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  1. One of the lines for cocking the slider got loose in the packjob, and caught lines on opening. Half-cocked in opening, tension-knotted up good enough to render the canopy not controllable enough.
  2. Speak for yourself I know plenty of skydiving nerds, me included. And I'd like to know what mr. Eagle has to say. So, how about introducing your idea right here, Eagle?
  3. The comments on youtube mentions a wrongly installed skyhook, and that being the reason why the main wasn't cut away by it. Do you know anything about that?
  4. From where do you have this number? 20,000 is a lot. I am surprised that I haven't heard about it if it's actually true.
  5. Had to buy mine, but I got my sabre I at around 50 jumps, and have so far put about 250 jumps on it. I specifically like the openings. It opens when I pull, instead of sniveling for 1000 feet or more.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmotlurx0EM Here's another
  7. CMAS is the best http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confédération_Mondiale_des_Activités_Subaquatiques
  8. Devices with a harddisk does not like high altitude. Ask my old mp3-player.. Perhaps it is something similar, in case you have one of those fancy new phones. I prefer my old brick Nokia, it survives most abuse I expose it to.
  9. Lots of people use their computers online without anti-virus software installed, without any problems. Such as me, and I've always used windows. I'm what you'd call a computer nerd, and I've never used any antivirus, and I've never had a virus infection.
  10. Interesting! Happen to have a link to show? I read about it on a forum some time ago as well, but the people there weren't convinced.... But if it really works, I'd like to try it as well
  11. I suggest you try... The student progression is done with only instructors there, and then you'll be on your own for a while until you get your A license. This period will be fun either way, and if you then decide skydiving is boring, you had a good time till then at least, or maybe you find that you're not a loner any more, and continue to jump with new found friends.
  12. http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20127001.300-space-storm-alert-90-seconds-from-catastrophe.html?full=true&print=true A solar storm may fry our powergrids and leave us without electricity for months or even years. This may happen at any time, although one of this magnitude has not occurred since 1859. Time to prepare?
  13. I guess that, that works for you because you have been doing it for so long that it's second nature.... New fledglings need a bit more information though. "Look where you want to go" always worked for me as a student at least, be it on my first freefalls (look for the plane) or while tracking.