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  1. Josef97

    tandem instructor course

    yes, i also spoke with some TI in my dz most of them did the course with much higher jumps number.. this is why im asking here, btw im going to be in the US this summer... thanks tho!
  2. hello, i hope this question belong to this forum, im skydiving for 4 years with little less than 400 jumps and coach rating at the moment and planing on doing TI course after completing 500 jumps - and D license this summer so i could earn some money on the way. my question is to TI's around here if its highly recommended to gather up more jumps before the course or is 500 jumps good enough considering im very current. also would like to hear if there are some tips and other things i should know before going to the course. thanks, josef.
  3. Josef97

    Downsizing to magellan vs sabre 2

    Yeah i know its great canopy, and im consulting the instructors... but i asked how magellan is compare to it from people who haves expirience with them both.
  4. Josef97

    Downsizing to magellan vs sabre 2

    Hi, I currently jump sabre 2 150 1.25 wl and looking to downsize soon, im starting to practice high speed landing and looking for the next canopy to have longer recovery arc, i have a good offer for new magellan 130 (1.4wl for me), now i heard good things about this canopy, but also heard from someone that it recover faster than a sabre 2, so if someone have some expirience with both canopies and can give comperison ill be happy, Thanks!.
  5. Josef97

    cut away for skysystem helmet?

    hi, planing to start photography and build my helmet setup, now i have skysystem nvertigo flat top helmet with chincup, now im trying to figure the things i need: 1) how do i install cutaway for this helmet? 2) which dslr mount should i get? im new to this, so any info would be helpful. thanks, josef.
  6. Josef97

    Speed reserve vs smart lpv

    Im going to get low bulk 150 reserve and im considering the speed and smart lpv due to their similar price... Speed looks to have good reputation but the smart lpv dont have much feedback on... What aould you prefer?
  7. Josef97

    Wings reserve flap problem.

    Hi, i have wings w11 dom 2007 with pdr160 in it and since the my rigger packed the reserve, the reserve flap would go out always, he knows about this problem and packed it several times but the flap goes out every time, now i dont live in the US so its not that simple to just send it to wings... Is there any suggestions that could help? Thanks.
  8. Josef97

    Skydive Shomrat

    Just been twice and going back for more... this is young dz that still build itself in north-west Israel, cozy dz friendly and helpful to fun jumpers, they just upgraded to new Cessna 208 Caravan, they also offer the most affordable prices for fun jumpers in israel, the only con in my opinion is that the plane take off from haifa airport so they drive you for 10 minutes each time to get there... but not a big deal. very recommended dz!