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  1. floridadiver81

    Thought I'd introduce myself!

    Welcome to the board and congratulations for making plans to make your first jump! Im assuming by NoVA you mean northern virginia. I was stationed in norfolk for 4 1/2 crappy years. Anyways i will be the first to warn you that this sport is HIGHLY addictive. If you really NEED to jump then you have the attitude of a future jumper. I didnt my first jump out of state( i live in florida). Upon returning to florida i started AFF the following weekend! Had to take a break but im back in the sport as of february. I wish you luck and welcome to the skies!
  2. floridadiver81

    im new

    Welcome to the board! Just a tidbit of advice....it helps to fill out your profile so everyone knows where youa re located at and what not. Are you doing a tandem first or are you going straight into a student program? Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
  3. Everything you need to know about scott miller's course http://www.freedomofflight.tv/index.php
  4. floridadiver81

    Pixie's Hubby...

    Welcome to the board bro. Lil hint....at least fill out the profile..people will like ya more
  5. floridadiver81

    Buying a complete rig abroad

    Caution:low jump numbers here. the classifieds on dz.com are hit and miss. Ive been on the lookout for another reserve and a jumpsuit also. Of all the adds ive replied to i may have recieved 5% of responces back from them. Its gotten to the point of if its an older add....the chances are very high that the item has already been sold...and the add was not taken down...which has been the case with a few of the adds that i answered. If you dont get any hits on the classifieds check out your local dz(s). There is almost always gear for sale by jumpers that just have extra stuff laying around but never put adds up to sell it. They jsut wait for someone to come around asking for stuff. Give it a shot...ya never know till ya try!
  6. floridadiver81

    Injury in skydiving???

    I'm going to say this one is a reporter out to seek negativity...or to start it.
  7. floridadiver81

    First jump tomorrow!

    you would be wise to try and get aff done here. I have a friend in the uk that is starting aff and its a VERY LARGE price differance in the training here...vice the training there! Good luck though!
  8. floridadiver81

    Newbie from South Africa :-)

    Door axiety....that doesnt goaway for awhile....so suck it up and do aff. Seriously though..welcome to the forums. You will find alot of great people here...and alot of useful information. Good luck with your aff when you eventually do start it
  9. floridadiver81

    Can someone tell me what went wrong?

  10. floridadiver81

    New in general.

    Welcome to the forums nathan. Im a fng too. Ive never done a military jump..but i know sport jumping is awesome. I wish money wasnt an issue or i would soo have my A right now...bills suck!! Anyway...where do you plan on jumping at? If you could try and get some tunnel time if one is available around where you live. It deff cant hurt ya..lol. again welcome to the skies Jason
  11. floridadiver81

    since I'm new here....

    Welomce to the forums! Im orginally from pottsvile..which isnt to far away from ya. I plan on coming back to pa after i graduate aff so maybe we can do a 2way
  12. floridadiver81


    Welcome to the forums! It might help to fill out the profile a lil . where ya located and where do ya plan on jumping at?
  13. floridadiver81

    Jav NJ - How big a Main ?

    go here http://www.sunpath.com/sizchart.htm
  14. floridadiver81

    Baby Skydiver on the loose!

    are you going to the dublin boogie? ill be off student by then and am planning on doing a good amount of my license jumps there!
  15. floridadiver81


    haha...i didnt think you were going to join the forum..LOL. Anyways yes this is a close friend of mine. Im going to get him up in a tandem..and hopefully he gets as hooked as i do. He is right though..he does possess alot of skills. He is very mechanically inclined, and he can build a computer blindfolded with both arms tied behind his back...lol. a little overly dramatic..but yeah. he is good people and hopefully a future full time skydiver