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  1. I pm'ed you his information. Give Mike a call, he should be able to hook you up. _________________________________________
  2. I think I might be able to help you out. I ride the train for free into NYC so it wouldn't be that big of deal. _________________________________________
  3. Glad you are alive and alright! Easily the scariest thing I have seen yet. _________________________________________
  4. It did suck. It sucked to watch it too, I hate seeing people get hurt. But by the time I walked over there I could hear him talking and he seemed in good spirits. He made the comment "Did I get a point for touching the water?". I don't know if it makes any difference but when I looked over my other footage I saw that his first jump he was very high over the pond. _________________________________________
  5. Here is the crash from my perspective. I was at the other end of the pond with a wide angle lens on my camera so it's not so clear. _________________________________________
  6. The King Air is no more. _________________________________________
  7. I am a SDLI native and recent vistor to the Ranch. While SDLI offers a view like no other, the largest landing area around (I mean come on the run way is 10,000FT long) and now a King Air that will do like 2500FT/min in the end its the tandems that get priority. The Ranch is just so much more. The tandems coexsist nicely with the fun jumpers. They rip up two twin otters doing 1600FT/min and you would never even realize that tandems are there. The atmosphere is so much better at the ranch. They make you want to skydive. Here's my break down: SDLI (few hundred jumps): Pros: King Air Caravan Big landing area Beautiful view Majority of the people are friendly and cool to hang around with Cons: Tandems come first. Small fun jumper crowd (keep getting smaller) 13.5 50% 11.5 50% Expensive tickets ($24 13.5, $22 11.5) Ranch (about 10 jumps): Pros: Two Twin Otters Large fun jumper crowd Plenty of coaches When both planes are in motion its balls to the wall skydiving Good balance between fun jumpers and tandems The atmosphere is unreal there, you can't help getting on every load you can. 14K every load, every jump $20 jump tickets (did I mention 14k every load?) Cons: Small landing area 20 people per load with small landing area can get crowded Both days I was there it took them a while to get both planes going, was waiting just as long as I would at SDLI to get on a load Winds can be really funkie. Thats my view. I will be making a lot more trips out to the Ranch now. Is there a boogie at the Ranch on the 4th? _________________________________________
  8. I was thinking more of.... _________________________________________
  9. That's pretty neat. Please wear a grey suit and red bowtie when you ride it! _________________________________________
  10. Good one. _________________________________________
  11. Instant canopy. I believe normally when you jump from a stationary object you should wait a few seconds to pick up enough speed to get a clean deployment. Remember that is does take a bit of force for your PC to pull your lines and canopy out of the bag. It was a cool stunt though. _________________________________________
  12. See how upset Tony was when AJ nearly died last night? And how upset he got when he gave Coco the curb job? Multiply that by a million, and you have why she'd get whacked. Her dying would be worse than Tony's own death to Tony. Having said that, if Carmellia, AJ, or Meadow died it would all mean the same. They are an Italian family and nothing means more to them then each other. _________________________________________
  13. I laughed my ass off when meadow was talking to him and he told her that he was sick and was on medication so he had to quit school and couldn't get a job. _________________________________________
  14. I honestly don't know why they aired such a bs episode last night with only a few shows left. I can't believe they turned AJ into such a pussy. Every episode he is crying and acting like a baby. _________________________________________
  15. The ice wall is also 150ft high. _________________________________________