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  1. Anyone else done something like this before their first jump??[email protected]/ This dude is seriously scared. Fulfilling the bucket list just in case....
  2. Awesome stories guys. Keep em coming! in the mean time, it turns out that link I posted earlier is actually part of some competition for Aussie home loans! check it out: Where do you think he'll land? Would a banker fall the same way normal people do!? just kidding...
  3. Its nice to know I ain't alone in my fearing sentiments..
  4. I'm about to jump on the w/e and am definitely leaning towards the scared side of emotions. Kind of like this guy: does he remind you of yourselves?
  5. Anyone remember their feelings before their first jumps? ??? please enlighten....
  6. Thanks for your encouraging advice. It definitely helps. So yesterday, after emailing my friends about my plans to jump, a mate sent me this: I cant help but sympathise. anyone know what its about?
  7. hey, I'm planning on doing my first jump soon. Just psyching myself up to do it. was it hard taking that first leap out of the plane?