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  1. katana is a beautiful canopy, on heading openings :)
  2. ohhh thank you very much, for both canopies would it be ideal? vectran 725 and 1000? I am also a supporter of separate since if you do not have to change the entire line vectran 1000 in the cascades? and then they vectran 725 in all the line lst and bk until controls? With Vectran 1000 in controls, it is very difficult for me to lower the slider. Couldn't you put 725 on the entire line from the cascades? would it influence something? thanks!!!
  3. Hello everyone, I am a new rigger recently graduated but not by the FAA but by the Bulgarian federation, I am starting out in this wonderful world of rigging, currently I have 1 katana 120 to which I have to change the brake lines in brief Complete, I understand that katana 120 uses HMA1000 brakes and you can also put vectran1000, any recommendations, advice? I'm going crazy for finding hma1000 but I can't find, would someone know to tell me where I can get it? Also with regard to katana I have seen a 120 that the brakes are not separated into 2 sections, and they have a loop where I have braked on the line itself, taking away the advantage of changing only one section, has anyone seen it like this? and here comes where they kill her, saber 2 150, according to specifications of the PD page saber 2 150 uses dacron 525, HMA 700, Vectran 750 and spectra 825 What would be the most recommended? What brakes do you use exactly? Thank you all very much for your patience and my translation English blue skies!