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  1. Will have the VX 94 for the weekend. So I'm definately ready to play!!! I'm gonna put the stock slider back on and then cut it off with my hook knife once I'm under canopy at least so I can survive the opening. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  2. Count me in, I'll weight up my 120 so I can keep up!!! (if I do not have something else by then) Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  3. You gonna supply the rocket boosters for the rest of us to keep up with you?!? Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  4. Meet #5-May TBA So has the TBA been solved yet?!?
  5. There are a few cute ones around that still have their teeth, unfortunately they're still in middle school..... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  6. As long as the friends who didn't make it couldn't have "fun by proxy" cause damn they missed one hell of a time!!!! Congrats again to Art on his 10,000th, Mike for his 20th year in the sport, and thanks to all who came out and made it another great Hog Flop, hope to see everyone again next year!!!! (And I promise I will try not to win everything again) Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  7. Pre-Registration: done Hall Pass for the weekend: done both rigs in date: shit.... working on it well two outta three isn't bad!!! I'll be there probably Saturday morning (maby late Friday night) I haven't heard if there was a poker game planned.... If so count me in!!!! See ya there!!!
  8. You need me to bring your rig? I know your not to far from DeLand, but I'm there every day!!! edited to add: and you didn't re-alphabatize the list while you were at it?!? Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  9. OK made a Hop & Pop yesterday and I've healed enough to make it after making my divit last moth in the landing area (unfortunately unlike swoop with my body ) So count me in!!! Airwhore Andy U carbonezone Crutch CSpenceFLY freefalle Jguy904 klingeme Lauraliscious Mamajumps missg8tordivr mwabd1 Normiss Rick Skymama ? squirell1 taxiway(aka scott krout) The Don TMPattersonJr Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  10. I know where her rig is for a reapck right now, I make take it hostage and ensure she shows up!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  11. Nah, I'm boring. I'm not a costume kind of girl. Just wear your "Naughty Soccer Mom" outfit -- that'll be plenty. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  12. I think the last time Scotty saw me at Palatka I was like 12 or 13 Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  13. Jacksonville and Daytona are the closest. 1:30 from Jax, 1:00 from Daytona, you're looking at 2-2:30 from Orlando depending on traffic, route etc... Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  14. I think I remember your rig (I'm the inspector at Mirage), it should have about a 20 - 22 inch chest strap. I've got a 24" inch on my rig and I loosen it all the way on every jump and have never had a problem. Even after a RDS mal 2 weekends ago leading to a chop, once the reserve was open and flying I did my usual routine, look at my landing options, loosen chest strap, unstow toggles, see if the canopy will not kill me (barring user error) on landing. Then looked at where my stuff was going and followed it down since it was on the airport. So others may chime in but I've never had an ill handling canopy because of loosening the chest strap. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  15. OK I'm nowhere near my logbook, but I do know what the progression was, just approximate jump numbers. Sharpchuter 245 - 2 Jumps Navigator 220 - 20 Jumps Firbolt 200 - 10 Jumps Firebolt 182 - 25 Jumps Firebolt 164 - 100 Jumps Firebolt 146 - 75 Jumps Firebolt 128 - 50 Jumps Katana 135 - 75 Jumps Firebolt 119 - 20 Jumps Katana 120 - 150 Jumps Katana 107 - 150 Jumps Katana 97 - 20 Jumps Velo 111 - 5 Jumps Velo 96 - 5 Jumps Others uknown: 25 Jumps I loaded all at around an exit weight of 180, have loaded some up to an exit weight of 220... Most sould say that my progression is definately fast, But the majority of my progression I was making Hop - N - Pops, lots of them at 13,000' Tandem videos pulling around 4,000' and around 150 other various other jumps (wingsuit, freefly, rw) I'm not an official canopy coach but I do like doing high hop - n - pops with younger jumpers and working on various canopy skills. Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  16. Ok here's what I'm getting from this. if you're going double fronts, turn, double fronts you're loosing all the energy from your dive before you even try to plain it out. I've killed more swoops like that with my KA-120. My usual 270 consists of deep breaks until about 850'-800', double fronts for a relaxed count to 3 (1......2......3), start turn slow with harness and continue to pick up speed in the turn by gradually letting up on the outside riser, stop the turn on your marks by equalizing the inside riser to the outside, take a breath while you're letting it plain, and adjust your recvery if necessary. I've foun some of my longest swoops have come from when I was just barely in the corner, and gave a bit of break to pull out of the dive. Your problem is you're already under the canopy and have come out of the dive long before you start your swoop. Get out of the habit of coming out of your turn still in double fronts. If you have to touch anything besides breaks or rears, you're probably turning to fast and need to slow it down. I used to start my 270 at around 550'-600' an since I have slowed down my turn I've bumped my start altitude up almost 300' and can easily get 250-300 footers all day long. DISCLAIMER: no one person flies the same as another, take hints from everyone and experiment but be careful, you could kill yourself doing this shit!!! I am by no means an expert, and take my advice as you will. Just remember it's your ass on the line... Oh and have fun that' what this sport is about!!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  17. It looked like they had a swoop course set up on one of the landing shots Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  18. Just in case you're wondering the closest beaches to Palatka are St. Augustine, Crescent and Daytona and are 35, 45 and 70 minutes away respectively. Plus the boogie in Palatka is our annual Collegate Boogie hosted by the Falling Gators. And unless you're from Canada it's probably not going to be the most favorable beach weather anyway!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  19. She's a married woman now, she can't be doing all that Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  20. fixed it for ya!!! Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  21. Pulled from Art's Weekly E-mail News Letter from last week. Hey everyone! What a weekend! The skygods definitely smiled on us for the boogie! Some final numbers for the weekend....1043 jumps made from Thursday through Monday. The winning hog flop team turned in a time of under 6 seconds. We graduated 4 AFF students, one A-license and lots of tandems. There were three cutaways, two by Bolas. To our own Tosha Byrd, $1500 was raised to help her out with the raffle on Saturday night! Harry Parker took lots of pictures throughout the event, if you would like to see them, you can visit his website. ( I want to thank everyone who lent a hand, I know I will miss a few people here, but everyone of us contributed into making this a boogie that we all could be proud to say happened at our home dz. Amber first of all did a GREAT job in manifest this weekend! Everyone who got up in the air this weekend needs to say something to her, she singlehandedly ran manifest on the busiest day of the year for us! Thanks to Tosha for stepping in and lending a hand, so Amber could make a few jumps during the boogie. Thanks to Denis and Team Dirty Sanchez for planning all of the festivities that we all enjoyed (the fire works were amazing!). They will be back again next year to handle that role. Thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday and lent a hand cleaning up the place and all of you that helped keep it that way throughout the weekend. Everyone who came from other DZs, were talking about what a wonderful place we have here! And lastily, thanks to world record holder Tom Hayden, for coming to the boogie and increasing t-shirts sales by 50%. In closing, I really want to thank everyone for a safe event. Everyone of you stepped up especially in the area of safety throughout the event. I believe there were very few close calls as everyone stressed our landing pattern and rules to the people visiting. It was great to see people flying patterns and all landing in the same direction throughout the boogie! Thanks again to everyone, see you in the air soon! Blue Skies, Art Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  22. Reply: "Have you met our pilot?!?" (see attached pic) Blue SkiesBlack DeathFacebook
  23. Tony, just wanted to say thanks for coming up. I didn't get to participate in any of the flocks, but had an absolute blast jumping the SM1. Hopefully next time I'll get to go play with the flock