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  1. I just saw a drawing on an ad for a rig manufacturer that looked like a swooper and his chest strap was undone. I was wondering if there are really occasions you would have your chest strap undone and why? At my experience level, I would never even consider undoing it even though the perceived risk under canopy may be low. I really am not sure. David
  2. Has any one said "Cause the ring was what I was trained on initially and grew up with" That's my reasoning for the ring. David
  3. Wasn't an email, was by phone. When this happens to all you people that say I should not be complaining about it, then don't complain about it yourself. Frustration is human. This is the one and only service this AAD will ever have because of its age. Next time I may go with another brand, if there is a next time. I'd like to get some use out of the damn thing before it dies and I have to throw it out and blow another $1200. David
  4. "We're awaiting results from Airtek. Once we receive those results and everything is ok, we should be able to ship your Cypress out by the end of next week." And the nightmare continues on.....12:41EST today. Part way into the 4th week of the two week turn-around. I am not impressed. But they say its ready to go otherwise. My home DZ had no gear available for me to rent last weekend due to AFF students and looking to be that way again this weekend. Looks like I will have to go to another DZ and hope for the best. I hate to do that when I work for this one as a pilot. Feels like I would be doing something wrong. David
  5. I believe my DZ requires AAD's. Not sure and I did not know an AAD could be rented. I am not real keen on the idea of paying for multiple repacks in such a short period of time. The guy I talked to last week said my unit was fine. I don't know what to think any more. It only has roughly 50 jumps on it in 8 years anyways. Probably just needs a battery or not. They said 2 weeks to be done after they got it. David
  6. SSK here in Ohio has had my Cypress for three weeks as of today. Last Friday I called and it was ready pending a review of results by German engineers. I was also told that the Germans might be going on a summer break and the approval mAy not be received in time to ship it this week. Talked to a person today and said it might ship by the end of next week pending results of testing. She made it sound like it is not done. It's my fault for waiting too long to come back from a 7 year layoff I know but my rig won't be usable until the season is half way or more over now. I am frustrated. If you have to send the thing in for service, do it during the off season. I can't afford to keep renting a student rig and I am beginning to regret coming back to the sport mid-season. Should have waited I guess. Thanks for letting me rant. David
  7. Our 206 has one but it is vertical. We have a horizontal bar above the door to. Haven't used them yet, but I am sure I will. David
  8. I agree. That is why I thought it was kinda strange as well as good. David
  9. I am bypassing any religious aspect and just looking at it as an inspirational video. The video encourages getting past road blocks and doing what you really want to do. Living life at its fullest and enjoying it. But, if this guy was a first time tandem student, then it was kinda weird. At any rate, I will admit seeing this video on my facebook page from my home dropzone that I fly for, actually inspired me to go back to the sport this weekend which I posted about in another thread. I am not a religious guy, but sometimes I need a little push like others do. David
  10. I finally got 2 jumps in today! Woohoo! I got up the courage at today to go back. Flying for the DZ has gotten me really interested in jumping again. It was not easy for me but I made myself do the re-currency jump with two coaches. I had problems with my goggles popping up off my eyes 3 times but was able to do the maneuvers I needed to do fairly quickly. The only thing that got messed up was pulling at 4k instead of 5k. That was from not being able to read my altimeter well enough due to the lack of goggles at times but I pulled before I needed help and all was well till near the ground. We had a good stiff ground wind and I was headed in on final and it changed direction on me about 20 or so feet up. I felt the fear of getting hurt again as it was a similar type of accident in 2006 that got me a fractured vertebrae. As in that incident, I fully flared the canopy at about the right time and did a sort of butt sliding PLF sorta thing. And I did not get hurt! I had been having fears of getting hurt again on the very first jump back, but I got over the fear to go up and jump again. I decided to go up once more for a confidence jump to reinforce that I can jump safely and enjoy it. So I did! The first jump was out of the 182 which I have jumped out of before in the past and the second was the 206 which I had never jumped out of. I had to figure out how to exit from the 206 and it was fun! I put both legs out sitting on the edge and threw myself off the plane. I had a nice good tumble and I didn't; care. I enjoyed it actually. Just arched and righted myself quite easily. The skills come back quickly which is good. I am in agreement with both coaches that I need to do some coach jumps to get my skills back up to snuff but they feel I am safe enough to take care of myself. I wish I had not stopped, but it is what it is and I am not going to stop again if I can prevent it. If any one reads this that is in a similar situation, get back up there! You won't regret it. You can do anything you put your mind to and get through nearly any obstacle. Gotta use student get another week or two till my Cypres comes back and the reserve gets repacked. No big deal. The bigger main is good for me to jump with again. David
  11. Cool video. Enjoy. http://vimeo.com/98877140 David
  12. Cool! Good for you! I am sure I will be fine to. I have talked to all the AFF instructors and found one I like and he seems to "get" how long I have been out and all. I think it will be good. David
  13. I figured it would take longer than 2 weeks. So , I am out $20. Oh well. Its done anyway. David
  14. So, I sent the Cypres in yesterday for 4/8-year service and express renewed with USPA. Looking to possibly get a currency jump or two or three in this weekend around the flying schedule. I am getting nervous about jumping again but I feel its time. I am at the point where I either need to go back to the sport or give it up entirely and quit thinking about it. I choose to go back. Still learning the jump pilot thing but I can handle that and jumping again. Probably will take the whole season to learn to be a good jump pilot anyway. Blue skies! (been awhile since I have said that) David
  15. Not jumping with camera, just asking a question... So, in the age of digital video, how are you all archiving your video these days? I am sure there is plenty of skydiving footage of tandems and other jumps you don't care to save, but what about the stuff you do want to keep? David