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  1. Im curious why Im not seeing many Omni's out in the field. Im needing a lower performing canopy for wing suiting and flying heavy camera set ups and if the Omni has those lovely smooth soft opening which Icarus are so well known for then it seems like an ideal canopy. I just can't find anyone who is jumping one? Can anyone tell me your experience of Omni's I'd be especially keen to know of anyone who has been able to compare its characteristics against the PD Storm .
  2. Presumably the 550 means lower bulk too? is it an option for lighter suspended weights ? Would it not be suitable for me at 220lbs ?
  3. Thnaks Quagmirian , Yup Iv'e seen those , Im more interested in the differences in the line strengths at this stage and Im not finding much info on that.
  4. Im seeking some well informed advice on line size. Im placing an order for a new PD Storm . Im at the point on the oder form where I need to decide on line. My options listed are 600 lb Dacron 550 lb Microline 825 lb Microline Edited - Thanks for all the advice here on line types. I'm decided on Microfine but I'm still seeking advice on what factors go into deciding 550 lbs or 825 lbs ? Can I get away with a presumably lower pack volume of 550 lbs line with my higher suspended weight of 220b + gear ?
  5. An email link would be good too. Im experiencing that same issue myself but I'm not in the USA at the moment to be able to call easily.
  6. Really keen to hear more about your experience with this model. Where in the UK are you jumping?
  7. Here's my offering. Custom built but probably more than I need right now in my career. I'm actually considering selling it and getting something smaller. I still think it looks wicked though.
  8. Hi , Im looking at a few DZ's for work options and wondering if anyone has any feed back good or bad about the current vibe at Skydive Bay of Islands ? I'm Happy to receive P.M's on the subject . Thanks :-)
  9. A couple of pics of the new Carve . Side by side with the original Havok.
  10. Has Freak N suits gone out of business? I'm not seeing their website anymore and my emails to Angela are bouncing.
  11. Has anyone managed to find a way of doing this on a mac platform ? I don't think I can use Virtualdub on mac:-(
  12. I see your based in the UK. My swift and I are jumping at Netheravon and Dunkerswell when weather permits. If your near either of these DZ's I'd be happy to show you my swift which also have back fly inlets.
  13. I've just taken delivery of my Squirrel Swift. Im a new wing suiter and only have 15 jumps on it with nothing to compare it too and in terms of performance and I'm very much a novice pilot but I will echo the comments on its easy reach arm system being very effective and that the overall build quality and attention to detail is incredibly impressive. The order process was painless and customer service second to none. Im in the process of loosing a lot of weight in a post motorcycle accident period and the squirrel team have offered to resize my suit when I reach my target weight. Now thats impressive. Like I say I don't have enough experience to compare it to much else but the fliers I have flown alongside tell me they are impressed with its range and speed. I love it. It doesn't do any thing funky and feels solid. I will report back when I'm able to offer more feedback.
  14. Thanks squeak, do you have contact details. Quote
  15. I'm looking at doing a couple of weeks jumping at Eloy . I'm looking for accommodation and wanting something more comfortable than the bunkhouse and cheaper than the sky rider inn. Does anyone know of any affordable trailer or house accommodation nearby ?