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  1. Yes. I'm betting there are alot of 40+ skydiving ladies on here that look fab in a bikini...
  2. Stepside Chevy truck three on the tree
  3. froglady

    Open Caskets

    Lost my dad two months ago, my mom, Paul and I were with him when he died and were able to sit with him for quite some time in the hospital after he'd passed. We decided to have a very private viewing the next day at the funeral home before he was cremated, this allowed my sister and two close friends to say good bye and bring reality to their loss. Other then being washed nothing else was done, for my mom and I it was important to see him calm and peaceful the exact opposite of the hospital. Before this I would have said, nope no need.
  4. Have not received new messages since yesterday afternoon. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. yum............yes with long legs.
  6. froglady


    Unless there's a short skirt involved all the time. Can't stand panties or bras.
  7. 10 year sky birthday and 40th on the 12th. Hope to jump and then big party at home with skyfriends.
  8. Lady in the 1st jump class with me whispered that she was wearing depends just incase.
  9. Just watched my 1st tandem(1999) - I have the scared giggle and when asked if I'm ready to skydive there is a definite no head shake as I say ok.
  10. blueskiesbill d_squared431 fmmobley micduran popsjumper SWATcop tmaricle55 Up N Down Shop wildcard451 froglady psw097