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  1. speedstars make great staff jumps at end of day. nothings outdated at skydive the farm... we do it all hmmm says the mouse
  2. we are a happy family here and you can always speak with us regarding absolutely ANYTHING...
  3. i have acquired mine in a secondary manner but earned it just the same. what the hell are you doin there hmmm says the mouse
  4. Anything that has happened behind the scenes has stayed there. The people making comments are doing so off of their own observations. hmmm says the mouse
  5. It's been my second year working with the SkyFest team and it was just as good as the first. he he The atmosphere irreplaceable, it's a super busy, super fast week and I love it. You get to meet incredible people, jumpers, manufacturers, there's an abundance of information and people want to share it Thanks Turtle for getting me a stellar team for my second SCR attempt, Sue W for the awesome pointers and Sky Dave for saving the day. By the way I ended up searching for my car keys in field after getting dumped with beer. And applause to the folks who switched the women & men shower signs. (am I the only one that noticed) Got my pink mafia and also got to participate on the pink patch dive (lucky fella gets to jump with all women). Bolas, by the way, you should have taken J's advice, you would have gotten more attention from the ladies with more on than a tuxedo thong. Thanks Derek from Javelin for the usage of that kick ass rig, Skydive Carolina for all the hard work and keeping us all comfortable. Can't for forget my team, Patrick and Andy and anyone else I forgot. J, I gotta say, I do thank you for allowing me to be part of the event. hmmm says the mouse
  6. We're gonna miss you hmmm says the mouse
  7. re: I would be happy to go over the proper way to do this..... to ensure no one gets hurt. Its not so easy as one would think to slow down from 250 MPH+ from 5500 ft to where I dump at 2500' I've recently been easing into some freeflying and would certainly welcome some pointers
  8. I've seen n heard bout scuffles and after thinking bout this situation realized it could of ended like this in any of those incidences. People can get thrown into things, land on things. So the next time someone wants to just 'pop' that dude remember it may not be just that, there may be unforseen consequences. hmmm says the mouse
  9. Yupperz... we'll be goin' to da Beech fri sat & sun, or at least I will. Who knows what we'll come up with next hmmm says the mouse
  10. Been kinda potluck but we have gotten to jump all different kinds planes which is great for me. We have an otter coming in about a lil over a month and all will be back to normal hmmm says the mouse
  11. This is the all time 'load of crap' saying. How are you? Like you really &%$#@ care and the assumed response is always "Oh just fine" Absolute waste of time. hmmm says the mouse
  12. Oh my, you are quite literal and I'm not quite sure what a shot-putter is or if I even want to know but sounds pretty funny hmmm says the mouse
  13. roxi


    Oh thats noooo tease lil' buddy. We even got an extra LARGE bus to fit all ya'll 23 beer bellys as they say here in the GA. hmmm says the mouse
  14. That'd be the fat china bossman...and yup I'm the crazy bus driver but damn i am good. hmmm says the mouse