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  1. :17:1 Fun weekend @ Skydive Palatka for the Collegate boogie!!! Joined Team Dirty Sanchez
  2. Jason, we use the dive flow straight out of the SIM here's the link to the info you need.... See ya in a couple of weeks...
  3. that was a canopy that was recovered while we were searching for the canopy that Gail had cut away earlier on Sunday. It was lost about 3-4 years ago as far as anyone can remember. The reason that it looks charred is because it was in an area that was burned to clear the underbrush. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  4. Just to let everyone know we ended up doing another 10 loads today in the Caravan (I was able to skip outta work a bit early, like 10:30!!!
  5. Weather report for the weekend It's lookin real good, so no sniviling because you thought there was going to be some bad weather Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  6. See everyone in the morning!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  7. Voted Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  8. Collegiate Boogie @ Skydive Palatka!!!! I should be jumping my ass off. (Sorry for those of you who are bundling up, we're supposed to have highs in the upper 70 and lower 80's this weekend) Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  9. I think you should serve all the Gator fans a Ralphie Special to help them celebrate the victory, on the other hand there wouldn't be much jumping on Sunday if they accepted Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  10. Yea what you said!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  11. "Who's Dirty Sanchez???" Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  12. I wish we could, be we need to stay close to home. The kids are with me this weekend and Chris has to fly out of Orlando on Sunday. For some reason, he's really set on going to Hooters. I told him I'd wear the good bra, but that wasn't good enough for him. Hell bring the kids, I'm sure we could find plenty of rope to tie 'em up with. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  13. No your missing one thing on the shirts now.... A ball-gag for the buckeye Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  14. the only battery issue I have had is it burning through batteries if I forget to turn off the backlight, which they will tell you it will burn up the batteries. Other than that no problems. I have taken 1 back to Alti-2 for my DZ because it was burning through batteries they took it in and handed me a new one to give the customer.
  15. What we cannot win the pot and pay for our own jumps?!? Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  16. :6:1 2 Wingsuit 1 Solo tandem video in droguefall (talking about a slow freefall rate!!) 3 H-n-P Beer= 1st intentional cutaway Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  17. The only guarantee I had is that if I had to ride that 24' strapped to my chest I wasn't going to like it!!! But I agree If you want to do an intentional please do it with the proper equipment. It is available by at least two of the equipment manufacturers that I know of. (Jump Shack and the manufacturer formally known as Relative Workshop) I haven't asked or heard about any of the other manufacturors... Sim section 2-1 Paragraph J "Extraordinary Skydives" 2. Pre-planned breakaway jumps are to be made by only class C- and D-license holders using FAA TSO'ed equipment. [E] Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  18. Yea I went a little head down initially right after I chopped so I gave myself a few seconds to get stable again. I cutaway at around 2900-3000 feet and was under an open reserve by 2300. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  19. He said something about a double cutaway rig. I wonder if that's what he meant. I've done jumps with the 3rd chute on the front. Pretty easy to do. Yes, the rig is set up with 3-rings systems for both the main and reserve on your back, and it has d rings and lateral hook ups for the chest mount reserve. It was definately an adventure!!! Pulling the handle and hearing "chink" then utter silence..... It's a bit eerie but I'd definately do it again!!!
  20. .....and think to yourself what the hell am I doing?!?!? I did my first (beer already purchased and consumed) intentional cutaway today, and as I reached down and pealed my cutaway and reserve handles that very thought was going through my mind. I knew before I did this that I would pull the handles if I had a wad of shit above my head but after this I know the system works and everything will do what the manufacturer says it will do. Oh and I feel a lot more confident in the supervised reserve packjob that's on my personal gear, because I packed the reserve in the double cutaway rig that I made the cutaway on today and it opened beautifully!!! Well all was good until I noticed the spot I picked to cutaway my freebag and main were not getting as much drift as I wanted them to (like none) so tomorrow I get to go out and recover them. Thankfully not too deep in an area of trees and brush, but I have a feeling that it's going to be half the day getting to and recovering. All in all a really good experience and I would suggest it to anyone who hasn't had a "real ride" yet so that way you know what to expect when you do have to pull the handles for real
  21. Cough, Cough, BEER!!! Congrats again Jason!! Glad you had fun and are ready to do more. You should come out next weekend and go through the packing class. I don't remember right now what day it is, but will find out more for you tomorrow and post it when I do. If you learn to pack it could always be another source of income to help you on your way. I packed for almost 19 years before I started jumping (I started when I was 6, and I had a 6 year lay off due to a contractual agreement with Uncle Sam) But it can be a good source of income to help fund your skydiving needs. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  22. Are you just saying that because of the battery incident you had? I've read that the digitals are very reliable. Just checking as I just ordered a neptune. Thanks I have had the same issue with it going blank during a jump. It was close to pull time and was really no issue, between my audible going off and the other jumpers pulling around me I knew approximately where I was. After I was under canopy the display came back on and I changed the batteries when I landed. It still recorded the entire jump just didn't show what altitude I was at when I looked at it. It's is a great piece of equipment, but like everything else in this great sport, if you don't take care of it, it will not take care of you Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  23. dzmemories Hushpuppy Lauraliscious nannerbanner namgrunt TMPattersonJr (*) Skymama stitch * depending on work schedule, damn Annual Audit is due to the SEC the week after the boogie, so if it's not filed by the 12th I can't go Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  24. A caravan and 2 182's Other than that dunno.... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  25. Will keep an eye out in Palatka for you, sorry for your loss and hope we can get it back for you. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook