. So even if Spence doesn't, we've got you covered. Here's the list of who is going to be there as of now: AndyU Denis Chaoskitty CSA466 Falling.Gator flyhi freefalle HF#15 Jeffrey JGarcia jeiber jguy904 lauralicious MB2603 micduran mouth and hubby mwabd1 POPS??? Popsjumper Quince Rodriquez Rick Royd SB8 SD1553 skymama SkymonkeyOne Slayer152 taxiway TDS 173 tmaricle55 TMPattersonJr wrightskydive Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  3. Anyone i might know?!? Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  4. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  5. Oh man, you beat me to the Polk county joke! Poor Polk, it gets no respect. Go easy on Polk County there. We happen to be both a cultural hotbed and a teeming hub of commerce for south/central Florida, not to mention the veritable plethora of entrepreneurial genius in the community of manufacturing and retail cutting edge chemical compounds. Back to my lurk closet... I mean I'm from Putnam County and I'm wondering what Polk County you're talking about..... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  6. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  7. Depends on what bar you're in!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  8. Sorry Jeiber you asked for it!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  9. I'm sure Tony will be sending a bunch of demo wing suits right?!? If so count me in!!!!
  10. Knock Knock Who's there? OJ SIMPSON - Now gimme back all of my SHIT!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  11. Looks good Matt, Hope to see it up close if you make it to the Hog Flop this year!!! Congrats!
  12. Wouldn't suggest it, did 1 jump on a KA-135 at about 1.4 and lived but that was more than enough for me. Scary Perry and Jairo Garcia are two people that I know that had no problems jumping high performance canopies w/ wing suits and then both had hair raising rides that ended up as a reserve rides. Ask them about their experience with it and you might think twice. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  13. Who are you again? We miss ya too Ernie, you outta put in for some leave around the 7th-14th of November!!! Take care man
  14. [cartman voice]sweet[/cartman voice] Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  15. Nah she's more critical now, just don't be on the same team as her big brother, she'll finally get payback!!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  16. doesn't have to be formed out of the plane last year my team took a 2 way base out and the other two dove out formed and then did the flop.
  17. Training constitutes being put with beavis, crash and someone else we can drag up to probably penalize you!!! And what fluctuating rules? You get 1 try, your time starts after the 4 way round is built and the first grip is dropped, everyone must do a complete backloop (not side spin, pirouette, cartwheel, etc.), time stops when the last grip is taken to complete the 4 way round. See ya soon Jeff!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  18. hey i haven't posted in awhile so I figured coming close to banning on my first day back wouldn't be that bad a start!!! On official note I have posted this to the events calendar, as I get more info I will post it!!!
  19. If 1 name out of order is worth beer and a spanking I wonder what this will be worth!!!! AndyU flyhi (if there's beer) jguy904 micduran (wanting wifi) mwabd1 Royd TMPattersonJr skymama (newly married) mouth (with or without hubby) SkymonkeyOne lauralicious (most likely) Slayer152 freefalle Chaoskitty (for jumping only) wrightskydive I better not I'd like to be able to skydive that weekend Love ya skymama!!! AndyU Chaoskitty (for jumping only) flyhi (if there's beer) freefalle jguy904 lauralicious (most likely) micduran (wanting wifi) mouth (with or without hubby) mwabd1 Royd skymama (newly married) SkymonkeyOne Slayer152 TMPattersonJr wrightskydive Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  20. wi-fi is set up and running, you can get pretty good reception all around the DZ. So set the camper up and have a great time!!!!
  21. I'm jumping a KA135 right now and love the openings, as far as opening altitudes, I'm getting between 600-800 feet consistantly. The canopy likes to seek a heading a bit on opening but nothing really radical, just sit square in the harness and don't look over your sholder after you toss and you'll be doing fine!!! Enjoy the canopy!!
  22. I like my rigger, she works for Jump Shack (reason for ease of access to Racers to pack this canopy into) and about 27 1/2 year ago she gave birth to me. And oh BTW I pack all my own reserves under her supervision. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  23. Ya know oddley enough I did that exact search and the diablo had posted in both of them about the same thing that he has said in here. Wierd huh? I'll ask you the same thing I asked Tonto, maby I'll get an answer from you. Does the manual specifically say why you should not use a pull out with a wingsuit? If so please tell me the reason behind it and if the reason makes perfect sense and doesn't just say "GRUNT, PULL OUT BAD, NO USE WING SUIT WITH, GRUNT, YOU DIE" Please point me in the right direction or if your just talking from the side of the unknowing please don't speak of what you do not know. I only spoke of my experience with the pull outs on my wing suit and other jumps, (limited as they may be) nothing further. No hear-say, no BS, just what I know for a fact. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  24. I'm not trying to say I can beat the odds but that the odds have not caught up to me yet. As diablopilot stated, if you set your system up right, what's the big deal? Does any manual go into specifics of why you should not use a pull out with a wing suit, or does it take the neanderthal approach and basically state "Me no like pull outs, you no use with my system or you die" Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook