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  1. parafredo

    Sigma 340 slider

    To all tandem instructors with Sigma 340 with vectran lines. With what type of slider you find softer opening , regardless passenger weight.
  2. parafredo

    Aerodyne Bulletin

    Any news about the mandatory stowless bulletin from Aerodyne that is not on line anymore ?
  3. parafredo

    Wings reserve flap problem.

    I had a customer of mine that bought a too short wings for his body and flap was always coming out when tighting it. I took his measurments according to Wings chart and their answer was to ship the harness back to make it fit to yoke and MLW lenght. Looks like that to me.
  4. parafredo

    Wings reserve flap problem.

    Is the harness is made for your exact body measurments or you bought it used and it fits you a bit small ?
  5. parafredo

    Tomcat 170

    Hallo there. Anybody have the lines chart for this oldtimer Airtime Desiign canopy ? Thanks
  6. parafredo

    Reserve blow out

    Any riggers out there ever see or heard about a correctly loading reserve canopy that got the middle cell blew out from a terminal opening , under 130 knots Quote? 2004 made.
  7. parafredo

    Synergy 150

    Would be very nice to have some feedback about this canopy, especially openings. Thanks
  8. parafredo

    Malfunctioned Drogue

    I had this one in 2008 and 1 out from my 6500+ tandems up to now,...
  9. parafredo

    Making parts

    I do have a concern about this issue. I see on the field that some senior riggers and A1 canadian riggers are starting to make spare parts as: main d-bags, pilot chute, briddles, cutaways.... Is it me or I find that this is going too far !!!
  10. parafredo

    Harness Machine
  11. parafredo

    Harness Machine

    According to this manual, it does not take no 26 or 28 needle and size thread as well. So it will not be suitable. Quote
  12. parafredo

    Tandem student suits

    We use a lot from He makes suits for tunnel as well, very durable
  13. parafredo

    Black HMA

  14. parafredo

    Black HMA

    Hello to all. Anybody knows who is making black HMA line set for velocity ? Same line installation setup as Icarus .
  15. parafredo


    Hello. I am currently looking for a walking foot zigzag industrial sewing machine and I am wondering which model works the best other than a Consew 146. Need good foot lift as well for heavy work. Thanks