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  1. Fuel truck. If Michael Bay movies have taught us anything. It should result in a gigantic explosion and fireball. They'll be scrubbing and scrapping your charred remains off for weeks.
  2. I'm not sure of the status then. As on NG there are often songs which end up in flash games. Where the demo is free. But you have to pay $5 to get the full version. Drunken Masters is an example it has the song Momentum from Masai/central digit. http://centraldigit.com/centraldigit/Central_Digit/centraldigit.html I reckon you'll probably have to ask the author themselves. Maybe agree to 30 cents per use or something. Considering they get pretty much nothing from NG usage other than exposure. And its a hell of a lot more than they'd get through an Amazon MP3 download. Or go learn to play an instrument and learn to play it yourself. Alternatively just steal it! 100% of the tandem videos I've seen has music they dont have permission to use. Obscure Asian songs are incredibly useful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R15aT2czCTg
  3. Look at Newsgrounds. There are a LOT of music makers on there who will allow you to use their music on a non commercial basis if you give them overt credit for it. Shadow69 nothing is currently one of my faves. (Its contempory classic piano) http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/380693
  4. Alot of peeps told me not to come here. I came here anyway. I wanted to freefly. Home DZ no coaches for freefly. Instructors regulars all warmed me against coming here. Geff only wants tandems. They don't want skydivers, I jumped here for 5 years never again. I visited one sunny morning. The really hot frealy weeks in Mar a while ago now. Id gone home about 4 hours later. Parking up they seemed real busy. I go to sign up and I'm asked if I'm here to do a tandem. No. I'm asked to come back later as they are very busy. An hour and a half later same thing happens again. Come back later. I go explore the packing she 20 or so tandems from a guy I think I recognise from Strath. Alot of people in sausage suits just standing around feels unapproachable and cold. Watching the people getting on board all just tandems and camera fliers. Alot of hotloading tandems as well. One last time at noon. I go into the office again. I'm given a dirty annoyed get out of my face look I'm told they are very busy and to come back later. I've been waiting hours I tell them. I'd told curtley others have been waiting for longer more tandems arriving. I go home.
  5. I moved from a 150 beastie. To a 300.... Granted I paraglide on the 300...
  6. From OUR point of view it does not make sense. However step back and think about society these days and it makes a lot of sense. I do not know about the USA but I do know about the UK. And the UK has.... issues. politics as been infantising the population at large on purpose. As such people are easier to control and manipulate. There are a lot of adults in the UK who are merely children but in the bodies of adults. Extremely irresponsible people, people who cannot even resolve their finances. Or even fix basic things. I mean FFS people are taking cars to mechanics to replace burnt out BULBS in their cars. Tech even makes things easier as well. ABS means no need to learn to brake properly. Automatic boxes on cars everywhere mean few people can drive manual. And as such, everything is regarded as dangerous by the public at large. By both the media and a lot of the general public. Culture in the UK has become so risk adverse that anything out of the norm is considered dangerous. Ha internet trolling in the UK can lead to prison sentences even, because people are so soft they can't take a bit of criticism. Thus to a great many people this is considered absolutely terrfying.
  7. Hahahaa You guys reckon petitions work as well? they don't. And besides what stops you from doing a paraglider jump anyway? For starters paragliders towed can launch anywhere. In the UK of all places, a bunch of guys I know used paramotors to traverse north to south in the UK. They managed to do it undercover and camp out of sight as well. With the UK being a small crowded island I don't see how doing it in the USA which has vast vast tracts of emptiness is going to be difficult. Yes a person I know, offered to take me up and let me jump off in the UK. Won't mention any names, but I will NEVER complain about piston aircraft and C182s ever again. Takes ages to get up there.
  8. Who else isn't? I'm personally not renewing. I'm thinking of going USPA though and going overseas exclusively. I find it far too unrewarding, long weekends I can spend doing other things just sitting watching the sky. Also the total inability to find coaches even at big dropzones meaning I'm stuck on the bottom rung and not allowed to do anything but fall.
  9. Simply, flying out to Perris maybe Lodi. Which US carriers should be avoided like the plague? Living in Europe I know which ones to avoid here, like British Airways, and Ryan Airr and others but I am completely in the dark as to US carriers. Thanks.
  10. Except Cark is my Home DZ. I have only been there about 9 months though and work has kept me away. from the busy periods they have, I missed the open week! Cark is a bugger to get to is. I've seen the laid backedness of it all, I agree it is a good place to jump bar the cow pats EVERYWHERE in summer
  11. I was told once that the PC6 has a trap door in fact looking at this: http://www.airbornetechnologies.at/fileadmin/user_upload/sales/preferred/docs/pc6/Pilatus-PC-6-Aerial-Photography.pdf It does! Maybe they should drop people out of that instead of the sideways door?
  12. How fast is a fast turn around? And does it take into account the time it takes to get down? The PAC750 DZ I jump at the plane comes down slowly, that said their jump turn around is sometimes painful. They are so laid back and easy going it gets frustrating sometimes. On a blue sky morning in three hours with four full manifests they managed three lifts. While their major competitors 40 miles south use a Turbo PC6 yet they manage 4/5 lifts per hour @ 14000ft Plane goes up, and dives and lands. The porter often beats the skydivers to the ground it comes down so quick. They can back to back lifts so quickly that one tandem instructor can freefall. Land rip his rig off put another one on and hop on board just as the plane turns round to line up for the runway. The camera guys with 3 rigs have been known to back to back 3 lifts.
  13. For a single engine plane its pretty decent. The only thing that comes close is the Grand Caravan, which carries 4/5 less skydivers. and the door is pretty small on those things too but the wings are high up and the tail a bit farther away. Below that you've got, the SMG turbo finish which is horrifically cramped, then Porter Pc6 (one in the UK) which is again horribly cramped, then airvans and then 206s and 185 cessnas. For anything bigger and better cabin and doorwise you're going to have to go for a twin engine like the Dornier G92s, twin otters, Islanders etc. I learnt on the G92 big big door on that, but it's run in speed is too high for my liking. Off my head over here in England there are only a couple of DZs that use twin engine planes. Dunkeswell uses a Twin beech, Hibaldstow uses a G92, A few London DZs use twin otters and Islanders. And twin engines for what I know probably cost a lot more to run than your single engine setups.
  14. I'm sorry but those NewZealanders have already beaten you to it. The PAC750 already ticks all of the boxes. There are two of them in the UK. One at Cark, and one at Hinton IIRC. It climbs fast, has lots of seats, carries 17 skydivers + pilot, has a reasonably sized left hand door, and enough handles and grips for anybody. The only improvement you could make to the PAC750 is probably to uprate the airframe for more passengers. The only minor issue with the PAC750 is the low wings. And seemingly close tail plane.