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  1. Dear God!!! Do you wear a neck brace for openings?? Thanks for the advice on the setup.
  2. Here is my completed Flat Top Pro complete with Micro Pro LED light source (advice from DSE - thanks!)
  3. No image but I think I get the point. Gotta get the bracket.
  4. Getting ready to buy MicroPro LED for Flat-Top Pro. We had discussed this at the end of las ear and you said you attached with a thumb screw. Two questions - for a technically challenged moron, exactly how did you do this?? Secondly, AA's or lithium? Lithium mount looks like it would interfere with mounting and make it stick out more. Thanks.
  5. That bonehead makes my neck hurt just looking at it.
  6. Thanks, final questions I swear; is it bright enough that you think it would take away from the customer's experience? Also with your set up can you remove it easily or do you leave it on? Thanks again.
  7. Thanks. What I was looking for. Few other question DSE, if I might, couldn't find director. Closest I found was the MicroPro. Also do you use it on every jump or only when low light or times shadows are likely?
  8. Both vid and still. Was wondering about something like an LED source or something. I've seen the giant light Norman Kent uses for pro use but wondered if there if a smaller option.
  9. Today had high thin overcast which plays havoc on filming dark skinned people. Any ideas on lighting sources to help on these days or remove shadows on bright days at certain angles? Looking for something that is practicle weight wise for daily use. Thanks.
  10. On my level 2 AFF I did the same. Took 2 years to sit comfortably and 8 years later still uncomfortable sometimes. I jumped the next day and completed AFF the next week. The worst was sitting in the plane on the way to altitude. Won't damage you just hurts so never quit. It goes away eventually.Quote
  11. That was my plan, use go-pro for photo back up. The helmet will be brought to you by the department repeditive redundancy department.
  12. Have ordered a Flat Top Pro and would like to add a second cx100 for redundancy. I'd like to fit a TSi along with the cx100's on top if they'll all fit. Would rather not mount still on front. Anyone know if it will all fit?