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  1. The only rig that I know of that you could see the loops going through the cutters would be the Racer with the loops coming from the pilotchute and pinned through the backpad. So when you open the pin flap you can see your pins and look through the gromet and see if the cutter is routed properly. The others as far as I know even if not mounted on the backpad are pretty much impossible to see once the container has been closed. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  2. It's right there, god are you loosing you eye sight in your old age!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  3. Considering there's no drivetrain connecting the wheels to the engine, and the prop wash or jet blast is all that keeps your ass in the air. Yes it will take off and normally, the only difference being the bearings are going to try to explode from spinning so fast to counter the oppisite moving treadmill. For what most of you were saying is that the tires control how fast you move... the only thrust generated by an airplane is from the prop, or fan, which are driven by the engine or turbine. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  4. Yup that's the one. And here's the cover page freshly scanned... and I really hate the 100 KB limit Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  5. How to get a mud bath and a facial in one treatment... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  6. Yea, congrats to Chad for that pic too!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  7. Was over at Jump Shack yesterday and on the cover was Art wingsuiting over the Keys!!! Congrats to him and Scott for taking the picture!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  8. Because it's much more simple to teach one to jump with a round canopy. In fact almost no training is needed for jumping a parachute with forced opening (I made my first jump after a 30 minutes briefing and a bit of practice). And surely I can't imagine paratrooper battalion on AFF training! And they are cheaper too, I guess. Though special forces or reconnaissance units use rectangular (or maybe even elliptic ) canopies. Yea if the Army can stretch a S/L first jump course into three weeks of hell I'd hate to see what they'd do with AFF. (BTW the Freefall school is 4 weeks) Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  9. Here's the approximate path of the tornado using google earth. I say aproximate meaning this is where I have seen the majority of the damage. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  10. Was able to make 1 jump today and averaged 64 mph with the suit. it was alot more comfortable to fly with two other wing suits giving me something to refrence whlie flying.
  11. I think a Tiger needs to be brought into the picture and it needs to be biting Albert's head off, if I remember correctly from earlier in the year. No worries, all's fair in love and football....I'm just thinking how silly that shirt's gonna look after January 8th Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  12. Oh lordy..... Hey at least it wasn't a Volunteer Albert's riding.... I do believe he proved he deserves that ride earlier in the year!!! Edited to add: And no I'm not jumping on the Florida bandwagon, it just easier to do battle with 3 people that the rest of them Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  13. It looks like the excess line that was finger trapped after your brake toggles were put on. If it is there's no reason that you can't finish re-finger trapping it or if there's a ton of excess you should be able to cut it off. But have your rigger take a look at it and make the final decision before you go wacking something off. The picture is a bit fuzzy to me and it just looks part of the finger trapping that has come undone. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  14. Damn, Ride that Buckeye Albert!!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  15. Nothing unless Tony's going to rename the Mach 1 the H3 I love the way the Mach 1 looks and can't wait until I can fly one. But until then I'll stick with the Eagle or Spitfire or whatever it is that Tony sent me. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  16. Requested an Eagle and thought it was, but you're around Tony's shop a hell of a lot more than I am, so you'd know better than I. It's all yellow and has the black and white fabric that Tony has on his rig on the back of the wings and the hand prints on the ass, and is marked Demo 4... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  17. Not "wingsuit" events, but the Collegiate Boogie (Thread Here) will probably have a few flocks, and will have more with the more wings that show up. Also the Boogie 'til ya Puke will probably be in April again this year. And finally the Hog Flop will either be the last weekend of October or the first weekend of November. All events at Skydive Palatka and all usually have several good flocks.
  18. well he was half right H's are GM but Jeep is part of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  19. read above Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  20. Was wearing a Neptune, I was chasing a guy in a PF tracking suit and he wasn't pulling away too bad but he was definately not getting the glide I was. averaged low 90's on my first jump & Mid to low 80's on my second chasing the tracking suit. I let another guy at the DZ jump it and by his 3rd or 4th he was averaging high 60's. And this was one of the original prototypes. The note that Tony had sent with it said that the webbies are a bit shorter now, and he cut an inch out of the trailing edge of the wing at the hip on the production wing. He didn't give reason as to why but I noticed when I tried to punch it out I'd get a bad flutter on the trailing edge of the wing so I figure the shortining of it was to cure that. All in all I love the suit
  21. THE LIST: Chris Meng falling.gator - UF Isaiah McCauliffe jguy904 jumpchikk missg8tordivr Max Minch mwabd1 TMPattersonJr Ward Hessig Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  22. On my myspace homepage (link in sig line) I have footage shot with my HC3 and uploaded in DV and rendered in MP4 format and looks ok (it's on myspace for crying out loud), the original footage, shown on a HD TV is absolutely stunning. I haven't tried to upload in HD yet, but am working towards that very soon.... Edited to add: The same file in Full Screen (DV) AVI format is 525MB, if you have a night to kill downloading it PM me and I will upload it do my company's web site for you to download. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  23. I guess since I have recieved no answer that's there's nothing new to report!?!? Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook