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  1. Does anyone have a 2012 GMC DENALI 1500, if so can you tell me what you are getting for fuel mileage because i'm thinking of getting one and don't ever believe the window sticker
  2. Is this a "do it yourself" book on back surgery? I will check it out.
  3. Just some post info on this... I went for Bowen therapy last week at a local wellness center and have been pain free for a week. There is a little tightness in my back but for the most part the pain is gone. I have 2 more sessions to go to before we re-evaluate things. I stronly suggest if you have any sciatic nerve irritation that you check into Bowen therapy as it seems to have worked for me in a short time. I cannot say how long it will last but i am happy with the short term outcome as of now. I also have a MRI next week as well to see if there is anything else going on in there to rule out other things. Just thought i would update this thread.
  4. Mr Ianharrops suggestion was to try and remove that stick from your ass! Will try that also Kyle
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I am going to seek out a Physiotherapist and apply the other good suggestions when appropriate. Thanks again!
  6. Was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for good treatment for sciatic nerve issues? I did search the topic and found posts dating 5 years ago but was wondering if there were any new treatments. I have been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis and has been helping but i still have irritations. I also tried accupuncture, mind you only three occasions, and have had numerous massage treatments. I have been trying to stretch every morning and night as well. Has anyone had experience with one of those decompression tables or what ever they are called that stretch you out? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!! D
  7. Hey! Just a short note to acknowledge Cookie Composites for their great customer service. I had a shipment come to me via an international courier and through no fault of Cookie Composites it was later than the promised delivery time, which was no real big deal as it was only a day late. I was informed by Cookie that i would be receiving a credit for the shipping, which i did. Just a short note to thank Cookie for their honesty in extending the credit as I probaby would not have known otherwise and all their great customer support. Not to mention their products
  8. Hey Everyone, Which Mirage G4 container is the best fit for a Optimum143 and a Katana135? I used the mirage site to choose the last container sizing it was less than perfect so i'm looking for some other input. Thank you for your time. Cheers!
  9. Heading to Maui in March and have not been there before and was wondering if I could get some recommendations for hotels, activities, and good food. THANKS!
  10. A while back i had the opportunity to jump a Optima 143. During a sitfly jump with some friends after deploying my Stiletto 150 I felt it spin up instantly and could not kick out even one twist.. being my first cutaway i was a little nervous but after pulling the handles I looked up to see a beautiful orange canopy in a snivel then it opened up perfectly on heading. Stowed the handles did a flight check to evaluate controls and found it flew much like a spectre. I like the choice of color, high visibility orange, if i am in the sky under my last canopy I want to be seen! The flare was amazing! I'm loading it at around 1.45 I have a pdr 160 in my crw rig that has never been jumped (doing crw i'm sure it will be someday). I would like to put a Optima in that rig as well. Very happy with the Optima and all PD products, never owned any other canopies than PD.
  11. I ordered two suits from them this spring, a multi speed freefly suit and a camera suit. In the development of the suits there were a few emails back and fourth that were promptly addressed. They arrived before my quoted delivery time and were accompanied by some "deepseed" bucks as appreciation for my order. These suits fit me perfectly and were as indicated on their website. I have jumped these suits enough to know that they are going to stand up and are happy with their performance. Two of my fellow jumpers have ordered thru deepseed and are happy as well. I have also recently received an email from Liam (deepseed) asking for any feed back on the suits to assist in further development of his products. I cannot comment on the RW suit they produce, sorry. However I do recommend their products that I am using. Just my opinion. Happy jumping!
  12. I just picked the EOS REBEL XSi and have been playing with it for only a little while. Can anyone help me out with some setting recommendations for the best picture quality in the air?
  13. Any idea if there is any video up yet? or where it can be found? Thanks