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  1. velvetjo

    Raynox 3035/5050 + cx115

    I've had good results with those lenses on a CX100 with the manual focus between 1.4 - 2.0m. Infinity wasn't sharp up close. Are you zoomed in at all? Lance
  2. velvetjo

    Video Camera Angle

    A camera helmet is a piece of working gear. Get used to the idea that you're going to have some re-work as you figure out your system. That said, there's a lot of benefit in mocking up your helmet build ahead of time. Get a roll of gaffer tape and put everything where you think you want it. Since you're looking at filming RW, get down on your belly and see what you can get with the camera while lying on the floor. That's not perfect, but it will give you a starting point for adjustments. When you're satisfied with what you can get and the balance of your setup, start looking for snag points by pulling a line across it in various directions. Fix the snag points as much as possible. Make sure that your proposed setup doesn't interfere with the helmet cutaway. Now you're ready to get someone who knows camera helmets to help you check it over. Once they've helped with more adjustments, you're probably ready for the Dremel tool & drill, but don't be surprised if you have to tweak stuff to get it right and mess up your shiny new helmet. Use some of the left over gaffer tape and/or some "kewl" stickers to cover up your mistakes. Good luck. Lance
  3. velvetjo

    The Killing Zone

    One of the key concepts in that book is that a zone exists between x and y hours of experience where pilots are prone to fatal errors. It seems like there's probably a similar zone for jumpers too. Out of curiosity, does anyone have any thoughts on the low & high end of this "killing zone" range for skydiving jump numbers? Lance
  4. You'll clearly need this to complete the assignment. Throw a 1253 in there; it looks about right. Lance
  5. velvetjo

    Live Webinar?

    Sounds great. I'd be up for all of the topics, and have no problem with paying a small fee. One other thing you might consider is making a DVD available to the participants after the webinar for reference. Hope you get this off the ground, Lance
  6. velvetjo


    Thanks for the info, you just saved me a trip to the AME next month!
  7. velvetjo

    D-box for Sony HC-32

    Side mounting? I used a Bonehead d-box for my HC-42, and here's what I did. Get a dremel tool and cut a hole in the side of the box if the LANC plug is too wide. You may need to cut a nice big hole in the side of your helmet to match. Remember that loose carbon fibers and electronics don't mix well, so clean up after you cut and seal the edges with clear nail polish or something similar. Adhesive weatherstripping foam works okay for inside the box, but you may want to go over it with gaffer tape to keep stuff from shifting around each time you access the camera. Buy a couple of different thicknesses of foam so you can shim things the way you like. My d-box had enough room that I shimmed more under the front & on top of the back to increase the camera angle a bit. Worked great for tandems last season. Lance
  8. velvetjo

    Recording DVDs

    Do you mean each frame or each clip? Each frame seems pretty excessive. My limited experience is with Adobe Premiere Elements, which does not appear able to do this automatically by clip. Even if you did find something that made each clip a different chapter, you'd end up with a new chapter for each cut, which still might be a bit much depending on how & what you're shooting. Lance
  9. My PC running Windows XP Pro wouldn't recognize my camera at all with the onboard 1394 ports. Tried everything I could find on the net to fix it, but no luck. I finally got a PCI 1394 add-on card out of desperation and it worked first try. For $30, it's probably worth a shot. Good luck with it. Lance