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  1. the older sliders always gave me better openings. But even after collapsing it after opening, it still flapped around a lot causing wear on the lines right about the links. The new sliders open faster, but don't flap after collapsing saving line wear. I am waiting on revision 3 where it opens like they used to, but it does not flap and wear out my lines.
  2. depends on the risers. strong risers only have 1 guide ring so brake lines twisting around each other is an issue. UPT risers have 2 guide rings. This keeps the brakes lines from twisting around each other, but each brake line can still twist independently. only real way to avoid twisting all together is to use upt risers and just put both brake lines on 1 toggle. I guess you could add a second guide ring to strong toggles.. They might even make them like that for you if you ask. I never really liked just having 1 brake line on tandems.. My logic is that if you only have 1 break line and it breaks, so do you. If you have 2 brake lines and 1 breaks, you still get some flare. You can still set the brakes properly on either setup with any canopy.
  3. Dropbox? Just a folder structure with file names that match what your looking for..
  4. I have used them twice and recommended them to others. I have had them ship stuff and picked up in person in deland. They are my new gear store and I would recommend them to others. They don't have an actual store in deland, just a warehouse setup. So far great customer service. I did the vigil with the free optima. The optima wasn't in stock, so they shipped it a few days later free of charge. Paragear is in my rear view mirror
  5. Spectra ripcord have a bungee in them to help with the floating ripcord if the handle becomes dislodged. The problem is the bungee only lasts a few seasons before it stretches out and isn't really effective anymore. The spectra that is not inside the housing is exposed to sunlight will begin to fade and weaken. I have already had to replace a few spectra ripcord because of wear. I've never had to replace a metal one due to wear. The spectra is easy to replace and basically breaks down into 3 parts. The handle, the pin, and the spectra part. The spectra ones are easy to replace and can be handy if you have a bent pin. Although I have only seen them with the fat upt pin and have never seen a bent upt pin. Basically I think the pros and cons are a wash. The pros are a lot better for upt cause they are cheaper to make.
  6. If you aren't getting into the plane in a jump ready configuration, you are doing it wrong. If you feel you need to tighten the mlw before jumping you need to review the harness fitting directions/procedures before jumping again. If an emergency happens and we have to get out low and you start to tighten the mlw instead of getting out of the plane, I will kick you out of the way and climb over you to insure the safety of me and my student. There is absolutely no reason to ever board a jump plane not ready to get out.
  7. You left out vector, racer, eclipse, and USPA.
  8. If Mards, and rsl's are tso'd, why is there no tso stamp on them? Cause ya know reserves, freebag and pc assembly's, and harness's have those....
  9. I love my firebolt. I have a 164. It's the same class as sabre 2's and sapphire 2's. Packs super easy
  10. We're your leg straps looser when you landed than when you boarded the plane?
  11. I never understood why anyone would allow this. Its like bringing your own beer to a bar. Its so silly. As an instructor, all your doing is making your job harder without being paid for the extra work thats involved. I would just rather shoot the hand cam myself and get paid for it. i just dont see any benefit.
  12. The cx cams usually go for under $100 on ebay, no not really worth buying a box for
  13. is that with or without steady shot?