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  1. That would have been 1973 and part of 1974. Jim T??? ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  2. As an example of how it might look, there is a page on Roger Nelson. ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  3. Well, it's been 40 years, but if I remember correctly there was a collar that wrapped around the lines when packed for terminal. This collar required a substantial snatch to release which is why it tended to bag lock when taken sub-terminal. Edited to add: I just looked at the packing manual linked to above (I've never seen one before as Billy Revis and Dan Steiger taught me how to pack one. The manual shows just one packing method using the collar (called "Bag Retainer Strap" in the manual). I'm pretty sure this is the strap we didn't use for sub-terminal deployments. Up thread, it was said that someone has one. I'd recommend checking with them on the packing method they're using before proceeding. ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  4. The only low pulling friend I ever had that didn't bounce (except Billy Revis). BSBD Scotty! ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  5. I have many jumps on both the baby plane and cloud. If you are going sub terminal, just don't use the collar and MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO TERMINAL. The broken ribs vs bag lock issue is just this: 1) Pack for terminal and deploy sub terminal = bag lock. 2) Pack for sub-terminal and take it to terminal = broken something (depends on weight and luck). Converting to a slider is more work than it's worth for one or two jumps. Edited to add: As for the pilot chute, I've used 2 MA-1 and 1 MA-1 with pretty much equal results. I would think the alternate pilot chute will be fine as long as it has as much or more drag as a single MA-1 (pretty much a given). ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  6. That would have been the Cross Bow pig rig I believe, should have had one-shot capewells. I used one-shots my whole jumping career except when borrowing other's gear. I expect an near terminal opening on a round reserve with no diaper or bag would be sort of sudden... On my mal which was a Mae West, I opened my 26' conical within a few feet of my departing capewells, so didn't have much opening shock. Same on my intentionals, didn't want to take those reserves to terminal. ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  7. No, I drifted out of the sport in 1980. Yes, I knew Falcon and that photo may well be from Hinkley in 1975 as that looks like the Lodestar we took up there that year. ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  8. I got my number on a jump with FB#1 and FB#2 among others in 1975 at Hinckley. Alas, no camera man... ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  9. I don't know if they were the best days or not, but the most dramatic period IMO was about 74 to 78. That period marks the transition from military gear with round canopies to custom harness/container systems, 3-ring, hand-deploy (throw out now), and all squares. Glad I was there
  10. Here you go: ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  11. Yikes... Ok, I have them on my PC at home, just have to upload to Flickr and post the link. I'll try to get to it by the weekend, but feel free to keep bugging me about it if you don't see my post ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  12. Photo #23 is Charlene (Charlie) Moore, Ed Moore's wife at the time. ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  13. Pat, you MUST be retired by now, how about scanning some more photos for us (please, please)? ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  14. 76 was the 102 teams. Participation began to drop off starting in 77. ----------------------- Roger "Ramjet" Clark FB# 271, SCR 3245, SCS 1519
  15. I didn't count, but the stage was full for the photos. There are some photos on Facebook already and I'm sure there will be more. I took a number of shots, but have not done the download or post processing yet. When I get them done, I'll drop a link in here for you. Saw at least 10 FB brothers I hadn't seen in 38 years