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  1. In the news again.
  2. My son and I did it to "Get our Kicks on Route 66!" Lots of Rt 66 history in OK.
  3. Southwest has always been good to me. Nothing but bad luck and trouble with United. Here is a funny video from a couple of years back. The guy really hurt United with this vid. After he made the vid they wanted to work with him. Too bad they didn't do the right thing before. United breaks guitars.
  4. Thanks guys. So my wife is headed to Eloy this weekend for a shindig. Hopefully she will really dig it there and we can be retirement snowbirds there in da future. Then back to Colorado fro the summer.
  5. I don't have a problem investing my money in wall street, as long as I pick the right companies. Pull all the money out of wall street and you will see this country drop into the shitter in a heartbeat. Any idea how many businesses and jobs depend on those publicly traded companies staying capitalized? Almost every person with a retirement is in "Wall Street". If the Traded Companies are strong then American business is strong, the economy is strong and we all win. (BTW that is not a guarantee but it sure makes it easier for someone to become successful if the business climate in America is strong). Now, that doesn't mean I don't have a problem with giving tax money to bail out specific companies. I agree the govt shouldn't be in the business of picking winners and losers. To me that is a problem and a whole different topic. As far as the second part; your comments about the flat tax, I have absolutely no problem with any of what you mention. In fact I do believe that is what a flat tax is all about.