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  1. Replying to my own message because an update is in order. I exchanged my iPhone again last night. I was reading some support posts and someone had the same problem I was having. Turns out, when they switched the phone prior they used the same SIM card so the phone wouldn't need to be activated. This time we switched the phone and activated it with the new SIM card and I have as good of a signal as I did with my Verizon phone. I bought mine at a local Apple store, so fortunately it was pretty quick for an exchange. I would recommend if you have a store close by, you go that route rather than ordering one online. Also, you have 14 days to exchange the phone for a new one otherwise you will get a refurbished replacement after that. You do get a fresh 14 day return policy after you exchange. AT&T will allow you to cancel the service with a full refund of the activation fees within 30 days of activation. I am now a very happy iPhone owner and wouldn't think of going back to just a "regular" cell phone. Deano
  2. I have had one for just over a week and I love everything about it but the phone. It should be called the iAnsweringMachine. Because I can never get service. I live in New England and travel from Hartford CT to Western Mass everyday and I don't have an ATT signal 90% of the time. I thought it must be the phone itself and exchanged it but it did not help. Luckily I have WIFI almost everywhere I go so I can still access all the other features. I can hold possibly a 2 minute conversation without it dropping the call when I do get service. Looks like I'm going to have to have a Verizon phone to make calls and an iPhone for the rest of the stuff I cant live without now. Deano
  3. DSE, Just to be clear, downconverting from HDV to DV on output produces a better image for linear editing only? You wouldn't do that if you are using non-linear that supports HDV. Deano
  4. The HC5 is my first top mount camera. Just wondering if costing more than 1/4 the price of the camera, I'm not sure if the box is going to get in the way more than it is worth for protection. 1. It looks like it is impossible to get access to the LCD screen while the box is closed. The cutout required for the screen would be large and the hinge appears to be in the way as well. If anyone has, I would like to see some pics. 2. If opening the screen is out of the question, has anyone cutout the rear to have access to the eyepiece. Since it doesn't pull out very far, is viewing through it possible? Deano
  5. Deano

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    "Because I Can!"
  6. I have a Hawkeye with both top and side mounts. Has anyone installed the Bonehead Cutaway Mod on a Hawkeye or similar chin cup helmet? I have seen several designs for a homemade cutaway, any recommendations from experience on whether to purchase or fabricate? Thanks, Deano
  7. The 25% off coupon code is still working, I just ordered my HC5. The coupon brings the price down to $864 including tax. Free shipping included. The only downside is Dell does not offer an extended warranty plan. The offer ends after 200 redemptions or on March 23rd, whichever occurs first. I did find the HC5 for $814 from Butterfly, but I was leary about doing business with them based on there feedback ratings. I also stopped by Best Buy and it is still $1099 there. Deano
  8. Thanks for all of the feedback. It's good to hear positive comments. I need to sell my 21 to get the 27 so there is no turning back once I make the decision. Deano
  9. I have been jumping a XAOS-21 108 for 3 years now. I have been thinking about upgrading to the XAOS-27 108. What I really like most about my current XAOS is the soft on-heading openings as well as the performance. I am wingloading it at 2.25. With the same relative wingloading I would like to hear a review from people who have flown both the 21 and 27. Thanks, Deano
  10. I have a Bat Rack that is brand new. About three years ago I bought this one online sight unseen and never used it because it was a little to small for my head (it is a large, I need XL). The original stickers are still on it and it has never been heated up for fitting either. I originally paid about $500 for it, do you think it may have increased in value since they are no longer available? or would it be less? Deano
  11. The easiest solution to problems like this is to get the Skil Saw out and install a nail biter blade or at least an old dull blade and set the blade depth to just slightly cut into the subfloor. cut the floor into about 2' X 2' squares and pry up the tiles with a crow bar/flat bar. All of the layers will be intact and easy to discard. Deano
  12. 15 was my high score so far.
  13. I have a BRAND NEW bat rack with the price tag still attached. It is an L-XL and has never been used. I bought it about 2 yrs ago and didn't like the fit. It was never placed in the oven for the fitting either. I would want $500 firm. Deano
  14. Is that Gary Pond in the pic with you?