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  1. Dokeman

    Sigma 340 slider

    the older sliders always gave me better openings. But even after collapsing it after opening, it still flapped around a lot causing wear on the lines right about the links. The new sliders open faster, but don't flap after collapsing saving line wear. I am waiting on revision 3 where it opens like they used to, but it does not flap and wear out my lines.
  2. Spectra ripcord have a bungee in them to help with the floating ripcord if the handle becomes dislodged. The problem is the bungee only lasts a few seasons before it stretches out and isn't really effective anymore. The spectra that is not inside the housing is exposed to sunlight will begin to fade and weaken. I have already had to replace a few spectra ripcord because of wear. I've never had to replace a metal one due to wear. The spectra is easy to replace and basically breaks down into 3 parts. The handle, the pin, and the spectra part. The spectra ones are easy to replace and can be handy if you have a bent pin. Although I have only seen them with the fat upt pin and have never seen a bent upt pin. Basically I think the pros and cons are a wash. The pros are a lot better for upt cause they are cheaper to make.
  3. Dokeman

    Basic settings GoPro 3+ settings

    Did you read the manual?
  4. Curious myself. I'm really thinking that 2 az1's are gonna be my new handcam setup
  5. Dokeman

    FUN Jumping near Jacksonville

    no fun jumping in jacksonville. I usually go to palatka
  6. different rig manufactures use different size drogues. And some manufacturers offer different size drogue for the same rig.
  7. Dokeman

    Smart 220 vs. Optimum 235 reserve

    with that kind of currency, you can never have too much reserve.. I have never been under a reserve wishing I had a smaller one.
  8. Dokeman

    Wind limits and gusts with tandems....

    ill do 10-21 MPH with ease, 16-27 no thanks. I dont like jumping in anything over 21 MPH. i dont like going backwards. I assume your talking MPH and not KNOTS?
  9. Dokeman

    Bigger slider

    what size is the one you have?
  10. the .25 lens's make all the difference in handicam. They are considerably wider than the .3's
  11. Dokeman

    Best lens for Handcam?

    i use the cookie composites .25 it works great
  12. Dokeman

    tandem hand mount video

    I just got one of the gloves from quality rigging (advertised in the classifides) and am very happy with the build quality. I have my pc109 in there with a diamond .3 lens and it works perfect.
  13. Dokeman

    Hi-Def download footage

    I not know much about HD compression as I dont own an HD camera yet, so I haven't done the research but if you can upload some footage using the best quality compression or whatever that best displays the quality of an HC3/Hi-Def that would be greatly appreciated. Something that has various different skydiving scenes would be great.. (exits, free fall, landings, planes, general dz shenanigans)